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We are a hybrid (smiling/ digital) mixing and mastering facility that offers various mixing platforms such as music production, editing and audio post production.

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every single day I get to do what I love. I’m Jones with the create creative task of bringing Sound to life. This is an equivalent of a master painter who uses multiple textures and colors to bring out shoes brightness and clarity; variations of reality exist, it is up to Sweet Island studios to convey this truth!

I have heard plenty of sound effects and repetitive music within the industry that I thought could have been done a lot better. I just really enjoy mixing music and creating sounds. And astonishing revelation that I had many years ago when I went to college to become a audio engineer was that a record is not just a recording it is a moment in time that was captured forever. Every time I press the record button I am literally documenting history. If you really think about this thought for a minute...

Clients who choose Sweet Island studios can be guaranteed that the product is a high quality professional mix 100% of the time. We walk all of our clients through their options beforehand, clearly explaining different services ultimately agreeing on a mutual respect towards the artist/ client’s vision.

We currently network services online only at this moment (covid-19) but look forward to expansion near major city near you. You can reach Lawrence Flynn at 407-219-2398. We will mix your music after it is recorded. The client usually sends with files to our facility via email or Dropbox.

Due to the current uncertainty, business practices continue to evolve on the side of safety. We take this serious and offer our heartfelt condolences to other families that have been effected by this hindrance. We hope that you remain healthy and safe during this temporary time. We we offer zoom sessions, duo chats and FaceTime or conference calls to all clients.


We have the capabilities of mixing down analog and digital platforms per clients needs. Just send wave files and stems of your recording session and receive mix master (Radio pop mix, indie/demo mix or audio post production/effects mix).