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Glenmont, Maryland, Montgomery

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I am enthusiastic regarding my work in web development. I've had about 25 years' experience in this industry, and I specialized in Oracle databases. Today I see more MySql and Postgres, but whatever the platform, I enjoy maintenance in this field.

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I believe a website is great if it reaches a client in different ways. Showing a company's reliability, for example, is always important to others.

Of course, each company is unique. But each website does one thing- drive customers to the site, and encourage them.

A question I always want to ask concerns the duration of the job.
I also like to know about artwork and text materials. A maintenance project will have plenty of sort of thing, and even coding standards.
And this leads to another question. I might be curious as to how many people have worked on the project, or are working now.

does the client...social media....how does this project address this.
But finally, we appreciate knowing about a time line for this project.

I have found that getting up in the morning is now much easier- love my work.

I became ill as I neared retirement age. So I took that opportunity to begin a business.

My skills are strong, I seem glued to this area, and I am enjoyable to work with. Did I mention my experience?