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26 January 2018

We were referred and are so happy with our experiences!
We had so much fun and our photographs are fantastic and really captured some amazing moments! We love our special albums, creative wall portraits and our sharing app! A big "thank you! and sending lots of love to Tamara Christy Photography :)

26 January 2018

We cannot say enough about our fantastic experience
with Tamara Christy Photography! Very artistic, detail-oriented, down to earth and just an overall great experience. We have utilized their services for Events, Family and even our businesses! We absolutely loved the unique wall art options that we purchased and we enjoy it everyday as it hangs in our home, office and families homes. We decided paying for professional services and finished artwork is well worth the investment and a priceless family heirloom!
Highly recommend!!

26 January 2018

We loved the services and amazing artistic works of art that we received from this company! They were also great to work with!
Have recommended to others and will definitely work with them again!


It's all about the moments! Moments can never be twice and they are an instance in time never to be replaced! Every moment of our existence is extremely precious and documenting that and having as a tangible keepsake is what lasts forever.614-259-7972

Knowing what their visions are and whats's special to them are important!

Documenting a moment, a second in time is so important. I love producing tangible keepsakes to be enjoyed and can be passed down from generation to generation. Also, helping businesses with their special photography needs to help them and grow their businesses is fun,too.

I've always been involved in various art mediums and this is one of several platforms for expression and connecting with a diversity of people and businesses.

@gmail.com********** Let's connect and you decide! :) ******************