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5208 Airport Freeway, Fort Worth, TX, USA


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We help men and women explore alternative methods to diet, exercise and surgery with a focus on result driven wellness.

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28 June 2021

If you are looking for working out and nutrition this is not the place. But if you are looking for nutrition with a holistic approach I highly recommend this place. There payment plans are reasonable the owner really knows her stuff. My results are amazing 😍😍 I’m not puffy and bloated as I usually am, I feel good about myself and this decision. More...

28 June 2021

I actually amazed with the transformation I experienced with this clinic. It is a small clinic in a spa setting. The owner is very detailed and the treatment is holistic. They really go into detail on removing toxins to eliminate fat and the treatment is just like a massage. I enjoyed everytime I visited for treatment with Gina I saw a huge difference in my appearance after the first treatment. I never knew places like this even existed! This is this place for RESULTS! More...

28 June 2021

This is not your typical nutritionist or personal trainer. This place is about wellness and they offer non surgical treatments that are affordable. I was impressed that I could use my HSA With them so that was a plus. And I’ve been with them for 30 days or more and I’ve lost 4 inches in my waist so far. I lost 10lbs in 7 days on the cleanse and this experience is 10x better then I could have done on my own. I was looking for a personal trainer at first but I am very happy with my decision. Totally worth it More...


A healthy diet is very import for your wellbeing. We not only focus on a healthy diet, but eating the right things and ridding the body of all the wrong toxins that continue to keep typical dieters at a stand still.

We help you achieve your fitness goals through proper nutrition, cleansing, and slimming and toning the body non surgically. 100% safe and all natural alternatives options to dieting and working out.

The secret to getting your dream body is consistency, but if you can't be consistent in the gym, you can be consistent client and show up for slimming and toning treatments with us. We even have a machine that will give your body a full workout, no physical movement needed.

What I love most is being able to provide an all natural transformation for clients who have searched near and far and done just about everything to lose weight. They have not done this...and they should.

I was inspired to help women get their post pregnancy body back with my all natural solutions and but now i work full spectrum with men and women.

You should choose me because you want to know what to eat, you want to slim down and tone up, you also want to keep it off. You may also be tired of showing up to the gym and still getting no results. Whatever the reason, we have a solution and results are available as soon as day 1.

The services are provided in person but we travel.

I am fully vaccinnated and require a mask for all unvaccinated clients


This treatment is for any mom regardless of how long its been since birth. This treatment will lift sagging skin, kill stubborn fat and get you back on track to a healthy start. There is no downtime, no needles, no staples and no stitches.

We focus on treating you from the inside out, so we will focus on cleansing and ridding the body of toxins. We will also focus on a specific nutrition plan customized to fit your personal goals. We add non surgical treatments to reduce stubborn fat and create elasticity in the skin.