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18 December 2018

I can't say enough about how much we recommend Stefan. He has built two fences for us over the last few years; one was an 8' tall security fence with gate and the other was an aesthetic partition fence. Both projects surpassed our expectations in terms of structural integrity and design. Stefan LIVES for his work (!!) and is a reminder of what it means to hire a professional. He's as good as it gets. More...

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1 October 2017

Stefan is a friendly , honest and kindhearted man. He responded to me very quickly with texts or phone calls during the build process. His quote took a few days to receive but it was because it was so detailed. He didn't just guess numbers out of thin air like another guy I interviewed. He takes his time making sure he is charging you the correct amount for the work he is doing. I appreciate his breakdown description of the job down to the length of each piece wood. He really takes pride in his good work and has integrity. Also he taught me about the proper upkeep for my fence and deck.  Thanks Stefan! More...

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18 June 2017

This is a long overdue review of my interactions with Stefan. One word: Awesome!Not only is Stefan a superior craftsman, but his customer service extends way beyond the actual job. He built an amazing fence for us on a challenging sloping corner lot. Two years later the fence still looks amazing. I just reached out to Stefan with a few questions in regards to refinishing the wood which should be done every two years. He promptly responded with a detailed email explaining all my options.He truly is an amazing person to deal with. If I have any future fence projects I would not hesitate in giving the work to Stefan. More...

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16 December 2016

Stefan and his crew do exceptional work.  Our fence and gate are not only great looking but are extremely strong.  Great craftsmanship.  Competitive prices too.

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7 November 2016

We called Stefan, he came over and checked out the old fence we wanted to replace, listened to what we wanted, made suggestions and sent us a detailed quote via e-mail in a couple days. The "Wood Fence Expert" built us a great fence, he hauled away all the old fence, picked up ALL the scraps, and didn't leave until the job was 100% complete. Stefan really seems to care about building you the fence you want. We couldn't be happier with our new fence!!!! More...

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20 October 2016

When I decided that the old crumbling block wall and dilapidated plastic gate had to go, I researched the web and yelp and got six estimate of from the best Gate and Fence builders I could find in the Los Angeles area. I settled on two companies that were close on cost and eventually chose WoodFenceExpert.com because Stefan was the most passionate not just about building a fence and gate, but with building a quality engineered and beautiful structure. I wanted the main gate to be heavy duty and secure with a double dead bolt lock. What I got was way beyond my expectations. This gate is so strong you can hold on the end and swing on it and it will not sag. Here are some of the details that he put into the gate:  1) 3/8" steel 4x4 post filled with cement and rebar as the main connecting foundation, then a treated 4x4 redwood post, then the gate mounted to the 4x4; 2) Six head duty hinges on each of the gate doors with the screw that came with the hinges replaced with super duty German made strengthened steel lag bolts; 3) A double 2x4 cross lattice gate frame that is his own special design making the gate extremely rigid and strong; 4) Using special costly stainless steel nails throughout the construction of the Gate and Fence; 5) The highest quality heavy duty hardware from the latch mechanism to the bolts throughout the construction; 6) Staining the fence with high quality stain to match the color of the front door of our house with including a second coat of clear varnish to protect it from the elements and give a satin finish.  On the main fence, Stefan and Mario included two extra vertical wood supports between the main 4x4 posts. The main fence 1x4 redwood boards were nailed to both the main 4x4 posts and to the double support beams to give the overall fence extra strength and to keep it straight during the normal wood drying process and to increase the longevity of the entire fence. Everyone who sees it says they have never such a beautiful fence and gate before. Other positive points about the Wood Fence Expert crew is that they were courteous and made a point to clean up the work area after each day's work and make sure that the entire work are was clean and swept at the end of the job.  Final word for the job... Stefan builds not only with the highest quality materials, but with a passion about doing a high quality job so that what you get in the end is not just a strong and beautiful fence and a gate, but a work of art that will last for many years. More...

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15 August 2016

We chose contacted Stefan about building a wooden fence at our home after reading good reviews on Yelp and seeing photos of his work on his website. As several reviews have pointed out, Stefan is truly a craftsman; he takes pride in his work and it shows in the final result. The job was not easy: our backyard is large and slopes steeply; the fence had to run down a cement retaining wall for part of the way downhill, then get anchored to posts that Stefan cemented into the ground (yes, he digs proper post holes and sets in the posts in concrete so they don't rot). He also helped us brainstorm a solution to an almost inaccessible section of the yard that nonetheless posed a possible escape hazard for our dogs -- it involved netting and creative installing by Stefan and his team, and cost us much less than a conventional solution would have.Stefan also made two wooden gates for us -- in the backyard and another by a side entrance to the property -- that are very handsome and look set to last for years, with a wonderful design and extra-strong hardware.It may take a few days to get through to Stefan initially -- he is very busy on projects (and deservedly so) -- but don't let that deter you. Although we had to wait a couple of days to hear back, once he  got in touch and until the end of the project (which went very quickly, considering the extent of the work required) Stefan was completely available and focused on our fence. We also very much appreciated his detailed written estimate of the work, which allowed us to understand exactly what we could expect for the quoted price.If you care about great quality and beautiful work, if it matters to you that angles are correct, and planes are even, and posts are set correctly, and that your fence is solid as well as handsome, then you will be more than happy to work with Stefan. And in addition, he and his crew are pleasant, respectful of one's time and property, and in general extremely professional in everything they do. More...

