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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Hello I am Shavone, I am a Career Therapist, life coach and Business Consultant. I work with clients of all ages and diverse backgrounds, helping them deal with issues related to their careers by choosing individualized life coaching packages based on the needs of each client.

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What I do is not a job, it's something I love doing and it is second nature for me. My help comes in different ways, on-line coaching with monthly sessions and worksheets; one day coaching; by phone; by video conference; by emails. It's up to you. Whatever is your needs, I will provide you the best service possible. The outcome can be greatly improved moods, increased self-worth and sense of purposefulness.

I started the wellness center because I believe that all things in life evolve around wellness. I offer the perspective, structure, support, guidance and honesty others need to make big transitions in their lives. Having decades of experience working in Information Technology, Recruitment and Consulting, I've discovered that a successful business is more than a job title and an office, it is about sharing knowledge and experiences with others.

I am genuinely invested in my Clients and their goals. In addition to offering client services I offer group counseling sessions, workshops, Career packages that include resume building & more. I offer Business Consulting that includes helping you develop your business needs, evaluate your processes and provide motivational assistance to help you get our of your own way. Feel free to reach out to me for more information.

I am currently only providing assistance online and/or remotely.

I work around my clients schedules. I understand that working from home or non traditional spaces is hard sometimes. Lets get started


I am a knowledgeable and personable professional, who get results through direct engagement with clients. As a business consultant I provide high level business advice and direction to clients in order to improve their performance.