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TRIZCOM PUBLIC RELATIONS - Everyone has a story. Let us tell yours with our integrative approach.

We’re a team of ridiculously creative, savvy PR and communications professionals.

We provide knowledgeable strategic counsel and tackle your communications challenges head-on, finding sometimes obscure paths to extraordinary solutions.

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I love that I get to meet new people every single day - albeit virtually nowadays.

We know the media
We already have key connections and relationships with your most attractive media outlets, publications, journalists and influencers. We’re writers, and many of us are former journalists ourselves. We make you a media favorite by making journalists’ lives easier, sometimes even building an entire story for them, helping in whatever ways we can to get a great story about your brand produced/published.

We put strategy before tactics
We believe that an integrated strategy works better than scattershot tactics. Our team combines consistent messaging with a detailed, proactive measurable plan that uses a combination of earned, owned, shared and paid media.

We communicate
We know that the only way you can truly garner trust from your key audiences is through effective, consistent communications.

We employ proven, successful best practices
We know what information to provide at what time and in which format to ensure the right targets are reached and your objectives are accomplished while at the same time presenting unique, fresh, out-of-the-box creative ideas.

We don’t just build buzz, we build relationships
We know how important relationships are to your brand. It’s all about trust and respect.

Absolutely! In fact, the majority of our partners are located outside of Texas.

We just reopened our offices thanks to ActivePure Technology - check them out www.activepure.com. However, even when we were remote, not much changed.


Earned media placements are the cornerstone to third party validation. While the opportunities are vast, the competition for placements is enormous.

✓ Journalist Materials
✓ Media Training
✓ Media Outreach Plan
✓ Expert Source
✓ Development
✓ Journalist Relationship Building
✓ Content Development & Copywriting
✓ Press Materials Distribution & Pitching
✓ Analyst Strategy
✓ Earned Media Monitoring & Reporting

Strategic messaging is the foundation that shapes all of your communications with your stakeholders: customers, prospects, employees, partners, investors, etc.

✓ Key Messages
✓ Proof Points
✓ Brand Vision
✓ Brand Story
✓ Elevator Speech
✓ Value Proposition
✓ Target Audience
✓ Brand Messaging Map

TrizCom Public Relations excels at creating workable blueprints for communication campaigns. We begin every project with a detailed strategy that may include:
✓ PR Plan
✓ Analytics Review
✓ Editorial Calendar
✓ Electronic Press Kit
✓ Brand Messaging Map
✓ Metrics Identification
✓ Brand Communications Audit
✓ Competitor’s Communication Audit

Content marketing is gold. Our staff writers are creative copywriters who have journalistic-level research skills and know how to expertly create optimized content that is valuable to your key audiences. All content is professionally edited.

✓ Blogs
✓ Thought Leadership
✓ Press Materials
✓ Expert eBooks
✓ Infographics
✓ Case Studies
✓ White Papers
✓ Bylines/Contributed Content
✓ Website Content
✓ Email Campaigns
✓ Newsletters

Finding a voice with local, state and national governments is a priority for brands that place public interest at their forefront. From moving people to action, working with lobbyists, communicating public opinion or designing public campaigns, TrizCom PR is effective at creating movements and dialogue around legislative affairs.

✓ Grassroots Mobilizations
✓ Relationship Facilitation
✓ Strategic Alliances
✓ Community Townhalls
✓ Speech Writing
✓ Public Speaking Training
✓ Expert Positioning
✓ Media Relations

From planning to execution to promotion, TrizCom PR is the trusted expert at identifying on-brand creative promotions and events that drive new business and engage guests. The adage “if you build it, they will come” is for fairytales. As experts in communications, we understand the landscape and how to share event details with an inspiring hook that garners interest and generates a quantifiable turnout.

✓ VIP Relations
✓ Red Carpet Arrivals
✓ On-site Management
✓ Site Selection
✓ Experiential Marketing ✓ Photographer Management
✓ RSVP/Guest List Management
✓ Detailed Event Plan & Timeline
✓ Invitation Execution & Follow-up
✓ Event Production & Design
✓ Media Relations

It is vital to address issues before they escalate into a crisis. Taking a proactive approach to issues management means we can address them early, head on and resolve them. TrizCom PR's issues management is an anticipatory strategic management process that ensures solutions for our partners and their stakeholders.

✓ Issues Identification
✓ Shareholder Analysis
✓ Timeline Prioritization
✓ Issues Messaging Map
✓ Positioning Statement
✓ Question & Answers
✓ Factsheets
✓ Interest Group Development
✓ Issues Monitoring & Reporting

Influencer marketing is simply word-of-mouth marketing. Our influencer process is to add the next level credibility that brands seek. Engaging advocates and influencers to build awareness, consideration, credibility and validation - authentically and organically.

