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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


No matter where you are on your life journey now is the time to be mindful.  You may be a senior executive, a husband, wife, or son, just trying to get by, day-to-day.  Yet, the stress has become too much and you are looking for a way to manage it better.

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9 customer reviews

25 January 2021

My first time meeting with a Spell caster and I have to say, it's really worth it. It had been 6months since my husband left me without saying anything. All thanks to Dr Tunde I was able to connect with my husband again with his powerful reunion love spell and now he loves me more than he used to. Eternally grateful with The Great Dr tunde I highly recommend, His contact details babatundesolutioncentre1@gmail.com or on his WhatsApp number +2348143581382 More...

22 August 2019

Keith is a thoroughly decent, bright, empathetic man whose insights and coaching helped me to find some clarity and peace during a rough patch in my life and gave me some tools to help deal with stress and anxiety through mindfulness. I would enthusiastically recommend Keith to anyone looking for counseling and coaching. More...

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23 May 2019

i have been working with Keith for over a year now and can not recommend him enough for people who are looking to use mindfulness to better their lives. Keith has an extensive background in meditation and wellness and uses his experience to guide you to uncover what it is you want to make better in your life. I have really enjoyed learning to meditate and to slow down my busy life to enjoy all the world has to offer. After practicing for this time I realize how important it is to spend time taking care of yourself first and then prioritze helping others. More...

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2 September 2018

First off I would like to say how grateful I am for even here, able to write a review for such a wonderful person. Throughout my 10+ years of struggle with addiction, I finally decided to reach out to someone for help, I searched for hours trying to find the write person to contact. I finally game across Keith’s bio where I found I was able to relate to the same philosophies as Keith. Keith was very professional, helpful and understanding from the very first phone call. After I initial call, I decided to get a package of sessions that would change my life forever. Keith helped me not only with dealing with myself being comfortablw with myself, letting me know it was ok; that everyone has issues no ones life is perfect, but he helped jump start my new life and career. Without him I honestly don’t know if I would be where I am today. If you can’t decide on weather to speak to someone or if you are iffy about speaking to someone, trust me just give it a try, you have nothing to lose and I can bet myLast dollar Keith will help in more than you’ll ever know. I highly recommend him. Thank you again Keith for all you have done. More...

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30 May 2018

A professional approach to providing a scientific approach towards mindfulness, in the workplace or in your personal life, for stress reduction and resilience, integration, self-awareness and engagement (RISE)

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30 May 2018

I have known Keith Fiveson for many years and I can say with 100% confidence that you will be grateful that you enlisted his expertise whether it be in the area of Mindfulness/Coach/ or Therapist. Keith has a unique ability to provide his clients with clarity and insights that will help them lead fuller lives filled with Joy. More...

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30 May 2018

I have had the pleasure of working with Keith for the past year and all I can say is that its been a life changing experience. He has opened the door to mindfulness for me and continued to help coach me both in business and life. Truly a fantastic person and coach! Highly recommend! More...

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5 November 2016

I have had the honor of calling Keith my friend for well over a decade. He is a truly special individual, unique in every way. ... his life experience and ability to connect with folks from all walks of life is a gift, a gift he gladly shares with others.... I unreservedly recommend Keith to anyone who maybe in need of his services. More...

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4 November 2016

Good morning Keith!!!! Work Mindfulness is a success !!!! Yes. Congratulations.

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I love what I do because you do to me the opportunity to help individuals look inside themselves, change their stories, the chief there goals, build new relationships with people places and things that were troubling, or had resistance with in someway

I've always been inspired to look at new ways to approach old problems. I've been through my own health issues, I've worked with people that have had issues, and communication and intimacy, as well as vulnerability, to break down barriers, has always been a solution to achievement, change, and renewal.

Besides the education, and the letters after my name , I have experience. I myself have undergone many personal transformations, worked with many people globally, in many organizations, and I've seen people change their lives in a positive ways. The nature of commitment is challenge, and I know how to deal with challenges, to help individuals change their lives and positive ways.


We work one-to-one with Executives and their Leadership teams to boost performance and enhance quality. We focus on the employee and customer journey and the problem areas where stress can occur.

Our starting package consists of two modules, each with four sessions. Our pricing includes all expenses, and timing can be flexible. We support all individuals with an online portal, videos, articles, presentations, text messaging and a mobile app, to help individuals practice, while holding them accountable.

This service is offered to individuals on a one-to-one basis. It focuses on anything from self-improvement, work, and relationships to people, places or things.

We all need a little boost in our lives, as we embark on our journeys. We provide coaching to help you equip, fortify and strengthen your resolve for life. We offer the tools and insights that help you to better develop your own internal strengths and perspectives on how to find clarity of purpose.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) offers clients a way to mindfully deal with stress, pain, anxiety, depression and a host of other issues that keep them away from enjoying the moment-to-moment happiness that exists in the present. Our approach offers clients a way to access information in-between sessions, via our web portal, a mobile app. Our basic sessions are offered over eight weeks.

I offer a one-to-one career coaching service for individuals that are in transition between jobs or looking to change careers, wondering what to do? The services focus on narrative story-writing, resume writing and interview skills, that incorporate mindfulness-based archetypes, including the hero's journey. These sessions can be as few as one, as many as eight to ten.