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At Training Day we don't just focus on fitness. My goal is to educate you on how to make fitness a part of your life style and not change your life style to meet the fitness life. I help you understand and bring fitness from the inside out so you can feel great and be your best.

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Tailoring program that fits their needs, education plus never letting you quit. I provide the motivation and drive that you will need, I will hold you accountable to high standards because I believe YOU CAN achieve anything.

Motivation, discipline, dedication and believing you can do anything. There is no perfection however, one must start feeling great in the inside and that will display in our bodies as we develop ourselves.

After serving over 20 years in the military I wanted to continue serving others in a more closer and personal way. My experience and great knowledge of training Soldiers in the military has given me this opportunity to help others today. Being able to see how others change their minds and bodies and become great individuals is my love to continue in the fitness industry.

I was over weight at one point in the military and we must meet certain weight standards or get discharged if you don't. Of course I did not want to be kicked out therefor, I worked hard on my own to loose weight and that is when I fell in love with working out. I began helping others and that passion kept growing to present time.

I believe my free spirited ways, having the dedication, discipline, integrity and honor to serve you are values that I live by and values I live with while serving my country. These are values i teach my kids as well. I believe together we can both make changes as I train you and help you I also become a better person.

I can provide services both online and in person. Currently due to Covid-19 I only provide services online.

Due to Covid-19 all my services have been online. In the very near future I will return to in person training.


Sessions are more details to your needs plus ensure correct form and execution for maximum results. These sessions can also help you reach your goals faster with tailored routines.

Boot Camp classes are bodyweight exercises with short burst of working out to maximize your intensity and little rest in between. These classes come with a variety from high intensity training to low intensity. they are great for loosing weight, toning, building endurance or getting you ready for a special event.

Private Group classes are great for those who simply want to workout with only their friends and family. These classes hold you accountable as you don't want to fail your friend or family and bring you the sense of belonging and always showing up.