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1964 Rahncliff Court, Eagan, MN, USA

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Hi guys!
My name is Don, When most people say they love what they do, very few are lucky enough to get to do it every single day. I am one of these lucky individuals! If you are looking to work with someone who is passionate about people, and getting them the results they deserve, that is my specialty.

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By breaking the big goal down in to little chunks and keeping people accountable, while education them along the way.

Calculated consistency. there are certain things you need to do at certain times in your fitness journey. As an expert It's my job to make you a plan based on where your at, and as you change the plan changes with you. Things would change every 12 weeks or so due to the principle of periodization. Knowing this we can break plateaus, and keep you getting results.

The feeling I get when I help people realize their potential, and the life they get back in them when they obtain there results. through the power of exercise I love to teach people how to feel better day to day.

I wanted my clients to get the help they need without having to pay a gym membership, and fees on top of the service they were already paying for.
I wanted the freedom to help my clients the way they needed, rather than what was gym policy or not.
So when the gym I worked at closed I took a leap of faith, and things have been great every since.

Because I care. I'm there when things get hard. Most times its not just about losing the weight, or gaining the muscle It's about changing everyday habits that will cause the change you desire. One of my strength is helping people make those changes.


30 min- 1 hour of helping your sore stiff muscles with methods like:
-percussion therapy
-trigger point release
-stretch therapy

You will be leaving feeling better than when you came in!