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We’re a family owned business that’s dedicated to providing A1 services to all of our clients big or small.We prefer commercial buildings, schools, parks and offices to provide janitorial/custodial services !!!


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I’ve been in and around the business for approximately 2yrs I’ve worked on cleaning crews before I started my own business !!!

Yes we bring our own equipment and supplies to each and every job !!!

Getting the job done in a decent time limit and the perfection of my work !!!

My neighbor and friend who’s currently in the business

We’re a family owned and operated business with responsible, respectable and experienced crew cleaning members on each and every job !!!

Wearing mask , no more than 3 workers per building !!!


Vacuum, mop, sweep floors, take out the trash, clean windows, mirrors, tables, chairs, door knobs/handles , counter tops, sinks, toilets and restrooms with non-toxic disinfectant spray on every floor level , can pressure wash outside side walks if water spigot and water hose available for use !!!