✓ Influencer Identification
✓ Influencer Contracting
✓ Ambassador Programs
✓ Influencer Events
✓ Meet & Greets
✓ Deliverables & Follow-up
✓ Product & Experience Gifting
✓ Influencer Performance Analytics
✓ Influencer Monitoring & Reporting

Engaged employees have a certain level of emotional investment and willingness to create value for their organizations. Effective strategic internal communications is a critical business discipline that enhances transparency, builds trust and spurs engagement. It allows everyone to convey the brand’s goals, products and services with the same voice.

✓ Content Creation
✓ Events
✓ Policies & Procedures
✓ Videos & Podcasts
✓ Intranet Copywriting
✓ Town Hall Meetings
✓ Internal Newsletters
✓ Internal Messaging
✓ HR Communications
✓ Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), charitable philanthropy and corporate sponsorships have a positive impact on brand’s bottom line through increased sales, improved consumer loyalty, employee morale, shareholder trust and enhanced authentic brand awareness. We help navigate partners through critical steps of CSR to maximize their investments.

✓ CSR Reporting
✓ Stakeholder Engagement
✓ Giving Program
✓ Deliverables
✓ CSR Campaign Promotion
✓ Internal Messaging
✓ External Messaging
✓ Sponsorship Leverage/Co-branding
✓ Partnership Identification

Digital representation is incredibly important, and with a fully integrated social media plan with measurable goals, brands have the power to maximize their online presence. With content best representing an organization, we mix advertising and marketing capabilities to fit a brand’s digital and social needs.
✓ Platform Selections, Consultations & Acquisition
✓ Develop the Storytelling Mix
✓ Messaging Map
✓ Content Calendar
✓ Paid Media
✓ Photography, Videography, Graphics
✓ Engagement Strategy
✓ Audience Acquisition
✓ Policies & Procedures
✓ Monitoring & Reporting

TrizCom PR excels in proactive and reactive reputation management - online and offline. From media training to crisis mitigation to social media, we employ a mix of strategies to change perceptions. Our proven process acts swiftly to minimize effects.

✓ Messaging
✓ Organic Search Engine Rankings
✓ Content Mix
✓ Reviews & Ratings Strategies
✓ Customer Service
✓ Thought Leadership
✓ Video & Podcast Strategy
✓ Monitoring & Reporting

TrizCom PR is the agency of choice for hundreds of companies and individuals when faced with an unanticipated event. The crisis team at TrizCom PR know how to control messages with proven procedures and processes that establish trust and accountability (either proactively or reactively).
✓ Proactive Crisis Communication Plans
✓ Reactive Crisis Communication Plans
✓ Key Messages
✓ Crisis Communications Content
✓ Spokesperson Training
✓ War Room Coordination
✓ Social Media Strategy
✓ Press Conferences
✓ Internal Messaging
✓ Crisis Procedures & Guidelines
✓ Strategic Scenario Plans
✓ Monitoring & Reporting

As businesses grow and change, it’s important that their brand reflects this change to maintain their competitive edge. TrizCom PR has developed a proprietary Brand Refresh that reduces the completion time to 4-6 weeks. Each Brand Refresh is customizable depending upon the brands needs. And, if your brand is under attack from competition, our brand strategists can also help you identify effective counter-competitive tactics to keep your brand on target.
✓ Target Audience – Definitions & Personas
✓ Competitive Analysis
✓ Unique Selling Proposition
✓ Brand Positioning Statement
✓ Brand Personality, Voice & Tone
✓ Key Slogan/Tagline
✓ Visual Identity Update
✓ Messaging Update

Raw data, analytics and metrics are at the root of all our decisions at TrizCom PR. We have invested in the best in class media intelligence tools that allow us to measure and optimize our partners’ results. Data allows us to work more efficiently, and most importantly, report and analyze our results.
✓ 24/7 Subscription Monitoring, TrendKite, Mention, TVEyes, Cision, Talkwalker, Influence and MOZ
✓ Key Performance Tracking - KPI’s, Website Data, Media Impressions, Aggregate Audience Reach, Earned Media, Share of Voice, Email Marketing, Earned Media Sentiment/Tone and Domain Authority Tracking

As the number of coronavirus cases in the nation continues to rise, the chances for local and national shutdowns are increasing. A 4 to 6-week shutdown for businesses can be devastating. However, businesses can apply to be designated as an essential business - enabling you to keep your doors open during difficult economic times.

We are experts at helping businesses navigate the application, submittal and approval processes to become a designated essential business. Our team of experts are here to help and have a track-record of success keeping small to mid-market organizations open for business.

For $775 TrizCom PR will research your organization, review all local essential business designation requirements, align your business appropriately and complete the necessary application. While there is no guarantee that your application will be accepted, you will have peace of mind that all the steps were accurately completed.