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The Center for Well Being of Austin, LLC

Jollyville, Texas


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14 September 2018

This post is long overdue! I was and had been struggling for sometime, but was coasting through life as is, seemingly not realizing there were still things I had unresolved. It wasn’t until I reached a point where I truly felt I needed guidance and help that Kate was there, it was like it was meant to be. I was so unsure if her Letting Go, 6 Week course was going to benefit me... honestly didn’t think that would be long enough. How wrong I was! Her honesty. Her guidance. Her coaching. Her personality in general. Without her help, I can honestly say I’d probably be handling and dealing with situations the same way as I had been for years. I really did need to go to someone with the real-life experience. Boy, she really hit the nail on this one. At first I was going for one very specific reason, but realized her teachings/coaching was for so much more. It has been a complete life changer for me. I’m truly happy and have a clear sense of self worth these days. I am beyond grateful for Kate’s guidance and truly belief she is a blessing to anyone she meets! If you’re looking for guidance in this unsure world, well, I believe Kate is one of those individuals who truly can help! Thank you so much Kate! More...

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