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Undisputed Visual Media is a Las Vegas company created by producer Damien Bartlett as all in one digital creation house. He's shot & produced photo & video content for Sony, Coca-Cola, DirecTV, AWG, SEM, Pelco, Lacoste, Skin City, Dream Racing, Hertz, BMW, and is also a contributing creative partner at a brand new NextGen Virtual Production XR Studio in Las Vegas in a 4500 sqft production space.

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21 March 2021

(Pacific Anchor Consulting Group)

To Whom It May Concern

This letter of reference is presented on behalf of Mr. Damien Bartlett,

I’ve known Damien since 2013.
In regards to his personal character, he is a family-oriented man, hard worker, respectful and kind-hearted.

In regards to his professional experiences, he is very knowledgeable in the entertainment
industry especially in the area of music and films, in addition to being well connected to some high profile people in the said industry.

He always accepts challenges in the business, and gears himself to be the best.

Together with his pleasant personality and professional experiences, I strongly believe that he is a good asset to any company he's interested to serve.



13 December 2020

For those whom this may concern, I deem Damien Bartlett to be an honest man and someone who sincerely cares about everything for which he sets his mind. I AM honored to call him my friend, my brother albeit not by birth, and a business partner as we are producing many things together, including an epic story about his mother, called CAKE and a film to be held in reserve of confidence at this particular time as it is secret in nature. As for his abilities in operating a camera and editing video content, you will find that he is competent and that he is skilled at music syncing with the appropriate images and video content which is not always easy to teach. For this reason, I can say that I would work with him personally on any project as Damian is very approachable and is able to absorb the spirit and nature of the performance and in time his skills will come up to that which is exceptional.


D Todd Shepherd



Fully equipped & qualified in all types of video production from film and TV, through to commercial work, or event coverage.


I have experience shooting everything - here are a few samples.


I'm a highly experienced photographer that was classical trained in 1996. Recently I have been Sony's official photography in Las Vegas. I can shoot events , models, products, headshots, whatever you need.
Here's some of my portfolio: https://undisputedvisualmedia.com/photography

I'm well educated in the strategies that are kept guarded by the digital marketing industry.
Reach out for a free consultation and I'll show you why your company is leaving money on the table and how to solve that problem.

We have the next generation of virtual production technology in Las Vegas in a 4500 square foot studio space.
You won't believe the possibilities when shooting in virtual production that will eventually make green screen obsolete. It's perfect for film TV commercials and corporate content.


Here's a little teaser I directed to demonstrate this amazing tech!