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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Jeffery Miller is a certified narcotics K9 handler. Owned his first Doberman at 10 years old has been training dogs ever since. Started working with military and police dogs professionally training dogs for 27 years. Completes 60 hours of continuing education yearly by Government Affiliated Agencies.

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26 October 2021

Dog Training

Although I did not use VonMiller because I didn't realize how much dog training cost. I'm trying to think of the gentleman's name but he is in the picture below. He was most gracious, answered all my questions, gave me a few free tips and if it cost less and also a little closer to my home I would go to him in a heartbeat. Kind, understanding and I'd surely trust my puppy to him. Thanks for contacting me Bark - I wanted the world to know that I think VonMiller Kennels is one to go to if it is headed by this man. Thanks. Janet Jacobs, Glenview More...

22 June 2021

Dog Training

Good approach to training,very knowledgeable leader

15 May 2021

I'm very happy I brought my 1 year old in for training at VonMiller Kennels. Jeffrey Miller trained my little ladies' man Ben G to learn multiple commands, coming when he hears his name from a distance & sitting in place too. I was very impressed & wowed to see Ben G learning so quickly from the illustrative training lessons. Jeffrey assured me I have a confident boy able to learn with the help of his great training, treat + collar advice & patience. Before training.. Ben G wouldn't back off the ladies if I called his name with a foghorn or even sit for more than half of a second. The lessons with the help of a knowledgeable, confident voice in an organized setting & answers to all my annoying questions helped entirely. Ben G now comes when I call his name and even sits for his little pictures until I say "& let's go!"  Thanks a trillion!From Ben G&Jackie More...

Reviewed on Yelp

13 April 2021

Dog Training

He was very patient and gave me good tips on my dog

8 February 2021

Dog Training

Excellent customer service and the trainer is well suited for our needs

18 December 2020

Dog Training

Their expertise in dog behaviour

20 November 2020

Dog Training

Jeff was great! He holds the title, the best trainer ever! You will not be disappointed.

13 November 2020

Dog Training

Very friendly and informative.

10 November 2020

My teenager applied for a job at the kennel. Mr Von called to offer my child a job and he wanted my child to come in and do a training work day. He said to come in on a Saturday night from 7-10 p.m., and they close at 6 p.m What? He was also speaking VERY inappropriately and unprofessionally! Do NOT let your teenager work there, especially alone. My child got the creeps from this guy!  Beware! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

2 November 2020

Our 4 year old German Shepherd, Sherman did a 6 week board-and-train here with Jeff and WOW were we impressed with what he was able to accomplish during that time! Sherman had been having trouble with other dogs, anxiety that was at times uncontrollable, and fear and anxiety around water. After less than 2 weeks, Jeff had him relaxed right next to another German Shepherd who also had issued being calm around other dogs and jumping in the lake to swim out to me. We were SHOCKED at the progress he had made in such a short period of time. Sherman has been home with us for a little over a week now and we have been able to maintain his skills with Jeff's instructions and Sherman is so much happier! We can walk by other dogs on the street and he barely pays them any mind where as perviously he would have knocked us over.We have had several other trainers work with Sherman and no one has come close to achieving the success that Jeff has. His gentle approach to training makes your dog fall in love with him and actually WANT to please him/you rather than fear based training.Thank you Jeff for everything!!! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

2 October 2020

Dog Training

Very informative and most patient explaining what is offered by the trainer at this kennel. Looking forward to their help with our puppy

3 September 2020

Dog Training

Jeff was very patient and good with both our dogs. They are already behaving better.

