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Terri Kirwan, MA, LPC, CACII

Boulder/Denver, Colorado

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I have had the privilege of helping residents of Boulder and Denver lead happier and healthier lives for over 20 years. With 20 years of diverse training and experience, I am able to take a comprehensive approach to therapy using the most effective techniques I have found for the fastest and best treatment results.

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28 September 2019

Despite a life of resiliency-building and good emotional work, my complex, crippling trauma (PTSD) -- deeply rooted in varied sources -- grew faster than I did. It caused decades of hyper-vigilance, exhaustion from placating others, chronic pain, constant fear of anyone's anger, terror of speaking for myself. By the time I found Terri, PTSD had me just falling apart. I was hair-triggered by peoples' slightest sharp voices and so many things -- to sickened stomach, uncontrollable crying for hours, panic-filled obsessing. I was sure I faced years of therapy, and feared nothing would help.To my greatest joy, in less than 6 months Terri has helped me CURE a lifetime's worth of PTSD and allowed my strength to step forth and shine! With her keen knowledge of how trauma lives in the brain, and with her experience, compassion and skill, she helped me sort the strands of the trauma roots. We got right down to work on them, as she drew from her large repertoire of techniques to use the ones most effective for me. Week by week we cleared pieces of my trauma puzzle, and I learned to work with my body, brain, spirit, and emotions to release the old energy. Life tossed a few big triggers my way during that time, and Terri used her tools to help me regulate my brain often in one session. In the 4th month I took Terri's 20-hour trauma small-group workshop. This was the single most powerful, life-changing, brain-healing experience I have ever had! Terri has crafted a series of guided experiences, each priming the next one, that allows the brain to release massive amounts of trauma in a supported and sensitively facilitated setting. (She also included follow up sessions that deepen and 'seal' the work.) In the next few weeks I actually felt my brain changing, calming, resting. I found myself speaking out effortlessly, fearlessly, with skill I'd studied before but the trauma response had not allowed. It was as if that curse had departed my brain/body and my real self stepped in! No gut reactions, no tears! In recent weeks, as Terri is helping me 'mop up' some smaller bits, I continue to release the old energy. I listen to my body and know how strength feels. Fear is gone; confidence is rising. I'm handling conflict with equanimity. Friends see it in my face, hear it in my voice. I'm sleeping better. My body is more relaxed. I have physical energy that surprises me. I believe in myself and speak up, successfully! At 62, I have a new life!! Terri's use of many newer methods of trauma recovery, her rich experience, and wise application make her brilliantly effective as a therapist. She really cares, her techniques really work, and the skills she teaches are immediately and forever helpful. Her weekend trauma workshop is the best value healing-wise and money-wise that a person could find for PTSD. Terri, I will always be so deeply grateful for how you have helped heal and free my whole being!! Words can't begin to say it. . . Joyfully! Kelly, More...

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15 September 2019

Because of Terri, I have gone from barely being able to leave my house to traveling the world. Childhood trauma triggered an extreme panic disorder that was crippling. I tried everything! I even went through an anti-anxiety program at one of the nation's leading universities. It honestly wasn't until I started seeing Terri that I started seeing concrete results. I am especially grateful for her because she pulls from so many different therapeutic approaches. She is results oriented. If you want a therapist who just sits and listens with the occasional nod, she's not the therapist for you. If you want someone well-versed in the neuroplasticity of the brain - who knows how to help you re-wire your brain to calm and/or turn off both biological and psychological triggers, she's the therapist you want! I don't know where I would be without her. (Probably at home. Deeply depressed.) I owe sooo much to her! More...

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27 December 2018

Terri is a true gem. Not just beautiful and kind, but very sharp and also compassionate. Her levels of training and education really set her apart from other therapists I've had. I'm truly thankful for finding Terri. She has helped me personally and in return my relationships with family, friends and addictions. Thank you, Terri. Your guidance, patience and understanding of the human mind and body are second to none. I truly love her as my therapist. More...

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I love supporting people in overcoming life challenges so that they become stronger, happier and able to fulfill their life purpose with greater ease. It is a great joy to witness this and know that I am part of this process for others.

I had been in private practice as a massage therapist for 12 years. So, it felt very natural for me to begin seeing clients as I was in the later stages of my Masters in Psychology program at Regis University and seeing clients in my internship in 1997.

I have written clearly about the advantages of a custom treatment approach utilizing a wide variety of what I believe are extremely effective therapeutic tools. However, There is no therapist who is right for everyone. I feel that you should speak to me in person so that I can hear what your specific needs are and I can tell you specifically how I might be able to help. Then I trust in your inherent ability to know if I am the right person for you to chose.