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Hi- We just received a request from Bark for private investigation, process service or litigation support services. We have been in business since 1983 and we are licensed and insured. Our office warranties all investigations and we strives to give you the best possible result on assignment.

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26 July 2021

I wanted to find out the location of my partner who I didn’t totally trust so I got a app. It really didn’t get me the satisfaction I wanted but I am glad I went ahead to get it. I returned home from a job interview and had a bonding date with my step-daughter. She hugged me, and I told her how much I loved her. She turned and said that matt loved her as well. When I asked who "Matt" was, she told me that while I was gone, he had come to my home, slept over with her mum. Fortunately, Matt left a note containing his number saying, “You can call me if you need anything”. I got the number and talked to my best friend about it, he recommended the services of a phone expert, Jim. I wrote to him at targetspytech @ gmail and got his phone number. We converse and I explained the heartbreaking situation to him, we agreed on a fee. He gained complete access to his information using the phone number I got. I saw all his texts with my partner,call log, recent locations and pictures and videos of both of them. My heart was broken into shreds. I never imagined surviving that but here I am writing about this. I filed for divorce later though. I am also recommending Jimmy if you ever find yourself in such dilemma. More...

17 July 2021

They have offered us the best legal service so far. Professional, knowledgeable about the law, and always willing to answer any of your tough questions. What more do I necessitate?

17 July 2021

I had contacted Private Investigator lawyers for the child custody case which I had been fighting from the past one year. But as of no results with the previous attorneys, I came in touch with them . They took care of almost everything related to this matter and did an excellent follow up with the legal documents. Couldn't be happier with the outcome. More...

6 July 2021

My firm was thinking of investing in this new startup that approached us. We hired 1privateinvestigator to conduct the background research, and they helped us save a considerable amount of investment.

6 July 2021

My husband was having an affair, and I knew that it was time to leave him. My lawyer suggested that I obtain proof of his infidelity. On the suggestion of a friend, I hired 1privateinvestigator. They were able to obtain video and photo evidence of him with another woman. The proof helped me divorce him quickly and get a substantial settlement. More...

2 July 2021

I hired the process services of 1privateinvestigator to file legal documents. The team made sure to file all the documents well before time. I recommend everyone to hire them.

2 July 2021

For an ongoing case, we needed old telephone records. That's why we hired 1privateinvestigatorto obtain the records. We are grateful to them for finding this crucial evidence.

2 June 2021

1privateinvestigator has the best approach to cater to the unique needs of all clients like me. It is highly recommended to use their exceptional PI services.

28 May 2021

For an ongoing case, we needed old telephone records. That's why we hired 1privateinvestigator to obtain the records. We are grateful to them for finding this crucial evidence.

24 May 2021

1privateinvestigator consists of a team of trained and professional technicians that helped us with all the copies of business records at the time of need. I have never witnessed such a vast collection of documents to support the varied needs of clients. More...

22 May 2021

My father had lent a considerable amount to a client who absconded when he had to pay back the amount. We hired this company and gave all the details that we had. They did all the work from scratch and helped my father with all the details that helped him reach the debtor. More...

21 December 2020

Tracking gps location is one of the most significant way of knowing your partner location and whereabouts, I don't mean to sound like a stalker, but its just what you have to do when you are in a untrustworthy relationship.
this reminds me about my situation a year ago, when I noticed some unnecessary changes and mischievous attitude my wife was putting on, deep down my mind all I thought was I offended her and she wouldn't open up to me, until later when I got to realize that the mischievous attitude she started putting on was because she was seeing some one else. I started to observe her movements and her conversations but it wasn't enough, I really needed to satisfy much curiosity, which led me to ask my most trusted friend how I could go about it.
my trusted friend peter introduced me to professional hacker.I sent him an email and explained what was going through my mind and what phase my relationship is going through, he suggested that the only way I could keep tabs on my wife is if I can clone her phone and he can only do that with my permission, I was able to provide the necessary detailed information he needed to carry out the iPhone cloning process, and in less than four hours I was able to access all my wife text messages, imessages conversations, call logs and recordings, all social media conversations, deleted voice recordings and pictures, so basically her phone was right in my hand, I found out she had been cheating on me with some other guy,on this faithful day I decided to track her location because she said she was going to the saloon I tracked her location after she left and traced her to another guy she was cheating on me with the whole time, I was happy I had all the evidences to provide in court and was able to file a divorce, it really broke my heart, but if I hadn't try to find out what was really going on,I would definitely be regretting by this moment. all thanks to SHERLOCKSTORM for helping through those difficult times, I advise you take a bold step to really know where you and your partner stands in your relationship, rather than staying toxic,if you need such or any related services,Avoid the use of fake apps that will never work and avoid sham hackers who are fake and out to rip you,I appreciatively recommend you reach out to SHERLOCKSTORM on

23 October 2020

Life is full of drama and dilemma which can make you lose all hope and faith. At some point in Life, bad situations emerge for us to learn our mistakes and figure out what next is to be done. You might even think of committing suicide when life issues get at you. All you need to do is to be strong, learn to motivate, encourage and jeer up yourself. Hard times never lasts, remember there is always a light at the end of a tunnel. People changes but God remain constant with his promises. I’m really delighted i eventually found a real competent hacker,Never knew that my husband had a son out of wedlock without informing me about it for almost 15 years of our marriage, until i noticed he picks strange calls on his Iphone and send some money to a strange women. As much as it is inappropriate to spy on one’s spouse phone, it’s also necessary to be sure that your relationship is in perfect shape. All my gratitude goes to this Genuine Genius IT Expert janushackspy (@) gmailcom who got to hack his Iphone completely to the extent that i had a clone of his phone and could read all his whats-app, Facebook messages, call logs, text messages, and GPS to know where and what he is always up to. I’m really grateful for this great experience, It really helped me find out the truth about my marriage. Don’t hesitate to reach out to janushackspy (@) gmailcom for a perfect, quality and satisfactory spying and investigatory services. More...

