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Over the past 25 years, I have been coaching individuals to create balanced success in their lives and careers. Personal life coaching began after working in human services in government agencies, the private sector, and non-profits. As a personal life and career coach, I opened my own business in 2021, driven by my desire for more fulfillment.

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7 customer reviews

13 September 2021

LaTrenda Ross' greatest gifts are her deeply rooted compassion, her ability to listen and provide insightful, constructive and impactful feedback to any situation. LaTrenda is a professional that combines an altruistic spirit with sound solutions. She is seamlessly connects people and causes. I recommend LaTrenda Ross and encourage you to work with her. More...

7 August 2021

I've worked with Ms. Ross in the Food & Shelter Coalition, where she is an inspiring leader who can bring together disparate groups, make them work together, and run an efficient, harmonious meeting. I'm sure those people skills and efficiency will be helpful for anyone who *isn't* quite that organized and needs powerful help from a person who is delightful to work with. More...

5 August 2021

LaTrenda has been a lifesaver superwoman in her community. She is always willing to go out of her way to help those most in need. There have been several situations where she has helped me in helping my clients to follow up on statuses of applications submitted for extra assistance such as insurance coverage and welfare services and my families have been left very satisfied. Without her joint efforts, I wouldn't have been able to get through very busy representatives in difficult times of limited office hours. Besides her assistance, she dedicates most of her time to better herself and the women population by empowering them with her resources on career development. She does remarkable work with volunteering for the Food Coalition for the homeless ensuring there's enough food and opportunities in housing for those most in need. I consider myself lucky to know someone like LaTrenda, she is a valuable asset to all of her work endeavors and I continue to keep working with her in the near future. More...

4 August 2021

Ms. LaTrenda went above and beyond with me, operated as a coach, mentor, friend and (on the really frustrating days!). She utilized her broad industry knowledge and her sizeable network to help me create meaningful connections and explore an array of career opportunities.

4 August 2021

LaTrenda is a fountain of information. One that is overflowing with knowledge and she has an innate ability to want to share that knowledge to help those in need.

Her continued efforts and non-stop attitude is what fuels her to always get the job done. She has always been a beacon of light and and helped me “find my way”. And when she isn’t able she finds someone that can to help you reach your Goal(s).

4 August 2021

Coach LaTrenda is an incredibly talented, natural coach. Her values-centered guidance challenged me to think beyond just “the job search” and focus more on finding a career that would capitalize on my passions and strengths. Her knowledge of so many industries and her willingness to connect me to her network were particularly valuable to a recent college graduate with a minimal network. Her uplifting, positive, and fun personality make her easy to open up to and wonderful to work with. She has not only been an amazing coach but also a caring mentor, and the strategies and lessons she has provided have inspired and motivated me to live a life in congruency with my values and passions. Coach LaTrenda is truly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate coach. More...

4 August 2021

Coach LaTrenda has been invaluable in my search to find the right landing spot as I pivot careers. She is part strategist, part thought provoker, and part cheerleader. And she has a masterful knack for knowing when to invoke these various skills to bring out a clarity of purpose and desire that is often hard to pinpoint on your own. She has a way of repackaging your own, sometimes confusing, thoughts in a way that adds meaningful direction. I could go on and on with superlatives, but suffice it to say that if you are looking for someone to confide in and learn from about yourself, your professional skills, your career ambitions, and your potential, look no further than Coach LaTrenda. More...


Connecting with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Learning how to get the best from them and seeing them progress, having fun in a safe and social environment. Big smiles and a sense of achievement and growing confidence. Positive feedback from other coaches.

I've been working passionately in the social services field for a long time helping, guiding and teaching people from all walks of life. The pandemic gave me a reality check, clarity and the mindset to start my business. Coaching with compassion is how I help a person frame the situation or opportunity in the context of who she or he wants to be as a person and what she or he would like to achieve in their ideal future. Such broad framing helps the person draw on the inner resources most likely to enable him or her to learn, change, or grow in the meaningful and sustained ways as she or he works through that situation, whatever it may be.

La-Trenda calls you forth to become the UltraPower of your life, intentionally creating a life you love! She creates an open and safe space for you to clarify intentions, explore possibilities, and clear obstacles to make impossible dreams a reality.

La-Trenda's coaching sessions are called inspiring, energetic, and transformative. Life coaching fulfills La-Trenda's purpose to help others become empowered in their lives, stop creating dark holes, see their radiance, and hear their inner guidance.

I conduct sessions via Zoom, and phone . First, you'll start with an introductory coaching session. These reduced-price coaching sessions give you the chance to jump right in with a real coaching session and get to know me and how I work as an online life coach.

At this time of self-quarantine, you are welcome to have a phone session, Zoom session or Skype session, whichever you think will work best for you. If you schedule a Zoom session, I’m able to provide you with a recording of the session.


I’ll help you…

✔️Find your passion and purpose

✔️Increase your confidence and break through fear

✔️Set motivating and achievable goals

✔️Overcome procrastination + perfectionism

✔️Get focused + improve productivity

✔️Manage stress

✔️Develop healthy habits

✔️Develop your networking skills

✔️Transition careers

✔️Launch your first

✔️Create a life you love

Make the positive changes that will ultimately…
transform your life
transform your career
transform your relationships
transform your confidence
transform your future