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Vai Malankar

Brooklyn, NY


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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


I'm a data-driven, user-centric and collaborative program manager with 12+ years of experience in digital marketing.

I'm described by team members as a/an:
- Effective and solutions orientated leader
- Reliable and trustworthy partner
- Enforcer of stability in times of chaos 

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5 customer reviews

7 March 2020

I run a successful kickboxing studio in Brooklyn and partnered with Vai to identify opportunities to improve customer experience and overall membership metrics. Over the course of 2 weeks Vai accomplished the following for me:
- Diligently interviewed several clients
- Distilled the common trends and client quotes
- Presented his actionable recommendations in an easy to follow format

I really enjoyed working with Vai because he was quick to follow up, knowledgeable and reliable!

6 March 2020

Vai is incredibly efficient, consistently demonstrates excellence, and leads by example. In working with him on various projects, Vai was an excellent listener, displayed a positive attitude, and maintained an approachable demeanor. He always communicated with other team members in clear, concise terms and with professionalism. In addition, he is extremely reliable and sees tasks through from concept to completion. More...

6 March 2020

I've had the pleasure of working with Vai Malankar over the last two years. Vai was instrumental in leading a business innovations project where we had to complete the following tasks:
- Identify a critical customer need
- Articulate the business case for addressing that need
- Develop a business model
- Pitch the final proposal to professional investors including venture capitalist

Vai was able to accomplish all these goals with our team in a way that highlighted his leadership and business intelligence. I really enjoy working with Vai!

28 February 2020

Vai is a great mentor and coach. As a manager, he has empowered me to think critically and become more analytical in my approach to problem-solving. He has also helped me grow and hone my financial analysis, planning and forecasting skills. He is an even-keeled leader that is dedicated to the growth and development of his peers. More...

26 February 2020

The last couple of years I was very fortunate to work with Vai on a number of business projects. I was always amazed with his attention to detail. He is able to take on the most complex situations or problems, and help flesh it out into something really amazing. I look forward to working with Vai more in the future! More...


I love partnering with different business professionals and working shoulder-to-shoulder with them to solve their problems.

After earning an MBA my entrepreneurial spirit grew and I decided that starting my own consulting business was the most efficient and effective way to share my knowledge and passion with small business owners.

Clients should choose me because I will bring a unique combination of IQ and EQ to their business which will help it grow to new heights.


I can help you identify a value proposition, set goals, define a viable marketing mix and craft the perfect go-to-market plan for your business and/or product.

No matter where you are in your journey, I can help you plan and achieve your career goals. Whether it's prepping for interviews, effective networking, or positioning yourself for promotions I can help you create a strategy and action plan.

If you have a great product or service then we can work together to identify the most effective marketing communications that will reach your target audience at the opportune time and place.