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Tyler Chenault, Realtor®

Humphries & King Realty, Glenwood Avenue Southeast, Atlanta, GA, USA

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Atlanta’s REALTOR® with @hk_real_estate
Certified Luxury Homes Specialist, LHC

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15 February 2021

I am a Realtor in Nashville, TN and Tyler has taken care of 2 deals for me in the Atlanta area so far. Clients have raved about him and he’s communicated so well with them and myself that I still feel like part of the process. I will continue to send my Atlanta friends and family to Tyler because I know I can trust that my friends and family receive the same level of dedication and care that I provide to my clients here. More...

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Being a part of one of the greatest accomplishments any individual can achieve: homeownership. There is nothing like handling keys to the 25-year-old nursing student buying her first home after saving for years for that moment, the real estate investor who uses real estate to find financial freedom, or the empty nesters, after sacrificing for many years, finally purchase their dream home. It is an incredible position to be in and I never want to take it for granted.

If you had told me 5 years ago, I would be a business owner, I would have laughed and told you you were nuts. I was well on my way to becoming a psychologist and wanted nothing to do with business. I had no aspiration for entrepreneurship but when I had kids, that all changed.

I have three children ages 9, 5, and 3. They are the joys of my life and everything I do is for my children. I love spoiling them and giving them the chance to have the very best of life. After I graduated college, I realized how challenging it would be to give my kids the lifestyle I dreamed of with the salary I was currently on. I realized I was not as prepared for real-world work after leaving college and so I got a job at a car dealership I had worked through college.

I hated working as a car salesman but I hated the idea of going back to school for more education even more. I was stuck and I felt hopeless looking at living a boring life and constantly grinding every day just to get by.

I began reading books on how to get rich and going into business for myself was something that just kept coming up. I could not live the way I was living and expect to be rich, I had to do something more. I knew it would be challenging but I knew I had to take the leap. I quit my job, earned my real estate license, and three years later, made well over six figures and prepared to create multiple streams of income within my real estate business.

Every day I wake up and create unlimited opportunities for myself. I never envisioned the freedom and flexibility I would have as an entrepreneur. The best part is that I get to be there for my kids whenever they need me and give them the very best of life just as I dreamed.

I am a proud Georgia REALTOR®! I find the most value in being a multi-faceted agent. I am a GOD-fearing man, I am a family man, I am a minority and friend! I have yet to find someone I was not able to find commonality with and that is what helps me help anybody I meet.

One of my greatest strengths is my network. I grew my network very quickly and have so many talented and brilliant people I can call on. They make me look so good and help me win deals. I would be nothing without those in my network.

I am certified by the Residential Real Estate Council with a Luxury Homes Certification. I have taken time to effectively serve Atlanta's luxury clientle.

I also am a team leader and have agents within my team that can also contribute to a smooth and easy close.

I am here for you, whether you need me in person or via video call.

However I can best serve you, I will.