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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Our very concept is to simplify and build solutions, that explains our ongoing success in recognizing impending synergy and acting prior to market shifts. Basically, our observation was this: We called it the Rule of Rights. If you produce the right number of bees that are the right age, in the right conditions, and are at the right place at the right time, success is definitive.

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38 customer reviews

20 May 2022

I am glad that I found this web design service. They are so talented and I am looking forward to continue working with them. I was a bit worried at first before I hired them because of the horror stories that I have read online regarding online web design services. I am glad that I didn't listen to those negative reviews because they turned out to be one of the best service providers that I have worked with. The webeez are very friendly and their customer support is very good. I am sure that you will have a great time working with them if you just give them a chance. I know it can be hard but their rates combined with the high quality submissions they provide really make you change the perception you have about online services. I highly recommended their services as I trust them completely to be the best in the industry. More...

28 March 2022

I was working with another firm and they were not able to provide any guarantee on my project. They were delaying the project and I had to pay them a lot of money. That is when I decided to switch my design firms. The Webeez did a great job on my project. My website looks amazing and they were always helpful when I had questions. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a web designer. More...

10 March 2022

I was in need of a firm that could design and develop a webpage for me. I had no idea what to do, and the fact that I did not have the time and resources to do it myself. I went to a friend and he referred me to this company. The Webeez took over all my worries and they delivered an amazing product. It's been almost two months since they designed it, and I am receiving praises from my customers every day and have even found out that a few of my competitors have gone to them to redesign their own websites. More...

18 February 2022

This was the third website I was getting created by their services and I can tell you that they get a little better every time. This time around I wanted the entire package as I was creating a company from scratch. The Webeez were able to understand that and provided with exactly the service that I was looking for. I am satisfied and I would urge anyone else looking for web design services to give them a chance as well. With their affordable rates and dedication, the project of a client they will surely not let anyone down. More...

1 February 2022

I have used their services before when I was looking to create my website. However, I am not good with coding so it might be a difficult task to create a website. But the guys at Webeez are really amazing. Even though they are new to the market they are able to offer some of the best services on the internet. They are also very friendly and patient. I am glad that I found them because their services are really worth it. I am sure that you will be able to have an amazing experience with this company. Recommended service for sure. More...

1 February 2022

I would not be able to say enough about that organization! They truly know what they are doing and how to best deal with the needs of their customers. They are totally reliable, fast and at the same time, they are a great choice for the price. I am amazed at the final look and I have already taken a few reviews from relatives. All of whom have like the design of the website as well. I highly recommend The Webeez as they will not let their clients down and stay true to their commitments of providing the best service. More...

1 February 2022

If you need a design that is distinct and will turn heads, these guys are the ones. I was looking for a design that would catch the attention of my clients and these guys delivered on their promises. I did not have to wait too long for them to deliver what they promised. Their prices were also very reasonable. Contact The Webeez now. They will take your project and bring it to life. I have already hired them twice and they have never let me down. Absolutely ready to come back to the industry and cater clients with my brand new website. More...

20 December 2021

After searching for a web design agency I found the perfect one that met all my expectations. At first I was just planning to have a simple website, but after meeting with them I realized that I needed more than that. They are an amazing group of people who are always willing to help you out. I have been using the webeez for a long time now and I am really satisfied with their work. I have a website that was created by them and it's a great site. They are extremely professional and I can trust them with any job. The price is also very reasonable. More...

1 December 2021

I was not happy with the results and decided to hire a company that could help me out. The team at this web design company was able to help me create a website that was not only functional but also helped me increase my sales. I started working with The Webeez and ever since then I have been able to learn more about how to make my online business more efficient. If you want to be the best businessman possible, you will need to make sure that you take advantage of the tools at your disposal. Recommended service providers for everyone. More...

25 November 2021

They created a website that was designed to promote my business and increase my brand's visibility. The website was very simple, but it has the capabilities to grow as much as I want. The Webeez gave me a platform where I can help people and develop a strong brand for myself. They did a great job and my website is getting lots of traffic. I am thankful for their services. I know that we will be doing business together for a long time and I am absolutely sure that they will always do what is best for the business. More...

17 November 2021

I contacted this company in regards to my website. I was not sure if the services would be of any value, but I thought I would give them a try. Boy! Was I glad that I did. The services that they have are amazing and are of great value. Their customer service is also wonderful, which is great for me since I get very confused with things I read on the internet. If you are looking for a new website design or need some help with your current one, please contact The Webeez as they are more than capable of providing excellent services. More...

12 October 2021

The designs are eye-catching, modern, and professional. The team at The Webeez is very helpful, patient, and understanding through the entire process. I am very happy with my website! They also were able to make the process of getting my business website done really smooth and painless. I had no idea what I was doing, but they still made it easy for me to understand. They are great, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a business that needs a website. You can trust them blindly as they make sure that a customer is easily able to trust them. More...

