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11 September 2020

My experience with Tax Pro Solutions was very positive. The service was efficient and attentive to all my concerns. I highly recommend Tax Pro Solutions and plan to use the service again.

15 July 2020

KJ made my filing a Seamless experience. He was thorough and responsive to every question and I look forward to referring him and working together in the future.

27 June 2020

Tax Pro Solutions was highly professional, knowledgeable and responsive. We highly recommend their tax services!

17 June 2020

KJ knows his stuff! His customer service, accessibility and in-depth tax knowledge won me over. KJ is the ONLY guy I trust with my taxes.

2 June 2020

Very easy to talk with, quick responses, and very professional. It was a great experience. I had to refile a 2018 tax for federal and state and I was totally lost. I would recommend them highly.

15 May 2020

It was quick and easy. Everything was taken care of by preparer

13 May 2020

At first I was skeptical because they were so far from me in California. But Mr Sujlana quickly relieved my doubts and handled my problem of filing for my stimulus check with the Fed. Govt. reassuring me of their reliability and security. I haven't received my check yet (it's only been a week) but I am trusting his promises and reassurance that it will be coming soon. Thank you Tax Pro Solutions. More...

12 May 2020

He made doing my taxes a very simple thing and very patient with my flakeyness

12 May 2020

Tax preparer respond to my message quickly and finish the job within hours. Price was reasonable. Over all I’m happy with the service. Thank you

9 May 2020

Very professional very helpful and knowledgeable

8 May 2020

Quick, very efficient and reassuring to know they would be protective of my personal information.

7 May 2020

Highly recommend this business. I didn't need his service because he told me how to do things. He's very honest and trustworthy, was really helpful!

5 May 2020

I needed help to notify IRS of my Tax information to receive a stimulus check. Mr. Sujlana spent a considerable amount of time with me on the phone and was sooo very patient with my inability to operate my computer he deserves a medal. But he solved my problem and made my day for sure. Thank you so very much More...

5 May 2020

Excellent service! Mr. Sujlana was very professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful. I do appreciate his prompt assistance and wish this company all the best.

29 April 2020

Great service and very professional, especially in times of social distancing. I was able to upload everything to his program very easily. We were able to do everything over the phone with zero physical contact, which is safe for all of us. He was very proactive and knowledgeable , especially because I was confused what to do because my wife's foreign situation. Thank You! More...

18 April 2020

He was incredible, communicative, affordable, and punctual

12 April 2020

If you are looking for a pro that you can trust...look no further. Kanwaljit, is the one who goes above and beyond. You will be in good hands.

6 April 2020

KJ was nice and knowledgeable. I gave him a 3 because I was originally quoted one price and once I told him my business was a LLC it went up, because it wasn't a sole proprietorship even though the form is the same. I had already done my Federal taxes with another person in another state that did not know how to do VA state taxes. If I would have know that all I had to do was mail in my Federal Schedule C to the Dpt of Tax Administration in VA, I would have. The forms he provided me were identical to the Schedule C I provided him, that I turned in for my Federal taxes. He also included a 763-S form, which I told him that I already completed and mailed in. I kind of feel like I just paid for the address to mail in forms I already had completed. I should have looked harder when I attempted to do it myself.
It sounded like he did check the numbers because he asked for all of my information including W2s that were not associated with my business. So I guess I paid to make sure my Schedule C was correct and to get the address. Sorry KJ, you are kind and personable so I wish I could have given you a 5.

Thanks for your review.

2 April 2020

Professional, very knowledgeable

Thank you for your review. See you next year! We are open year around. Do not hesitate to call for any questions or concerns.

9 March 2020

CPA was professional, on time, informative, detailed and provided the customer service that is considered to be standard. I would use his service again!

Thank you for your review. See you next year! We are open year around. Do not hesitate to call for any questions or concerns.

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My take - A credential of CPA or EA does not make you smart or logically capable. You can be smart and knowledgeable but can still screw up, right. Come on, you somewhat agree with me because we've all had our bad shares of lawyers, accountants, doctors, teachers. After all, we all are humans and prone to make mistakes. Tax Professional or Accountant or CPA or EA or even a Tax Preparer, whoever you choose, is someone who takes an approach of being effective communicator and builds a collaborative relationship with their clients.

Oh, this one is good. Did I mention I love my coffee??....besides from number crunching with my morning and evening coffee...I did mention coffee, didn't I. Jokes apart- I believe in giving my clients excellent service and advice so you can enjoy your evening with a glass of that finest wine!! We love helping people to get out of their tax problems so you can enjoy other things which are more important to you.

Well one day I got a great idea while sipping down my coffee and wondering "What is one thing I always wanted to do and will enjoy even after I retired?" And guess what? Well besides from sitting on the beach with some liquid courage, besides from sipping down my coffee in the morning...probably Accounting and little more of...Accounting..yeah...and..you know what I am talking about..bottom line - ofcourse not to forget building that client collaboration

Besides from handshakes, laughs, hugs and some coffee...our ultimate goal is to give you hassle and tension free best tax service...so come on in!



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