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27 July 2016

Stephan build a beautiful fence for our backyard. It was a complicated project that required him to build the wooden fence over an existing stone wall.  He was very thorough and made a very secure fence and gate.  We highly recommend him! More...

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6 July 2016

Their name says it all. Stefan and his team do INCREDIBLE work. They're extremely passionate about what they do, and the job isn't done until the team is comPLETELY satisfied with every last detail of the project. We've had them do four projects around our home and we couldn't be happier with the results.Thanks guys! More...

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18 January 2016

Just thought I'd add to my previous review. Finally saved up to have Stefan build a gate to the back of my house to match the previous one he built. And just like last time, it is excellent work! Thought I'd add a picture this time. :) More...

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22 December 2015

I called Stefan yesterday morning to set up an estimate on my wooden fence repair (with a post and supports that were rotten and falling down) and installation of two new custom wooden fence gates. He was doing a job nearby and was at my house within a matter of hours. After giving the fence a thorough evaluation, he provided a detailed estimate. I accepted the estimate and he came the next morning and got right to work at building the new gates and repairing the fence, all in one day. Craftsmanship and customer service was top notch! I would highly recommend Stefan. More...

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9 October 2015

Wow, talk about top notch customer service! I basically got screwed by another company and  called Wood Fence Expert in a desperate attempt to have a new fence & gate installed before a party (perfect opportunity for someone to sell me something I don't need). I spoke to Stefan who agreed to come out for measurements and a quote despite us being somewhat outside of his service area. I wasn't home when he showed up so he dealt with my husband who told me that Stefan told him we really didn't need a new gate as he could just repair and even went as far as showing my husband how to do it. He saved us a ton of money!! If I ever do need a fence or gate in the future or know someone who does, I will highly recommend Wood Fence Expert. More...

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21 April 2015

Stefan is truly first class and a pleasure to work with. If you are reading the reviews regarding how busy he is, it's really because he's such an amazing craftsman.  Stefan built a very complicated wood fence for me on a sloping grade in front of an 8-unit apartment complex. The design was incredibly intricate, but his execution was flawless as usual. I did hours and hours of research to find the ideal fence builder, and I toured 10 of Stefan's fences before making my decision. It was the best decision I made on the entire project. After the fence was completed, neighbors and strangers passing the property would literally stop the car and get out to take a photo with the fence. It sounds like a joke, but I am truly not messing around. Stefan is one-of-a-kind and if you get the chance to work with him, you will come to learn that he has the perfect personality to take on any challenge. More...

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16 February 2015

on dec 3rd we closed on our dream home in highland park. the next day we left on Holiday in Cambodia for a month. upon our return we faced post-holiday "the party is over" depression, and the reality of moving a family and lives. my first order of business was to secure the land and property for our dogs. nip the agave. done. dog fence? done, in a day with some help from my awesome brother in law......the 400lb wooden front gates that would not open properly, close properly or stay shut....now THAT was keeping me up at night. sleepless nights can be a curse or a gift, all depends on what one does within those witching hours....in this application it was a gift. after tweeking several nights/mornings on the internet on how to build a gate, a REAL gate, a MANS gate, i clicked on this guy "Stefan" and cruised his youtube videos on Gates For Men. i got it. i can do that.....now....where can i buy some time? stefan....he talks a good line, boasts a bit, in an honest way....i think ill have him over and chat about my gates. my past life of 20 years, is that of a finish carpenter, cabinet maker, furniture maker, boat builder, and i have built a few things along the way. stefan, the woodfenceexpert.com impressed me enough to give him a go at the gates. i cut him a check. the next day he showed up on time, with all the material and skilled hands to begin his craft. this expert and his merry crew were respectful of the job, respectful of the craft and respectful of the grounds. no blaring music, no loud jobsite last-nights-drunken-conquest yammering. no infighting. no hassles. totally grateful, respectful and conscientiousness. two days later, on sched, on budget we have two magnificent gates that set the stage at the entrance to our home. i have more fence work R&R coming up and i cant wait to have stefan and his crew back. they are talented men, respectful men, grateful men, craftsmen. a true pleasure to see men on honesty, integrity and who take pride in their work. thank you stefan, i sleep easy tonight because of your contribution to our lives. see you soon. terry :) More...

