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Shreveport, LA

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While I have only just recently qualified as a physical trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), I have been devoted to fitness and healthy lifestyle habits for the past 10 years. I hope that I can help others become healthy and strong, or simply improve their quality of life!

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I give each client space to clearly define their goals, hold them accountable to those goals, and walk them step by step through the process it will take to accomplish those goals.

Consistency and heart! It's not complicated, but it IS difficult. Sometimes we need someone to help us along the way, I know I had many people that helped me along my own fitness journey. I am so thankful for the people that invested into me, I hope I can invest in others the same way!

I Love helping people. I love when people realize how much more rich their lives can be with improved physical fitness and the adherence to a healthy lifestyle!

I realized that since i have been an avid practitioner of physical fitness for such a large portion of my life, that I could very benefit others with the knowledge I've gained over the years! It distresses me greatly to see people stuck in unhealthy lifestyles, without the knowledge to break out of these unhealthy patterns.

I'm sure that there is a tremendous pool of qualified professionals to work with in the fitness industry. While I certainly don't pretend to be the greatest option out there, I know that I can be patient, encouraging and truly care about a person's physical development! I won't be easy on you however, and I promise to push you!

Whatever a client is most comfortable with! I'm fine with either online or remote options.

I've just started training professionally during this pandemic; but one thing I will do is leave the option for online trained readily available. However, if a client prefers in person training, as long as they nor myself have tested positive or shown signs or symptoms of illness, I recommend wearing a mask, and maintaining a safe distance as much as possible.


From weight loss to body-building,
Improved balance and coordination, to high level athletic training, I'm excited to help you achieve your fitness goals!