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Get a free quote from this professional


Photography has always been a side gig for many enthusiasts, and in the digital age this has exploded. I am amazed that often people who found me online, did not take the time to take a close look at my work.

The end product I sell is always photography, and most people aren't familiar with what goes into that.

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The answer to that depends on what your shooting... are you documenting an event, shooting small or large things, models or real people. But a more universal answer in my opinion is a combination of sensitivity intuition and preparation for that great photo.

Do you have a detail brief of what you need.
Do you have a budget already in paper or mind.
What are the elements I'm responsible to bring or provide for the shoot.
Do you a have a date for the shoot

There's never a boring job... just think about it... I get paid to do what I love

I graduated from college in a totally unrelated field, realizing I had been on auto pilot. I was looking for meaning in my life when a friend asked if I could assist her photographer friend... and fell in love from that moment on.

A combination of things, here are a few in random order:

-equipment I invest in
-service awareness
-no controlling ego team player
-fun to work with
-committed to the best outcome


There's a difference between architectural and real estate photography. The latter is high volume quick turn around.
Wether it's an architectural firm, a construction company or an interior designer, they all know the difference and what they are looking for.

I often say that a corporate event is like a wedding without the bride & groom. This is documentary work, it's fast paced and it's all about people interacting.
This kind of work is only for the experienced professionals,
and clients need to know the photographer covering their event by full name, and have reviewed his or her work thoroughly. I can not stress ASK AND STAY AWAY FROM A SUBCONTRACTED PHOTOGRAPHER. Otherwise by the time you find out it was not the right photographer for the job it's too late