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A budget-minded private events specialist with well over 200 weddings worth of experience.
I own and work at another business which generally pays my bills, so I do not need to charge as much as "full-time" DJs.
I feel I offer a VERY high end professional level of service at a very moderate price, compared to my peers.

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"Reading an audience," as any competent DJ will tell you. The secret is to try and cater to people of various age groups or different music tastes and involve EVERYONE when that is possible.
Even with the rare non-dancing crowd, its imperative to keep their interest - even if that means soliciting requests that they would like to just listen to. Being personable and proactive in holding people's interest is the real key. I've had 90 year old people (TRUTH!) learning "The Cupid Shuffle" with me!

Microphone style - laid back, not a Cheerleader. If I'm doing a wedding, I want and expect the newlyweds to be the center of attention, not myself as a "Rah Rah, Blah Blah, Get Up and DANCE!" pushy type. People will dance to the right tunes *only if they want to.* Knowing the right tunes by age groups and ethnicity matters,as does WHEN to play such things.
ALL of my successful events are based upon interaction with an audience, through observation, speaking to various tables, through making each guest feel included and important.
Personality style - Quick to warm to people. Striving to remember as many key peoples' names as I'm able, so I can greet and converse with them, seeking input, song requests and so on.

Outside of the pay, my biggest reward is the folks participating through dance or by making requests - watching them have fun, in other words.
I may encourage a dance set by coming out myself to do an easy dance song like "The Casper Slide Pt 2."
Yes, my true reward is being among the last to leave an event after a fully satisfied audience has filtered out. Those final pats on the back and handshakes over a job well done feed my otherwise modest ego.
A successful, fun event always gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Perhaps that comes from viewing that success as a tribute to my clients instead of just seeing them as "another paycheck."

As a big karaoke fan ( and a decent singer) I bought in with the cheapest outfit I could as a startup, doing karaoke shows in bars and clubs. I then was asked by friends to do weddings. I began as a rank amateur, and was unhappy with my own efforts. I was taken in under the wings of some good DJ friends who trained me fully re: my advance preparations, stage presence and the necessary skills .
A large community of my DJ peers now consider me very accomplished or polished in my skills and are part of a huge DJ cooperative that I created - a pool of over 100 Ohio DJs.

Clients should choose me for my calm confidence in my experience, for my honesty in dealing with prospects.
I am NOT the RIGHT DJ for EVERY event, and will pass on opportunities if my skills are not those which meet the clients' expectations.
I do NOT have that all-too-common arrogance of many DJs who proclaimed they are The World's Greatest.
If you interview me, I will be attentive to your requirements and excuse myself if I cannot fully fulfill them.