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I help business owners and entrepreneurs completely overcome Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and Trauma, so that they can have unstoppable Confidence, a calm Mind, laser sharp Focus, and resilience to Stress.
My method is permanent and effective.

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21 March 2021


Susan is WONDERFUL to work with!!My HEALING is WELL UNDERWAY!! This is ONLY ONE WEEK IN!!!

30 December 2020


We were a great fit. The services I sought were available, and the process was clearly explained to me. This is not a one and done kind of process. However, the entire process is not a never ending thing either. Results are not guaranteed, but if the provider feels she cannot provide the services you are requesting or needing, or she feels you're not a good fit, she says so.
So far, I am pleased.

21 November 2020

Before I started working with Susan, I was unhappy with my life in general and had doubts about being able to work for the next five years until I retire. I was numbing my feelings by drinking at night, which only made matters worse. I’ve had these feelings for years. I went through a divorce about 10 years ago and really shut myself off from ever thinking that I would want to be in a relationship again.
I have a good friend that also went through a divorce, but she was always trying things to improve her life and how she was feeling. She worked with a life coach. At first, I wondered if using a life coach would be beneficial and if they had specific training. I was worried about spending the money too. Susan indicated that she could help me feel better, live better and become the person that I longed to be. That was the one big thing that I always said to close friends, that there was this person that I wanted to be, but I just couldn’t get there.
After hearing more about the program from Susan; I decided to take the plunge and invest in myself. Immediately, she introduced me to simple things that I could do to change my mindset. I started incorporating those things into my daily routine. There were exercises in identifying what I wanted out of life and to determine how I could get there. I became very aware of my self-talk and how damaging negative thoughts are. I live by myself and work by myself, so that was the only way I was getting feedback was from my own negative thoughts.
The program is a combination of on-line lessons and then there are individual and group coaching sessions. Susan is an amazing person with an amazing ability to be helpful and to make you feel good about yourself. Every time I got off the phone with her, I felt like a new person!
I feel so confident in my job and know that I will make it for the next five years. Actually, I don’t plan to just make it, I plan to thrive. An unexpected outcome is that I feel so good about the way I interact and communicate with my grown kids now. I feel like I am their cheerleader, helping them through their difficult times. That feels so good!
Interestingly, if I had to go through the Covid-19 without the skills that Susan taught me, I know I would be in a fetal position on the couch right now. I loved going through the program, working with Susan and working every day to be the person that I want to be. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again!

21 November 2020

In the short time I’ve worked with Susan I’ve gone from low confidence to healthy confidence. Part of me was broken and I’m feeling not only restored but better than ever. To use a baseball analogy, I feel like I was a 12-game winner on my way to becoming a 20-game winner! I was just added as a board member for the Desire to Inspire Foundation. That wouldn’t have been possible without Susan and who outstanding coaching! Susan, thank you!!! More...

21 November 2020

Susan Urban has been tremendous in making me realize the I had control to change the narrative in my head and to achieve the results I wanted. With each coaching session I began to peel layers of emotional clutter that fogged my perception of actuality that limited me in many areas of my relationships both professionally and personally. As the fog in my mind dissipated, I began to see with clarity the endless possibilities to achieving a better life. Susan brought me closer to joy. Susan has been an asset in my quest to becoming my authentic true self!! More...

21 November 2020

I began working with Susan Urban after suffering through one of life’s worst seasons of depression, fearfulness, and anxiety. I was desperate for a change. I was considering therapy but not looking forward to digging around in my mind for painful memories and emotions. As a young man, I had embraced and prospered mentally and career-wise using techniques that Susan utilizes. Through the trials of life, I had forgotten about the powerfulness of these techniques. I highly recommend Susan and the work she does. She is a brilliant transformation coach/therapist. If you do the work and embrace the tools she offers, you will experience positive changes in your outlook on life.
I have noticed that I look forward to continuing to learn, grow and change. Such a welcome experience. I can’t thank you enough. Just what I was looking for. I’m so glad I noticed your Facebook ad. You have shown such care and patience. It’s almost overwhelming, not in a bad sense, but in a joyful sense. You’ve done some amazing work in with me and I’m looking to continue to grow. By the way, your hypnosis module is better than a triple espresso today.
Best I’ve felt in at least a year.

21 November 2020

Susan, I have been going to therapy for over 8 years and have never felt so free as I do now….it’s only been three weeks in your program and I feel like a new person. I used to have so much doubt, self criticism, I was a people pleaser, didn’t think I was worth it,…. couldn’t concentrate….all that has changed already. Thank you so much…I can’t’ even imagine how I will feel in week six More...


I love to show my clients how powerful their mind is. When they learn how to be in control of their mind, they can get rid of any blocks that may be holding them back from being as happy, fulfilled, and successful as they want to be.

I suffered with stuttering, anxiety, and depression for years and finally found the tools that helped me overcome all of it and today it is my mission and passion to share these tools with the world.

They should ONLY chose to work with me after they have viewed some of my success stories found on this page
https://mailchi.mp/59b053fee55c/success-stories AND after having a FREE consultation with me to see that we are a good fit to work together.

We work together either over Zoom ( video ), on phone or in person.

I have provided options of online coaching, either over Zoom or phone.


I can help you with
-Liberating you from the Blocks that may be holding you back from being your Best Self
-Being free of ANXIETY and DEPRESSION
-Low Self Esteem
-Bad Habits
-Healing from PTSD and Trauma
-Overcoming Insecurities
-Break through Self Doubt
-Halt Procrastination and Self Sabotage
-Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, like "I am not good enough", "I am not worthy", "I am broken"
-Unresolved Grief and Loss
-Developing Self Mastery
-Feeling Stuck
-Becoming Your BEST Self
Imagine if we could uncover the blockages and limitations that have been holding you back, so that you can become the person you want to be and become successful in your goals, make more money and have more fun?

I usually get called in when nothing else has worked. I am a Certified Master Coach in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Graphology, and Hypnosis and have worked with clients all over the world.

My specialty is helping people let go of all negative emotions or beliefs and tap into their personal superpower.

Working with me is not a done TO process, but a done WITH process. I believe everybody has the resources inside of themselves to succeed. I simply help you elicit those tools, so you can let go of guilt, anger, past trauma and hurt, resentment, stress, and instead feel confident, happy and peaceful.

I only work with highly motivated people who are positive about wanting to change.

My techniques work NATURALLY & QUICKLY.

Change your thoughts and change your future! Begin your transformation TODAY!