23 August 2020

Our family decided to get a rottweiler puppy, with that decision also came the decision that we would send the pup off to training. This was important to us for many reasons, but our 2 young kids (3 & 9) as well as ourselves having control of this soon to be big guy was one of the top reasons!We welcomed Titan to our family in Aug 2019, and immediately began researching various trainers. We were prepared to send Titan as far as we needed to for the right fit. To our surprise we found Jeff Miller who was just a 15min drive from us. We went to meet Jeff and had an instant comfort upon walking onto his property and meeting him.You could instantly feel the true love he has for the dogs, and took so much time evaluating Titan to determine if he would be a great fit for Titan and vice-versa. Right there we just knew he and his team would be amazing! A few weeks later space opened up and Titan was welcomed into his facility and stayed for about 6wks. Jeff advised that I (the wife/Mom) would be the best family member to come in weekly to work one-on-one with Titan and himself. He explained I was the best fit because I would be home with him more, and Titan needed to see me as the pack leader.2-3wks into training I began going to Jeff's facility 1-3 times per week to work with him, observe them, and learn everything I needed to know so that we could apply the training at home.The time Jeff puts into not only your dog, but you as the human is incredible. He is one of a kind!Training was amazing, and we continue to work hard at home implementing all Titan was taught. We have an awesome dog who just turned a year that we can walk around the block with no pulling. He stays by our side, lays down when a dog walks past without even one bark.Jeff is always checking in with us, and is always a phone call away for any question or thought that comes up.The price you pay is beyond worth not only the initial training, but the life-long support you will get from Jeff! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

30 May 2019

Great place. A dog's haven

Reviewed on Google Maps

4 January 2019

Hands down the best breeding and training facility around. Jeff Miller is very passionate and knowledgeable about what he does. He's transparent about the health and behavior of his dogs, their working/breeding history, his training methods, and everything else. Not only was I impressed with his dogs, but also with his integrity. He doesn't sacrifice their health or temperament for superficial traits like so many other breeders do. He's doesn't breed dogs to "show and sell", he breeds them for purpose. Whether it's performing in the field as protection dogs, service dogs, or just being the perfect family guardian, his dogs can do it all.The GSD pup we got from him almost a year ago has been so wonderful, and our family couldn't be happier. He has high drive, but not hyperactivity. He's eager to please and easy to train. He's alert but not aggressive or fearful. He's loving but not bratty. He LOVES to play, and loves to be engaged with his humans. In short, he's everything you want in a family dog. Gorgeous and healthy to! Jeff has been a fantastic resource along the way, and he's very quick to respond with anything we need help with. It's wonderful to have a breeder/trainer that wants to be engaged with owners in the long-run, not just to make a quick buck. We look forward to many more years of fun and affection from our furry guardian.What else can I say? Great facility, great owner, great services, great dogs. Definitely recommend for any reason. More...

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Defiantly love working with the dogs. Major passion being able to develop and learn behaviors.

Was in the army and had a army dog, got to spend a lot of time with him. Lots of training hours and got lots of experience from that training alone. Push to continue training certified professionals and even home dog.

My experience is enough to fill your ears with awes! I am great with people because I am great with dogs! Dogs like me and the people will very much learn a little something.

No, we can consult via phone but I prefer in person.

One on One Only No Group Sessions, and we also use mask.


• 2 week Board & Train
• 4 week Board & Train
• 6 week Board & Train
• Boarding
• Toy, Miniature, Medium, Large, and Giant Breeds.
• Toy, Miniature, and Medium Breed Dogs are boarded separately from the large and giant breeds.
• All dogs have indoor and outdoor activities during the day.

• Training Evaluation
• We work with all behavioral issues,
• Certified Dog Behaviorist on Staff
• E-Collar Training
• Security
• Level 1 (Does not include armed security training)
• Level 2 (Includes armed security training)
• Level 3 (Includes armed security training and proper technique and protocol for subduing.)
• Crowd Control
• Personal Protection Training Program
• 4 week Program
• 6 week Program
• 8 week Program Includes Obedience Training
• Green K-9’s
• Single Purpose K-9’s
• Dual Purpose Trained K-9’s
• Emotional Support Dogs
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Support Dog
• Bipolar Disorder Support Dog
• Therapy Dog
• AKC Good Citizen
• AKC Good Citizen Advanced