6 October 2021

The team is AMAZING!
I am so impressed with the entire experience. The customer service was fast, friendly and helpful.
The website looks great! I am so happy with the way it turned out and I know that it will help my business a lot! I have had nothing but the best experience with The Webeez. They're extremely knowledgeable, accommodating, and reliable. Our website is fantastic, and we continually receive compliments on its design. Highly recommended because of their efficiency and dedication in making sure that my business was catered to in the best possible manner. Worth the services.

30 September 2021

At first, I was skeptical about working with an online company because I wasn't sure if the quality would be as high as it would be for normal company. But, my experience has shown that I should have had no worries. The quality of work is great! And they are very responsive to emails and questions. The Webeez is extremely responsive and guarantees that you will be happy with the final work that you receive. Highly recommended as they are incredibly affordable and know how to provide you with the top quality service available online. They have no competition at all. More...

16 September 2021

In my quest to look for the best logo services available online I came across the services of a firm that could provide me with exactly what I was looking for. The Webeez made sure that I could get the mascot logo designs that I needed for my brand. Not only did the team cooperate with my requirements but also provided with suggestions on the kinds of colors I should use. Extremely glad to have given them a try as they proved to me better than my expectations. I can be sure that they will provide you with similar services. More...

10 September 2021

I had a small store in a neighbourhood that was not really known for shopping. However, due to the interest of many high end brands it was not long that the area converted to being one of the most famous ones around. It was clear that the only way I could survive was by expanding my business. I found that the branding services of The Webeez was the perfect choice for me to achieve my aims. Ultimately I found that I was able to create a much better impact on the society with my business with their expertise. More...

8 September 2021

Website design has been one of the tasks that have ensured that I do not get the peace I am always in search for. All I wanted was an agency that could make sure that I did not have to be in tension of meeting deadlines. It was essential that everything went as per schedule and a couple of organizations had already forced me to move my dates ahead. It was now or never and that is when I found The Webeez as my guardian angel. They provided me with their spectacular services while at the same time ensured that the deadline was met. More...

23 August 2021

The Webeez team is professional, responsive, and, most importantly, easy to work with. Their prices are reasonable and best suited to help startups get their business online. I can personally vouch for them because I've personally worked with them for the last several years. More...

23 August 2021

I just wanted to let you know. I'm so happy with what The Webeez has done for us. They have true artists in their team when it comes to design! They caught every nuance we've thrown at them and brought it all to life. More...

16 August 2021

I definitely recommend the services as I have been very happy with the work. I received the work well under budget and that too on time which was a real surprise. The people at The Webeez really stayed true to their word as they provided me with top quality work and a website that was flawless. I received a lot of feedback from my online customers. It was amazing as it made it very easy for them to order online. I am at ease now as I know that such experts are handling my website as I no longer feel tense. More...

11 August 2021

I could not believe the final website design when it was submitted as according to me achieving that big a task in such a small time frame was near to impossible. I can say with complete certainty that the team at The Webeez is some of the most professional people that you have ever come across. They are great at providing you with the priority services that you are looking for. What I loved about them was their logo designers and how they were able to reflect the history of my business into the revamping of the logo. recommended with a five star rating. More...

11 August 2021

I am glad that with the recommendation of a friend I was able to find a service that was so dedicated to providing the best services possible to all its customers. It is incredibly important when dealing with web development that a company pays attention to your exact requirements and that is what The Webeez did. They provided me with important guidance that allowed me to make better decisions. for my office. I am glad that I was able to get the website I was looking for from an organization that was an expert at what they did. a job well done by the experts. More...

10 August 2021

You might not believe the things that I have to say for this life save organization until you give them a go yourself. The Webeez is the only organization that I trust with the technical requirements of my company. I am extremely happy with the web development and the mobile application design that they provided me with. It was great to have someone working with so much dedication on your work. I will definitely recommend their services to everyone I know as I am sure that they will not let me or anyone else down. a great experience working with them for the last couple of weeks. More...

10 August 2021

I am extremely glad that there are still services present online that you can trust and expect to receive great work in accordance with the deadline issued. This is exactly what happened with the services of The Webeez. The organization is the home to amazing experts that provide top quality and truly know what they are doing. I was delivered the work on time and within the budget allocated to them. I will definitely be looking to work with them again as they are a company to be working with a strong recommendation to everyone that is looking for quality when looking for services. More...

6 August 2021

As someone who already had a website, I was very frustrated when I found out that my website did not rank on the first page. there was no use in me having a website as the message I wanted to give out to the public could not reach them. The consultation I received from the customer service at The Webeez helped me outline the problem of my website and offered many services that could help fix it. After getting search engine optimization services from the organization I was extremely happy to find my website finally on the first page. definitely recommend for SEO. More...

6 August 2021

Their creative approach to my request was amazing and portrayed their expertise when it came to their profession. you could clearly see their professionalism as they made sure that each change was verified by me before moving on to the next step. I am glad that I discovered the services of The Webeez and hope that after having a look at their portfolio all of you are able to avail their services also. As a happy customer I definitely suggest you all to use the services whenever you are looking for someone to develop your application or website. More...

