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Live Your Way Thin LLC


‘21 Certificate of Excellence

People hire us to teach them how to lose weight for life, stress free. Have you ever wondered, why, in spite all the diet plans, weight loss books and fitness professionals, the obesity rate continues to increase? The answer is simple. The process of losing weight for life is very different than the process of merely losing weight. Unfortunately, the way most weight loss and diet programs approach losing weight, is not sustainable which is why 95% of people who lose weight, end up regaining their weight back over and over again. The fact is, achieving and maintaining a lean and healthy body is a lot easier than you ever dreamed possible. I’ve spent my life learning the right and wrong ways to lose weight, keep it off and improve your health in the process, and after 27 years of research I have finally perfected my approach that helps people not just lose the weight they want but keep it off with ease. How did I come up with the solution of how to lose weight, so it stays off for life, when so many others have failed? You see, most fitness professionals today get their education on fitness, health, and nutrition from a college, university, and professional certification courses. There’s nothing wrong with formal education, but the problem with too much prescribed education is that it can limit your ability to think with an open mind and outside the box. Unlike most fitness professionals who just studied health and fitness, I didn't only research health and weight loss; I lived it firsthand. I was raised on a Greek island, where I was submerged in a very healthy culture. When I lived there thin was the norm; people in the 90s lived productive lives free from most of the diseases that older adults suffer and die from in the western world today. When I lived in Greece, I thought cancer was a rare disease, and diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's were nonexistent. My upbringing caused me to question many of the things I had learned in school about proper nutrition and health because they contradicted how I lived and ate in Greece, which kept my mind open to other possibilities. What I quickly realized is just because something is taught in a University or a college, or because the person who said it has a Ph.D., does not mean it's right. We need to question everything we learn, and we need to make sure what we learned is logical. The question that drove me was how people living in healthy regions around the world, including my hometown in Greece, can maintain their weight and good health effortlessly; yet people in America have such a hard time keeping the weight off after they lose it? Answering that question was the key, which led me to the sustainable weight loss solution, which I teach today. I love what I do for a living. I genuinely feel this was my calling in life, to help people lose weight in a way that enables them to keep it off, without having to sacrifice all their free time working out, counting calories and points, and giving up their favorite foods. Life is about having a life worth living, not dieting or exercising. Many fitness professionals have forgotten that, or because they love exercising and don't mind continually watching their diet, they assume that once people discover the benefits of exercising and dieting, they will joyfully make their lives all about fitness. They are wrong. Most people don't want to spend their free time exercising or planning their diet, including me. Yes, I do want to take care of my health, but that is so I can better enjoy life. Up till now, people only had two choices either be unhealthy and enjoy life or be healthy and live a less gratifying life. Neither of these two choices are very good. At Live Your Way Thin we give you a third choice, where you can have the lean and healthy body you want and still enjoy your life, including all your favorite foods.

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How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

The simple fact is, if you have a weight problem is because you engage in habitual behaviors that cause you to gain weight. The only way to achieve sustainable weight loss with all the health benefits that come with that is to eliminate the unhealthy behaviors that got you overweight and replace them with healthy ones. Through a personal training and coaching services, we help our clients add healthy activities back into their lives, like resistance training and aerobics. In addition, we help our clients develop new healthy eating behaviors that include not just what they eat but also how they eat.

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

The secret to not just getting the body of your dreams but also maintaining it for life is your habitual behaviors. Basically, if you don't already have the body of your dreams is because you engage in habitual behaviors that are bad for your health and body. If you want to lose weight and get in shape for life you must eliminate the unhealthy behaviors you engage in and replace them with new healthy behaviors and make them habitual. This is something most weight loss programs don't do and that is why over 95% of the people end up regaining the weight back.

What do you love most about your job?

I truly get to help people not just lose weight and get in shape, but lose weight and get in shape for life. I love seeing the difference between, when a client first comes to me for help and when they leave having achieved their fitness goals.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I got into the weight loss business back in 1992. I got into the fitness field not because I loved fitness, but because I realized that the average fitness professional did not understand people like myself who did not what to spend all their free time exercising and was not willing to give up all my junk food. Although I did not have a weight problem, I knew that sooner or later my bad eating habits and lack of activity was going to catch up with me, so I wanted to do something about it. I tried to follow the advice of many fitness professionals with always the same results, burnout and quitting. They kept telling me that once you see results you would be motivated to keep going. Well, I saw results many times but that never prevented me from burning out. In the beginning, I thought there was something wrong with me, but when I realized that over 95% of the people could not maintain the results they were achieving with the current fitness programs I realized that it was not me. The fitness professionals who created these fitness programs simply did not understand the average person, like myself, who did not love fitness.
I got into the fitness field because I realized there was a need for a fitness professional who understands people who don't love fitness, who want to lose weight and get in shape but still want to enjoy life.

Why should our clients choose you?

Sustainable results and because I am not a fitess nut. I help people lose weight and get in shape without having to spend all their free time exercising, and without having to count calories, points, measuring their food, or giving up whole food groups. I basically help people lose weight and get in shape through sustainable changes in their daily habitual behaviors. This makes it very easy to maintain the resuls even after they go on their own.

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