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We're the ONLY company that does 2 full weeks of free trial - because we know what we're doing (although new to Bark.com). We do free phone consults and a no-time-limit free meet and greet to meet the person who will be taking your dog out to play.

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8 January 2021

They're great, always been on top of things. I like that its the same person who shows up at the same time when I need them. Roscoe has made some good friends, and the pictures n videos I get are really fun. I can tell he's having fun. Try them out if you're not sure - the 2 week trial was too good to pass up. Ask them about it. More...

3 January 2021

I first started chatting with Whistler through their free dog helpline which they have for anyone - customers and people who don’t use them too. They gave me some really good responses on how to change certain things about my dog - picking up random sticks off the ground, lunging at other dogs, and other odd behaviors. I just decided to go with them because they’re so helpful to someone who isn’t a customer, I imagined that they’d be great to people who pay them. And I’ve loved it since!! They’re very experienced. The person I have take Sadie out has had 4 dogs in the past. For the price point, this service is a steal. More...

31 December 2020

I heard about them when one of their marketing people met me out near my local dog park. They're really friendly, and I always like it when the company is real people and not some faceless app.

They've always been reliable, and my dog gets a lot out of it. I've also had the chance to meet the owner, and he makes sure all the employees have a deep connection with dogs. Everyone I've met from their company is just so caring about dogs, it was a no brainer for me.

I think the price they charge for the dog getting to play outside for an entire hour with other dogs is a steal. They also have a really good customer support system when I have questions - it's always a real person. Would 100% recommend them.

30 December 2020

I got a puppy, and from when he was 2 months, Luke has been taken care of by Whistler. They were really helpful to even do a little basic training while outside with Luke and teaching him how to play gently with other dogs. Their process for new customers is really great - you speak to a real person who answers all of your questions. They gave me a full run-down of all the vaccines I need to give Luke without me asking and it was super helpful. They've been amazing, couldn't have raised such a good boy without them. More...

30 December 2020

I don't have time to take my dog out to play all the time, so this is great. Walks get expensive if you're doing it with other companies - I switched from Windy City Paws to Whistler because it's literally half the cost and my dog gets more exercise from it. So it's a no brainer, and I should have looked into more options before just picking some company early on. More...

29 December 2020

Dog Walking

I started using Whistler because my local animal shelter recommended them to me, especially because Bowie was still young (2 months) and most dog walking companies just watch the clock, drop the dog home, and that's it. Doesn't work for a young pup - they'll just chew up your furniture at home out of anxiety and loneliness. I am so glad I used Whistler - they work directly with shelters, so it's a win-win-win for adopting parents, dogs, and the shelter too. My dog is really friendly, well behaved, attentive, and plays very gently with dogs of all sizes at the park. I credit a lot of it to their attention to detail and even them teaching my dog a couple basic tricks because he was so young.

Use them - I trust they’ll do a great job!

2 November 2020

Hi, I'm writing a review for Whistler Dog Playtime. I didn't find Whistler on Bark.com, but I have been using them for over a year and absolutely love the service! Dog playtime is very important, and I used to use day care, but found it to be too expensive. My dog Lenny was also just there for a very long time, but didn't get a lot of exercise - at day care, your dog is mostly indoors in an enclosure with other dogs. Sometimes my dog would get into trouble with other dogs because there's just too many...

My Whistler (Alex) has been taking Lenny out for so long. They understand each other, and Lenny loves the 2 other dogs in his play pack! The price for Whistler also means I can get my dog to play every day of the week without stressing about cost.

One great part about Whistler is their insurance and dog injury policy. Most other services will pay you cash if your dog gets injured and will ask you to sign an agreement where you cannot talk about the incident in public. In many cases, you're forced to take the money to pay for medical expenses. Whistler's policy is to require insurance coverage for your dog because it's best for them, and if you have any out of pocket expenses due to an injury that happened in their care, they cover those out-of-pocket expenses. It's very simple and puts the care of the dog first before anything else.

I have referred many friends to their service, and everyone loves it. I hope their business does very well, they deserve it.

2 November 2020

These guys are phenomenal. I adopted my dog from the Anti Cruelty Society and tried out a couple other local dog walking companies, but wasn't happy because the quality wasn't great and the prices were very high for very little time outside. My dog wasn't even tired after he got back, so it was as good as paying for nothing.

When I started using Whistler, their 2 week trial was awesome because I got to feel it out and only decide based on the results. My dog was totally different with them - more tired, and just seemed much calmer at home. I think the whole pack playtime with Whistler makes a huge difference. My dog has a dog pack of their own with friends who he gets along with. I've been using them for over 2 years. And it's the same person every time, which is important consistency.

And they also have really nice gifts they give us occasionally just as a thank you for being a customer. I've never had any other company do this. Their entire billing system is automated and their scheduling process is also very simple which is great, because I have a really busy work schedule and don't want the extra hassle of having to remember to call a walker so often.