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ValidiFI is a digital platform provider using banking and payment data for account opening, management, payment facilitation, risk mitigation, and compliance. Our data and technologies improve offerings, operational efficiencies, reduce fraud and risk, and automate the digital process.

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ValidiFI introduces a new standard for authenticating and validating bank accounts.

This service verifies the legitimacy of a bank account, the status of the account, and account structure. Additionally, it also has the ability to detect evidence of potential fraud prior to accepting payments.

Bank Aggregation uses consumer bank account information to predict good and bad borrowers and to ensure funds are available for payment processing.

With Bank Aggregation you get enhanced data to help you make informed decisions, by verifying identity, employment, income source, income amount, income frequency, loan stacking, expense trends, ability to repay, life events, and much more.

Bank Account Ownership solutions can assist with increasing the speed of onboarding, mitigating fraud, as well as enhancing your KYC strategy. Within this suite, BAV-Ownership provides confidence that the bank account information collected from the customer, belongs to them. Whereas, ValidiFI’s Bank Aggregation service provides access to the customer’s full name, phone number, email address, and mailing address associated with their bank account.

Bank Account Validation (BAV), a comprehensive suite of instant and near real-time data services, assists financial institutions with identity validation, fraud detection, compliance, and risk measurement. The suite offers the ability to establish account ownership, current balance, status and the funds availability of a consumers’ bank account. Financial institutions use the BAV suite in application, underwriting, and ongoing customer management, to improve their payment processing KPI’s and ensure regulatory compliance.

In a competitive online environment, where consumers make buying decisions instantly, it is important to understand which customers are willing and able to pay. ValidiFI’s Lead Conversion Score – Contactability, is a score modeled for the financial services, banking, lending, and insurance industries to verify identity, assess risk, as well as the propensity for the consumer to complete the buying process.

Payment Instrument (PI) Risk Score determines creditworthiness, identifies high and low risk consumers, as well as the compliance risks associated with processing payments.