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The Coaching Company is eager to turn your passions into your reality. Our coaching sessions will assist you in answering one of life's most challenging questions - What If? Together we will break down the barriers that stand between you and success.

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I love helping others succeed. More often than not, we get stuck in our own heads and hold ourselves back. I enjoy supporting clients as they get past their mental barriers and create lives they love.

I was a very self-confident, in my head, woman. I like to say that as I grew up, I grew into my power. I decided to start The Coaching Company to help others get out of their heads and make their dreams come true.

At The Coaching Company you will receive coaching by an ICF Certified Professional Coach.

All services are provided through Zoom. Video chat is always optional.

All services are provided online rather than in person.


Let's take the next step to improving your life! At The Coaching Company, we believe that you hold the answers to your success. These sessions will help us create a better understanding of what is holding us back from living our dreams.

Ready to put your best foot forward? We will work with you to summarize your experience in order to increase your chances on landing your dream job. We will meet for 30 minutes to discuss your goals and potential applications. You will be provided with one resume edit.

Nervous for your next interview? We are here for you! The first 15 minutes will be all about you and your goals. Then we will move into role play between the interviewer and you as the interviewee. We will give you the tips you need to absolutely crush your next interview.