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28 January 2015

Stefan and crew are a class act. They are honest, ethical, hardworking, and my husband and I are so thrilled to have our new, beautiful redwood fence they built! He was so kind and thanked *us* several times for giving him the work. They did such a terrific job, we really can't say enough. He showed up on time, they cleaned up after themselves, the whole process was painless. I understand tradesmen being so busy they can't get back to you. It's the nature of the business, but Stefan always called us back and all was well. Please give him your business, you won't be sorry. More...

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7 November 2014

Stefan and his crew are wonderful to work with.  The quality of their work is great. and they are really nice considerate people.  They constructed a redwood fence for my restaurant patio, and it came out better then I could've ever expected.  I would definitely use them again for any new projects. More...

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31 July 2014

Stefan did an absolutely amazing job on our fence. He came out a saturday, gave us a very fair quote and had the fence built in a week and a half. We live on a very busy street and Stefan gave us a bit of privacy. His prices were fair, and he and Jose are just all around wonderful people who KNOW what they are doing. This Fence is amazing, strong, and beautiful. It's rare to find a craftsman who also is so great at design. He really is an awesome guy! We keep getting compliments from neighbors and people walking by, We now have a private space that is relaxing and lovely in the middle of the city. A true FENCE EXPERT! More...

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7 March 2014

We hired Stefan to install railings and gates on the existing fence at our new home. We could not be more pleased with the result. Steffan is not the cheapest guy in town-- but his work is 100% spot on, and we found him to be very reliable and easy to deal with. The end product is stunningly beautiful. More...

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12 January 2014

The fence Stefan built for me is truly a work of art. I have had comments praising his work since it was finished.  They showed up when they said and conducted work in a professional and friendly manor. I am very pleased with my new fence and I highly  recommend Stefan the wood fence expert. Richard More...

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23 November 2013

Stefan is truly a craftsman.  I've had an idea about a custom fence for about 2 years.  I was finally able to come up with the money to get it done.  I've been in contact with Stafan for the same period of time.  A list of points:1. His work is 1st class.  His attention to detail and robustness is very impressive.  He also uses high grade material.2. He doesn't nickle and dime you.3. He welcome challenges.  As you can see from the picture( wood frame with metal corrugated inserts), this wasn;t an ordinary fence.4.  He's very professional.Really, I cannot say enough about his work and his attitude.  Very, very highly recommended. More...

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26 July 2013

Wood Fence Experts just built a gate for my sister's house, which I take care of for her.  Stefan is a wonderful person and an expert at what he does.   I was impressed by his website, especially when I saw the videos showing  the quality of work he delivers.  Now, after seeing the actual gate, I am even more impressed.  I would use them again in a minute.  How can you go wrong!  The work is great, Stefan and his team are great and you are left with a big great smile because you have exactly what you wanted. More...

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20 May 2013

Stefan sold me the moment I saw his web site! There are tons of pictures that include different styles, types of wood, and specific areas of a fence. His blog, video, and other information, really assisted me in determining what I wanted.I was in the market to replace the front fencing to the immediate left and right of my home, as well as replace the fencing that lined the left and right of my front yard. I was inspired by the modern redwood/concrete look I had found on Houzz.com. After researching via Yelp and Google, I found the ONE AND ONLY WOOD FENCE EXPERT in L.A., Stefan!I chose a clear grade redwood with a clear Penofin stain and it came out amazing!!!Stefan is extremely knowledgeable about his craft, competitively priced, and does BEAUTIFUL work! More...

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6 March 2013

What can I say? Or better yet, I can't say enough about these guys and the quality of the work they do.I am a home inspector and was looking on the internet for a good fence builder to recommend to my clients. When I can across "The Wood Fence Expert" online I thought, Let me see just how much of an expert this guy really is. I check out the pics on his site and quickly realized that, as many homes as I have been to and inspected, I had not seen the beautiful style and craftsmanship in a fence as I had seen on the web pages of their site. I thought, "If I have a chance to hire this guy for my home, I'm gonna shell out the bucks!" it is going to be worth the money to get the job done right and in the style that I love.I didn't know it but about 8 months later I was in the process of buying a new home for my family and myself and the only thing I knew I wanted to do for "ME" was to have new fences installed by "THE WOOD FENCE EXPERTS".It as a bit to get a hold of Stephan because if you are as good as he is, then you are very busy. Once we were able to meet at the site of my new home, I detailed what I wanted. He executed my idea to a Tee! Not only does my wife and son love the new gates and fence, so do my other family members, contractors who come out to work on the house and my neighbors. All love the fences! He even came out to adjust and fine tune the gates to ensure they lined up perfectly!I have my own business and Stephan has the same philosophy as I do. Do it right, be honest and give your best. He and his staff get the highest marks possible in my book. No others even come close!I will have him back to do additional work on other areas of the fence line in the future, that is if he is not booked up for the next ten years! More...

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