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At Wise Sites, we understand that first impressions are everything when it comes to attracting business. Trust us to help you put your best foot forward with a user-friendly, professional, and aesthetic website design.

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22 customer reviews

18 July 2022

It was great working with Wise Sites. They were the best at communicating under my terms and even spent hours working side by side with me to make everything exactly how we wanted our website to be. Would HIGHLY recommend using Wise Sites! More...

28 April 2022

Web Development

Wise Sites did a fantastic job on my website. They took their time which I preferred because I wanted my website center way. Wise Sites listened to my details and was able to make it happen.
I would recommend and work with them for all future projects.

11 April 2022

Web Design

What can I say, after a circus of contacts with logo designers and website developers, Wise Sites nailed it! Skip the games, and talk with these guys! Their team delivered honest and professional work and communicated with me every step of the way! Wise Sites are my go to guys for everything website related, and I can say that with confidence! Wise Sites, if you are ever in Michigan, the drinks are on us!


5 March 2022

If you are looking for any Web Design and/or Website Development work, look no further, Wise Sites is who you want to Hire!

Truly Dependable, Logical, and Quality Work .

Pleasure working with Wise Sites. I will definitely be using them again in the future.

3 March 2022

Honestly, very rarely I write a review with my opinion or experience but now I have the intention to help people who want to be successful in the online business, you need to know what you want and how you want it to look to look with your project and what effect you want to achieve in the market. If you want to save time and money, hire Wise Sites. After searching and dealing with different designers and developers without success, I finally found Wise Sites, they put colour, flavour and efficiency to my project, I fell in love with the various designs from the get go, we are currently optimizing our main website and implementing new strategies to make our product look more attractive. If you are looking for a professional look for a fair price, Wise Sites is the company. More...

3 March 2022

Nice professional work and done exactly how it was needed

3 March 2022

Out of this world work. I was definently worried at first but the customer service was amazing and the final product was even better. I IMPLORE you to give this guy a shot. If I could I'd give him a 10 star review More...

3 March 2022

Absolutely top notch work every time I use Wise Sites. They communicate effectively and promptly. I've used them for a couple different websites and they've delivered consistently. Functionality is always great as well. Highly recommend for anyone that wants a professional, functional, and clean website for any industry/business venture. A1 work, keep it up guys. More...

3 March 2022

I looked everywhere else, could not find anything better. The pricing and quality is unbeatable and is not something you can find anywhere else. 100% would purchase again and have already recommended to a few friends. You wont regret it. More...

3 March 2022

Very good service and customer support would highly recommend this to anyone !

3 March 2022

This is the best thing I have ever found 10/10 experience, pricing was great and the website was amazing

3 March 2022

love the website and thee people

3 March 2022

Beyond high quality stuff here. The best of the best, not about to find much better anywhere else. This is the place to go when you need fire quality work done, extremely friendly and helpful when it comes to the customer service! 10/10

3 March 2022

Needed my site done and they were super friendly to deal with and had super fast service Thanks Again...

2 March 2022

Absolutely fire website, cant find much better anywhere else.

2 March 2022

This is honestly the best around.... top notch attention to detail and customer care! Always going the extra mile to work with me as a customer and make my vision become a reality or work with me to compromise if it's unable to be done. Highly recommend!

2 March 2022

Was great working with Wise Sites, they built my site to all of my requirements in good time, I would definitely recommend their services!

2 March 2022

This company offers a great service with a friendly team who are always willing to help with anything you ask for these guys go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied

13 November 2021

Phenomenal working with them. Their all encompassing knowledge is rather impressive. Best part for me was the communication and response times. Nice job guys. I’ll be back. 😎 More...

13 November 2021

They design the best site for my clothing business, and I would highly refer my colleagues to wisesite!

4 November 2021

Wise Sites did great on a project we were needing done in a timely matter. They built me a whole forum for my gaming community in 4 weeks and was very responsive to all of my requests!

4 November 2021

It was a pleasure working with Wise Sites! They over delivered and their pricing was very competitive.

Thank you.


A website is the face of your business, & your website should be treated as digital real estate. As we adapt further to modern technology, websites are only going to become increasingly popular. An attractive website can only do so much though, with Google being the #1 tool to bring new visitors to your website SEO should be top on your priority list as well. With the combination of a well-designed, functional website & professional SEO we will move your business from a dead-end road that generates little to no traffic into a traffic mammoth that flows unique visitors exponentially.

Are you a small business? (We love working with small business owners!)
How do you want your visitor to feel on your new website?
What drove you to become an entrepreneur?
When would you like your website to be live by?

In a world that is filled with distractions, we think outside of the box and apply that to your projects. We don’t believe in cookie cutter services, which is why we fully customize and develop from scratch! To us Wise Sites isn’t just work/job, it’s a passion that we get to showoff to the world! We do not make clients we make friends.

We do things a bit differently here at Wise Sites and that starts with our proven process of success over the last three years. As a business owner, you should be spending your quality time on income-generating tasks, instead of wasting time with countless designers/developers. Wise Sites was created for that specific reason!

We love what we do
Wise Sites is composed of a team of experts in their specific fields. Each member has a passion for what they do, whether that is graphic design, website development, or market strategy.

We build partnerships
Our clients are satisfied with the end product because we allow them to have a voice in the development process. All the way from putting pen to paper for concept design to developing the software from a website, your business will be informed and listened to every step of the way.

Our process is proven
We have all types of businesses craft a personalized digital presence and brand that engages a loyal customer base. For some samples of our work and client reviews, take a look at our portfolio.


Our web design team will work with you to craft a website with an aesthetic that perfectly matches your business and brand. They are experts in making websites with user-friendly layouts, creative designs, and appealing graphics. In a way, they are tech-savvy artists that construct a proper flow and layout of your website to make sure all elements work together. Our designers are pros when it comes to brand imagery, color palettes, fonts, and other factors that are key to attracting customers.

With these features, your customers will want to stay on your website for longer periods of time because it is so enjoyable to use. Our team of web design experts is up to date on all of the cutting-edge trends and adheres to industry standards and best practices.

After the marketing and design team conceptualize your digital presence, it is our web development team that brings it into reality. They take the web design and use coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and Python to generate your business website. These tech gurus do everything necessary to make your dream website a well-oiled working machine.

Simply put, our web development team members are like construction workers They take a detailed blueprint and build the end product from the ground up. Our web development team can craft different types of websites depending on how complex your needs are. This can range from a static page of plain text to complex web applications, electronic businesses, or even a social network service. If you need it, our web development team at Wise Sites can make it for you.

Our marketing team members are experts in making your business stand out from the rest of your industry. With different digital tactics, we can elevate your presence above the competition.