5 August 2021

The mobile application that I received from The Webeez was extremely great as it allowed me to expand my business exactly the way i wanted to. It was amazing to have an application that allowed my customers to order through their mobile phones which allowed me to automate a lot of the processes of my business. I could make a lot more profit and I loved the fact that the application was extremely easy to use. more than satisfied with the final product and will definitely be coming back when i want to add more features to the mobile app. More...

5 August 2021

Without a doubt the tremendous service provided by the organization has allowed me to be relaxed and get the professional help I was looking for. I'm really glad that I found them then I did. I will surely be referring them to my friends and colleagues as they have provided me with the professional service that I was Looking. Thank you so much to The Webeez I and hope to be availing your service soon, as I know I wont be able to find any better. Must try out the services of this great organization for professional results that improve your business. More...

3 August 2021

We have been working and receiving orders through our website for a very long time which is why I was not entirely happy when the board decided to consider having a mobile app designed. It was not entirely an idea I was on board with but I agreed to consider options just to get them off my back. I had no idea that I would find such professionalism and innovative ideas at The Webeez. If I had found their services earlier I would have been working from an application long back. Extremely happy with the look and satisfied with the dedication of your team. More...

29 July 2021

The Webeez are honest, resourceful, and very attentive. They are always available for any questions and concerns. I would recommend The Webeez to anyone!

28 July 2021

The Webeez are brilliant at what they do and will work with you until you are completely satisfied. I will definitely be using their services again.

28 July 2021

The design is very creative and easy to use, and the customer support has been outstanding. It is a pleasure working with the Webeez.

27 July 2021

I have worked with various developers in my career, and the Webeez is by far the best. They are very proficient, well-informed, up-to-date, and dedicated to making sure your project is done right. I would highly recommend them!

16 July 2021

We often work with the Webeez for digital strategy & development. Our team loves working with them. The best part about webeez services is that they are always on time and very professional. Three words for them: they are awesome! More...

16 July 2021

The Webeez team was excellent to work with. They were able to quickly grasp the nature of our company and create a website that reflected this. I definitely recommend the Webeez services to anyone who is seeking an affordable, quality web design and development team. More...

14 July 2021

The Webeez team is a creative genius, and it was a pleasure to work with them. I'd definitely recommend anyone who is looking for a logo with a beautiful outcome to go through him.

14 July 2021

My entire experience with the Webeez has been nothing short of excellent. The team is responsive, fast, and incredibly talented. They were very patient with me throughout the development process, and I have nothing but a positive experience to report. More...

12 July 2021

I highly recommend the Webeez! They are always available and ready to help you out. Their response time is amazing! I like how they also offered me excellent copywriting services for my website. Likewise, they also handle all the social media aspects of my business. It's a comprehensive service under one roof. I'm very happy with them! More...


A great business requires a great website. At The Webeez, we focus on creating a state of the art website design with an optimized development to grow your business everyday!

1). What is your vision for a website design?
2). Do you already have a website or would be stating from the scratch?
3). What is the timeline for your project?

At Webeez, we love to help businesses grow! We create exclusive content, and innovate a Bee-riliant website design!

Choosing an agency is the same as choosing a business partner. At The Webeez, we are a colony born out of an ideology.

B- Be Creative - Be Adaptive - Be Dynamic
E- Extravagant, Extraordinary, Eloquent
E- Elegant, Engaging, Enlightening, Expressive
Z- Zestful, Zealous

The Webeez provide services remotely. We develop a complete transparency so that you have a complete overview of your project details.


The Webeez is a Design and Development Company who has been providing WordPress, Custom, Shopify, Magento, and E-commerce website development services for years. Our process is convenient and customized, according to the client.

When you see a logo, what do you think that is it just a piece of art? That is where you are wrong as it is the structure block your organization needs to build a solid brand personality with.

Taglines can help your brand in being at the center of attention among the consumers. They provide your brand a distinct element that we can use in the longer run.

The leading concern for every new consumer that wants to buy your product or hire your services is convenience. We create apps that maximize your business's growth potential.

We create explainer video production and start-up video production online to explain your company and services. You need to create animated videos when you are starting a new business.

This is what most of the new website don’t need for their sites. This type of Web hosting service is reserved for big websites that are at the enterprise-level web hosting services capabilities.

We are a team of Search Engine Optimization experts that can provide your business engaging and well-planned content through the guidance of our SEO marketing experts

After the great raise in the digital markets and the emerge in the ecommerce platforms in the world of internet, there is a name that stands with its competition.

The Webeez will deliver a comprehensive solution that meets business objectives for all kinds of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems. Our unique custom-based development service offerings create customer confidence in the development of any type of CRM or ERP during its entire life cycle. The Webeez has mastered in software development and has served many clients across the globe.