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3665 S Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas, NV, USA

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Established in 2004, Water U Love has taken the initiative to spread the word on health and wellness in its own simple way. For 15 years and counting, Water U Love has been providing Las Vegas Alkaline Water along with great customer service to its pool of loyal clientele.

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22 June 2021

I've been coming to this place a littler over a year and I love it. It's super convenient, right down the street from my house & the customer service has always been great. I love family ran businesses & would prefer them over a big company, the owner doesn't speak much English but he's always been very helpful and even gave my son a peace of candy before. It's the little things That count for me. The other family members have also been very polite and helpful. More...

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21 June 2021

I have had nothing but great experiences at Water U Love!!!The water quality is amazing and tastes great! The service is amazing and everyone is so very friendly and helpful! Today I stopped in to fill two five gallon jugs but realized that they do not take credit card. I asked if they could hold my jugs while I ran to the bank to get cash and they were so kind, that they told me not to worry about and waste my money with atm fees, and told me that I could pay them the next time I stop in. This really made my day and insured that I will always come back!Thank you for your very thoughtful and great customer service!!! More...

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12 June 2021

The drinking water is great here and what's better is the 24/7 water vendings outside. I'm very busy with work, but I never have to worry about not having time to get water for my home because of the vendings outside. I asked the worker inside and he told me that it's the same water as insides and I believe it because it tasted exactly like the great tasting water that you get from inside. The vending machines are super super clean. I've been to other stores around the area and they don't compare when it comes to the newness of the machines. I personally get the alkaline water and it has helped with my GERD, which is a stomach reflux issue. All I can say is thank you Water U Love. More...

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7 June 2021

I was visiting a friend in Vegas and we went to get water for his business. The water store was very clean. Nice fast service. And most importantly the water tasted great. Highly recommend. More...

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2 June 2021

i've been getting my water from here since the pandemic started and i am very pleased with my experiences. I get alkaline water which is 2 dollars per gallon, and it is amazing. the worker tested the alkaline water for me and the pH is around 9. he even tested the regular water to show that the pH tester was real, which it was. i plan on continuing to get my water here for a loooong time. More...

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1 June 2021

I've been buying water from this place for years as it's much closer to where I live than any other business. However after doing some water testing of my own, I may not be visiting as much as I used to. It's still the most convenient location considering I live about a mile away. $2/gallon for pH neutral water isn't the worst way to spend money. I'll still visit and buy, just not as frequently. More...

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25 May 2021

Ive been coming to Water U Love for a while now, and every time i'm extremely satisfied with the customer service and their water.  Personally, I love the alkaline water, I work out often and always use their water as it really keeps me hydrated and energized throughout my workout or day.  The owner even tested the p.H. in front of me to show me that its not just normal water.  I recommend anyone to come try this water, and don't be afraid to ask the owner about any questions or concerns you have! More...

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29 December 2020

I bought water several times here from vending machines and all the times it was short 1/2 gallon...

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4 October 2020

Great options, small business, cash preferred! They have alkaline, oxegenated and regular water !

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30 September 2020

This guy is a fraud. When I asked for the alkaline water(you can only get alkaline inside the store, not at the dispensers outside) he cleaned my gallon containers(very nice action) and filled them up. He never asked me what PH I wanted, and when I tested him on my way out the door by asking the PH level he filled my containers with, he just said 13...extremely high for drinking. You can use PH 11 for disinfecting and cleaning - bleach substitute- it even has a bleach like smell to it. This guy doesn't know anything about alkaline water. If you want a better experience go down the street to the kangen water store where you can get an entire month of water for $30. Way cheaper than $2 a gallon...and you'll actually get alkaline water. They start you out at 8.5 and graduate you to 9, and do it in a friendly manor. I am not an employee for kangen, I just don't want to see good people ripped off by a loser like this. More...

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