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I have a passion for making nutritious food delicious & fun, regardless of your health concern. By stripping away the clutter of culture, fad diets, & new health trends we can focus on the basics of solid science-based nutrition. I understand your situation is unique and will make every effort to help you creatively & sustainably add happy & healthy food to your everyday life.


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It's very important, but even more then that it is also important to find the healthy diet that works for you. Everyone is unique and everyone's situation is unique so by honoring our bodies we are able to find the plan that works for you!

I love meeting and helping people learn how to care for their bodies instead of trying to make them look or act a certain way. We work together as team to discover what are you feel-good foods, how to add them to our lives in fun and nutritious ways all while learning and overcoming your barriers to success. It's my favorite thing when my clients start to learn to love their bodies and care for their bodies in long term and sustainable ways!

I started my own business after a few personal tragedies made me realize living healthfully is not so simple. Instead of a rigid plan I wanted to help clients reach their goals with grace as they were learning the root cause of their food behaviors and find freedom with healthy living!

If you would like to get to the root of why you are overeating, undereating, and not feeling your best! I work primarily in woman's health with a special focus on intuitive eating, eating disorders, body image work.