15 October 2020

I am in a high stake divorce. I explained that to Jim. He asked for $2500 retainer to survey from Thursday to Sunday. I sent $3,000 to start. He surveyed on Sunday and Monday two days only. On the second day one of his investigators decided to sit on the corner and eat a sandwich where my step daughter (an FBI informant) approached him and told him to leave. She even got his license plate. Jim and Heidi avoided giving me a report for a week. Obviously after being caught. There was no more surveillance. I asked for at least half my money back. He said no sue me and hung up. Great job a 26 year old spotted you. Decent thing to do would be refund half the money. Absolutely unprofessional and maddening during a very strenuous time in my life. More...


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This is not accurate. We supplied a written report and detailed invoice. The client signed a retainer and understood there are no guarantees. I tried to talk to her and she refused to be reasonable. I ended the call as there was no point to discuss this any further.

13 August 2020

meet the best private investigator who is reliable in hacking and tracking activities of your loved ones. Contact HYDRAHACKING01 @ HOTMAIL COM

20 May 2020

Hello, be warned, most of these so called hackers here are impostors, I know how real hackers work, they never advertise themselves in such a credulous manner and they are always discrete. I’ve been ripped off so many times out of desperation trying to find urgent help until my friend finally introduced me to a reliable hacker who works with Proof, discretion and delivers, he does all sorts of hacks but he helped me hack my cheating boyfriend social media, I have made him my permanent hacker and you can as well enjoy his services.You can contact him on email at PREMIUMSPYGLOBAL @ GMAILCOM and after his work also endeavor to spread the good news on his work and how he helped you, Just tell him Miss Jennifer referred you. More...

20 May 2020

when i was in the eye of the storm with my now Ex husband, i seek alternative and find irunhackin who Gain Full Access To Any Mobile Device, i saw all his mails,Whatsapp,Email,Gps,Snapchat,instagram,facebook,kik,hangout,viber And Any Other Social Media Accounts he will get it done and even pictures he exchanged with his lover, but it was easier at the end really. is service is quite cheap fast and reliable, I got all the details I've been dying to know about my husband phone in less than 4 hours after I got my service rendered, you can reach him via I R U N H A C K I N at gmail com you will be able to see the deleted messages, and monitor voice call from your phone without touching target device 100% guarantee of privacy and confidentiality.. More...

19 May 2020

I won’t stop recommending Aaron for his great work, I noticed my husband is getting too much closer with my friend Charlotte , my husband chats now in private, her calls are in secret and she changed her phone password, I was wondering what going on until I came across a post on here about Premium Spy who helped a man hack into his wife phone remotely to access everything so I decided to contact him and he never disappointed me, he helped me hack into my husband phone, I don't need to touch his phone, in less than 24hours after his phone was finally hacked, his messages coming into my phone instantly. Now I can monitor her phone remotely to access her Facebook, WhatsApp, Text messages, Call Logs, GPS Location and more, you can contact him on his email if you are interested in any hacking related issues.. Contact PREMIUMSPYGLOBAL @ GMAILCOM More...

14 May 2019

Excellent pi services for scammers and con artist. MJ is a private investigator in Orange County are the best.

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9 April 2019

Private Investigators


7 September 2018

Orange County Private Investigators are professionally experienced investigators who get the job done. They did a fantastic job finding the person I was trying to find and provided me with all the documentation from their investigation I needed to continue my case.

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28 May 2018

Excellent Investigator

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23 July 2017

I had a bad feeling about a man I met thru a dating website. This guy was so sweet but he lives in another country. We fell in love & he asked me to send him money so he can come to visit me & we could get married. I called "ORANGE COUNTY PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR" to run a background check on him. Thank goodness I did or I would have been another one of his internet scam victims. � More...

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27 August 2016

I hired this company a couple of times last year and was very pleased with their service, as a first timer hiring a PI.  My case was a  surveillance case.  MJ and Keith were very accommodating and patient with my last minute schedule requests and payment situation not to mention in-decisiveness (ha).  MJ also gave me valuable insight and knowledge related to a separate issue. He does ask you to sign a form saying you won't slander, but I wasn't really concerned about it.  I just wanted the job to get done, they did what I asked and then some so, it worked out well for me.I will request their services again in the future if required. More...

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16 June 2016

They got it done with a tough case, and helped me track down a deadbeat who took my deposit. Thanks guys!

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17 May 2016

Excellent services provided from Blue Systems. I recommended using them for assistance. Not only did they complete the task that we paid for, but they provided extensive evidence to support their findings that really helped out my case.

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4 April 2016

I highly recommend Blue Systems Int'l!  I use them for my Paralegal Business for certain clients who need their services.  I have had a great experience with referring my clients to them and always received positive feedback from my clients.  Give them a call because they are very knowledgeable in their line of work! More...

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25 February 2015

The best private investigator in Orange County.  MJ is very helpful and professional; I always call MJ when I have a legal problem that needs investigating which is the best and most cost effective way!  MJ is a very intelligent private investigator who thinks out side of the box !  It was worth every penny. More...

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2 February 2015

Mike's years of experience maybe all that will help me save my child custody case. He efficient, effective, has a huge heart and wants to do the right thing for the child, which is the most important thing in the world. I  would recommend him for any case or assistance that you may need help with. He is professional, aggressive, and does not like to lose. Thank you MJ, thank you! More...

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