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If you have any tax issues such as IRS or State Franchise Tax Board tax debt that you can not pay off, We Can Help!
If you have any business tax issues such as Payroll taxes, sales taxes, State business taxes We Can Help!
Any bank levies? garnishment of wages

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7 customer reviews

3 May 2017

When it comes to finding a trustworthy tax advisor -they are the best!! All I can say is THANK YOU- every time I needed an answer to any question or concern I could always count on John or Vesna for the reassurance that I needed. Let's be honest when dealing with the IRS it is beyond frustrating and not to mention what is at stake. Having them in our corner for the past few years has been a blessing to say the least. I have referred them to anyone who will listen or need any help. More...

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14 March 2016

Our family business sought the help of John, Alan & Vesna at TSC a few years back with over 10 years of back taxes that were not paid and incomplete record keeping for much of those years.  They were able to sort through everything we provided and negotiate an agreement with the IRS and State of CA to accurately file these years.  We were very scared of the outcome, which was one of the main reasons the taxes were avoided for so many years to begin with!  John and Vesna reassured us throughout the whole process and really helped make sense of what seemed to be an impossible task.  We are now current on our taxes and  feel like we are relative tax experts going forward.  We cannot thank them enough for their patience, education and support and now almost look forward to tax time (I said almost) because we are now confident that our business can move forward cleanly into the future without the stress and anxiety we've felt for so many years in the past.  The results were realistic, but still far better than we had anticipated going into this process.  I would recommend going to the Tax Settlement Center with any tax situation; whether it be a simple personal or business filing (we've done both with them for years now) or a more complicated matter, they are a trustworthy ally to have in your corner. More...

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30 May 2014

Our experience with Tax Settlement Centers has been awesome, before choosing Tax Settlement Centers we spoke to many other companies and the main reason why we went with Tax Settlement Center is because they were straight shooters and very professional. We highly recommend their entire team for all tax issues. More...

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30 May 2014

Tax Settlement Center has gone above and beyond in delivering efficient and helpful service, I have had many "dumb" questions that John Woods & Vessna have been able to answer for me and always leave me feeling comfortable and that I made the right choice when it comes to choosing them. Thank you for being patient and understanding in these kinds of situations I have referred them to anybody that will listen to me, and will continue to do so. Thanks again. More...

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30 May 2014

I originally reached out to "Tax Settlement Centers" in total mental anguish, my wages were already being garnished and if it continued I would have lost my apartment. After the first conversation with their representative I felt more at ease, she explained in detail the entire process and what she needed from me. Within the promised lot of time they put a stop to the wage garnishments and filed all necessary back returns and did it all and an extremely reasonable cost for their services. You guys do great work, although I hope to never again need your services :) anyone who does I plan to send your way. Thank you again. More...

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30 May 2014

When I was first contacted by Tax Settlement Center, I was way behind on filings and had no idea how to best handle my situation. With Tax Settlement Center's knowledge and patience, I was able to get caught up on my tax issues and then ultimately get an offer in compromise approved which saved my a little over $20,000. I really appreciate it. I was skeptical at first that this would all work out, but glad I stuck through it and extremely thankful for helping me through it all. Thanks again Tax Settlement Center! More...

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18 November 2013

Our experience with Tax Settlement Centers has been awesome, before choosing Tax Settlement Centers we spoke to many other companies and the main reason why we went with Tax Settlement Center is because they were straight shooters and very professional. We highly recommend their entire team for all tax issues. More...

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Making my clients feel like they have a hope, and that they will be just fine after we help them resolving their stressful tax issues!
And then, I love it when their issues have been resolved and they have the happiest smile on their face!

I started working for a tax firm back in 1992, learned the business very well, and I became very good at it, I always enjoyed watching how our clients would walk into our office feeling terrible about their tax issues and how their financial life style were down on the ground just because of taxes! and then once we took their case and resolved it, everything changed for better! and that's when I knew that my heart was in the tax industry and I realized that helping people resolving tax issues was a personal satisfaction that I needed to fulfill in a daily basis! that's when I felt inspired and ready to move to the next level.
Finally the right time came and I opened up my first tax office called Tax Settlement Center.
Now, TSC has assisted thousands of taxpayers settling their substantial tax debt for just fractions of what the originally owed.

Because we have the best customer service , our work really gets done, because we love taking care of our clients, and because our fees are normally lower than other firms!


Failing to file income tax returns is a criminal offense.

The Tax Authorities such as IRS and FTB will know when a taxpayer is not filing tax returns on time; when that happens, the tax authorities will prepare a tax return on your behalf with no exemptions or deductions at all! So the amount of your tax liability could be completely over estimated and assessed with amounts that you might not even owe, but they will make you pay it!

Not only can Tax Settlement Center restore peace of mind, our qualified Lake Forest tax specialists possess the knowledge and experience necessary to rectify substitution of tax returns prepared by the tax authorities for individuals or business owners.

Penalties and interest on assessed tax liabilities and other additional tax charges imposed by the IRS for unpaid back taxes will steadily increase and should never be ignored. Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and other Counties taxpayers can turn to Tax Settlement Center for information and guidance on all available settlement options and for highly competent IRS representation.
Unpaid taxes can be negotiated and settled for less than what is currently owed through an Offer In Compromise program.
Unpaid taxes can be negotiated to be paid within 5 to 7 years through an Installment agreement program.
Call us we will explain how you will be able to settle your substantial tax liabilities for much less than what you owe!

This program was developed by congress to help collect large amounts of outstanding tax in a relatively short period of time. Their assumption was to offer taxpayers a one-time opportunity to eliminate their debt for a fraction of what was originally owed, thus closing millions of costly collection cases While the program has been and continues to be modified, it remains the most effective means for both taxpayer and IRS to bring permanent resolution.
An offer in compromise is an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS that resolves the taxpayer's tax debt. The IRS has the authority to settle, or 'compromise', federal tax liabilities by accepting less than full payment under certain circumstances.
Qualifying for this program should be relatively straightforward: When there is a financial hardship and the amount owed exceeds one's ability to realistically pay off the debt in five years, the IRS is willing to settle for literally 'pennies on the dollar.' On average, the qualified taxpayer saves thousands of dollars, and the IRS, in turn, ends their costly collection process and gets a compliant taxpayer.
Please call us at 877 540 1040 to determine if you would qualify for an Offer in compromise and settle your substantial tax liability for a small fraction of it.

If you owe The IRS a tax liability that got out of control and you can not pay it in full on one lump payment, Tax Settlement Center will take your case, will analyze your financial situation to determine how much you can actually afford to pay to the IRS or FTB in a monthly basis, rather than you offering them something that you might not even be able to afford.
While We negotiate your installment agreement We will make sure the IRS does not levy your bank accounts or garnishes your wages.
Please give us a call at 877 540 1040 for a free consultation.

A levy gives the IRS the ability to attach all monies held by third parties. While a lien is security for a tax debt, a levy seizes (takes) property to partially or fully satisfy the tax. The IRS may levy your assets in any order or sequence. If levied, assets do not fully discharge your taxes; other assets can be levied until your tax is fully paid.
If the IRS sends a notice of levy to your employer, they will demand from him or her to deduct a minimum of 25% up to 75% from your paycheck. DO NOT DELAY! Call us ASAP.
Tax Settlement Center will be able to contact the proper Tax Authorities (IRS or FTB) and immediately start representing you and prevent these levies from taking action.