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11 December 2022

have been a patient at Vayda for close to a year and I would recommend that you look elsewhere for compassionate care.
I told my therapist that in person sessions are preferred, as telemedicine doesn't feel as comprehensive for me personally. Vayda canceled ALL in person appointments for a month, while giving patients literally 25 hours notice.
Even though I am averse to telemedicine, I decided to give it a try and attended a video session. The audio quality was beyond abysmal, with feedback and an incredibly noisy sound floor. It sounded like being on the phone with customer service at a call center.
My therapist told me the owners of Vayda chose to do this to try and expedite a construction project at the office. When I contacted one of the owners (Dr. Alise Novak) regarding the incredibly short notice to transition to video calling and poor audio quality for telemedicine, she told me that it was beyond Vayda's control and their hands were tied. When I asked her why her story was different than what my therapist, she completely sidestepped the question and suggested that I seek treatment elsewhere.

My therapist emailed me and said in person sessions could continue on a specific date and when I responded saying I would be there, the therapist emailed me back saying after consulting with their supervisor (Dr. Alise Novak) they would not be offering in person session for me and that I should seek treatment elsewhere.

At the very least you can not, in my opinion, trust the providers at Vayda to provide consistent or compassionate care.