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We help women take their earnings to a new level in one of three ways:

#1 Get a higher-paying job. This is THE FASTEST route to an extra $30K. Our clients average 5 months from first application to employment contract signed.

#2 Get a raise (our client raise average is 10%) + start or scale a profitable business.

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27 November 2021

I’ve learned the following from Maria:

Before applying for a job, make a list of what you’re looking for from that job. Research where you are going to apply and use Glassdoor.com to find honest reviews of the different facets of the companies. During the interview, you are not required to state your current salary, in fact, avoid doing so at all costs. Reframe their questions into another question that responds to their message. Research all of the companies offered benefits before the interview and within the interview ask the recruiter to share the benefits with you. Talk about the benefits before bringing up the salary range. To determine what you should be looking for salary-wise, start with Google and research your specific job title. The Muse is a widely reputable source of accurate salary information. Also, research your dream companies and find what your specific job’s salary is at each particular company.

When trying to obtain a raise remember that you have to provide a value exchange. Always try to get a yearly review of your career path and goals. This helps both you and your boss evaluate where you want to go within your career at that company. There are three specific questions she recommended we ask: are there specific skills you’d like to see me grow; what do you see as the next step in my career path; and what metrics will I need to achieve to raise my salary by 10%. Getting a raise does not always mean working more merely working smarter by accomplishing higher leverage activities. Higher leverage activities include mentoring new employees, running a large group training program, and other activities affecting a wider range of employees.

Negotiating regularly in life it helps to be aware of the opportunities; this gives you the freedom to experience more out of life. When going into a negotiation, gain rapport with your ‘opponent,’ make sure they are comfortable and feel a sense of control over the situation. Your goal is to understand what the problem is and find a win-win solution. To do this always ask for the why behind their decisions and rephrase their own words into a question. You should have a list prepared of what you are willing to give up/offer to gain their cooperation. Whenever you are asking for something be okay with receiving a no; never go into a negotiation depending on a positive outcome.

Overcoming rejection is a huge part of negotiating successfully. The first step is to stop and assess/name the emotion(s) you are feeling. Next, do a mental check of your physical state. After analysis let yourself truly feel your emotions so that they will dissipate and get your body into a comfortable state. Emotional clarity is key to staying aware of the shifts during a negotiation. Maria is simply amazing!!

27 November 2021

"Maria is professional, credible, and very experienced. After purchasing the coaching package, I had a meeting set up with Maria where we went over my experiences, career goals, and objectives. After our meeting, Maria was able to digest this information and was able to tailor a strategy that led me through a series of interviews and eventually led to multiple offers that were in line with my career goals. It's worth noting that my background is very technical and it was very clear from the start that Maria is well vested in this line of work and was able to guide me through my interviews and was very responsive to my feedback." More...

27 November 2021

"I can't thank Maria's team enough! I was making $85K when I joined and within two months, I landed a Sr. Recruiter position that fits like a glove. I also increased my salary from $85-125K + 25K for additional benefits (including stock options from a Series D startup). I am beyond THRILLED.

Even though I got the new role within two months of starting the program, Maria and her team will continue offering coaching & support as I begin the new role. I'm excited to continue working with her team for the next four months! Her team has shown me what I'm truly capable of.

If you're on the fence, get off the fence & join! It won't just be your bank account that thanks you."


We help women make more money and that is a great, great feeling.

We are specifically designed to make women $30k more in the next 12 months. If you are looking to either 1) Get a raise in your current job 2) Get a new, better paying job, or 3) Create a profitable side hustle then we're the spot for you.

We are 100% remote based, and can coach you how to take your earnings to a new level!

We are 100% remote based coaching, so our services have continued on as normal!


We help women take their earnings to the next level, earning at least $30k more in the next 12 months!

We can help you get a raise in your current position (avg raise is 10%) and take your career to a new level.