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Waregem, Belgium

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My 1:1 coaching approach is no automatic email program that leaves you behind with a ton of questions. Together with me you set out your health and mindset goals (yes, they are so connected) and week after week you see and hear me in our weekly live call where I listen to you and mould my program to fit your lifestyle.

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Touching the hearts of my clients. Getting them to love themselves and finding a strategy for health & mindset that works for them and that they will be able to keep after the time with me. I work on a healthy body not boring calorie counting. I teach normal food and want my clients fall in love with good food again. Seeing them move forward towards their goals and seeing them thrive in life, business, love,... That smile and a tear, that's what I am doing it for.

Seeing so many women struggle to get fit and healthy depriving themselves of good food avoiding pasta, potatoes and other good stuff that isn't the reason why they struggle with a healthy weight. So many women give up doing exercise as going to the gym is so time-consuming and my method that is founded on walking, more steps and an exercise routine they can do at home in under 15 minutes make my program workable for busy women. Health is more then just a slim waistline, that is what I wanted to offer in my method. It is more then healthy food, exercise... it is about you.

If you work with me 1 on 1 I go that extra mile to serve you and not a general client. I work with your life to create your dream life full of good health and energy to pursue your dreams. If you want someone who really listens and makes time for you: I am the one for you.

I only offer online services as I serve clients in Belgium and the USA.

I only work online so this is not an issue. From the moment COVID hit our planet I even included health tips to my clients helping them stimulate their immune system.


My weigth loss method includes easy tips and smart changes to your lifestyle you can keep. No shakes, no pills, just normal and delicious food without hours of meal prep. If you like potatoes and pasta: no problem: you do not have to miss them. No calorie counting. No deprivation. My clients always say that they are surprised it is so simple but yet effective.

My method is founded on the power of walking and taking more steps. No matter how busy you are or how many hours you have to work behind the desk: I can get my clients to move more without going to the gym. My method is a lifestyle that with my gentle coaching everyone can reach. It is a method that you can maintain for life and suits every lifestyle and age. I top up the walking with a gentle exercise plan under 15 minutes that you can do in the comfort of your own home. I also include exercises you can do behind your desk and when sitting in the car or waiting in line.