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After graduating from a prestigious university in 2010, Ashley knew that she had a passion for education. Her dream was to impact students on an individual basis. With five years of tutoring experience, she was displeased with the status quo that is traditional tutoring.

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1 March 2021

I highly recommend Tutor Revolution. My daughter has been tutoring with Ashley now for over a year. She is the kindest, most patient tutor you will ever meet. My daughter just adores her. Thank you Ashley you are the best!! More...

1 March 2021

Ashley is detailed and garners the attention of the student easily. She is a fantastic communicator with the parents to address needs and improvements both. In addition, she knows the material in depth. Ashley is a talented teacher and it is apparent from her work that this is her lifelong passion. We are fortunate to have found her. More...

1 March 2021

Ashley has been great! I was failing the tests. After just a couple sessions with Ashley, I started getting B’s on the tests. She is very nice and doesn’t make you feel stupid if you don’t know or understand something. She always explains things very well and doesn’t make it so that I feel overwhelmed. She has always squeezed me into her schedule whenever I feel that I need extra help. She also brings other resources so that I can find out which books or websites work the best for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help!” More...


I began tutoring in high school because I really enjoyed helping others. I did not think that 15 years later it would be my passion and career. I love what I do, and that in addition to helping my students, I am able to assist my tutors and their students!!

My background is in Special Education, so I am always keeping my eye out for any issues that the student/family may not be aware of. I love finding and fixing any issues/holes!!

After I graduated from SMU in 2010 with my undergraduate degree, I looked for opportunities in education where I could work with students on an individual basis. At the same time, I started looking at various tutoring companies and was unhappy with the status quo. I was shocked at the low compensation, and that leadership had no background in education. I knew I loved education, and my passion was truly helping students however I could. I decided to try tutoring on my own, since I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

A short time later, I realized many families were asking me for help in subjects I do not specialize in, or asking me if I knew anyone that did. Since I was heavily invested in those children’s success, I felt I would be the best person to screen and coordinate potential new tutors for these families.

Fast-forward ten years, Tutor Revolution now contracts anywhere from 10-15 tutors at any given time, we offer online tutoring, and we have helped many students and families achieve academic success the United States, as well as in Canada.

Individually, I have returned to school to obtain my Master’s in Education. I am specializing in reading and writing. I am passionate about helping young students learn how to read, and older students how to read to learn.

What sets us apart from other providers is that Tutor Revolution thrives on collaboration, and we constantly communicate with our tutors. Furthermore, we do not look for tutors after we have been contacted; we only place students with tutors we have already recruited and that have undergone at least two practice sessions, in addition to other hiring procedures. We keep the tutors’ pictures and biographies online so parents know more about the person coming to their home. Since tutoring has to be a good fit, we only hire engaging individuals.

While I do have my attention on company growth and providing income for many tutors, the most important measure of success is our students’ achievements. Student success varies greatly. I feel very successful when I hear we have closed a gap of knowledge, a student has shown growth or a spark of interest, or is making better grades. We love motivating our students and modeling how to be a successful learner! Our aim is to show a student that learning, or a content area, can be enjoyable… perhaps even fun!


K-college: EC-8th, Algebra 1-3, Geometry, Trig, Precalc, and Calc 1-4


K-College: EC-8th, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Organic Chemistry.