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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


We offer In-Person Design Services, Selection Support, and Virtual E-Design Services. Owner, Katrina Teeple, is the Lead Designer amongst our wonderful design team. Katrina’s aesthetic is found in her California casual roots and vintage accents.

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21 October 2019

The Digital Decluttering was a great class. Katrina was great! This class was very helpful for your business in terms of organizing. I highly recommend it to everyone who needs help purging your files on your computer and create organized files More...

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14 October 2019

Lauren with Operation Organization made my master closet so beautiful and functional. The whole team is amazing and made sure that everything was perfect! I loved every minute of working with Operation Organization. More...

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11 October 2019

Lauren at Operation Organization did a fabulous job on my kids' closets. She was quick and thorough! She got everything done in half the expected time! She also gave me some good ideas for the rest of the room, and I'm excited to re do our master closet with her! Highly recommend! More...

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25 September 2019

Operation Organization is one of the best gifts I've ever given myself. After moving into our new home with a newborn and toddler and returning back to work, I had drawers and cabinets that needed attention and no time to tend to them. After seeing a friend's post where she used the company, I decided to throw my hands up and get the help I needed. I signed up for the monthly service and am so glad I did. Stephanie was a dream to work with and I felt so comfortable having her in my home and watching her work her magic in my laundry room. I can't wait to have her back and see what else she does to the other rooms in my house. More...

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23 September 2019

If you are looking for a reboot or want to give a unique gift, this is it. I really cannot say enough about my experience with Operation Organization! I have been following @operationorganization on Instagram for a while and find their tips so helpful. I would always find myself having kitchen or closet envy looking at their posts, so when we moved to a new house, I knew I wanted to have them come in to start us off fresh. I had an 8-hour session with Stephanie and she was amazing!! She arrived exactly on time and worked SO hard - she wouldn't even take a break! The original plan was for her to help organize our master bedroom and closet, but she realized that I was struggling with finding places for my kids' toys and belongings, so she switched tasks. I appreciated her ability to be flexible with the plan and she was so supportive in encouraging me to purge what wasn't used, finding a place for keepsakes that I didn't want to purge, and creating space where I didn't know there was any! In 8 hours, Stephanie organized two dressers, a desk, a kitchen junk drawer, a bunch of kids' toys within a cabinet and around the house, and half of a large master closet. I love how she was able to use and re-purpose bins and items that I already had. She gave me lots of suggestions for how to tackle other projects around the house, and showed me how to fold clothes and towels to maximize space. I definitely want to have her back to help me finish the master closet! Thank you, Operation Organization! More...

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10 September 2019

Professional,reputable,and gets the job done without wasting time.

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6 September 2019

I had Operation Organization (three team members) come to my home for a four day top to bottom organizing marathon. People ask me how it was and my honest answer to them, every time, is simply that it was life changing. My house operates efficiently and orderly and there is a feeling of lightness and freedom when I walk in the door. My house was clean and organized-ish before they came. But the difference between being 85% the way there and 100% there is the difference between always feeling like you should be doing something around the house and coming home and feeling like you can truly relax. It is that last little bit that makes ALL the difference. Cleaning up feels like a game of just putting things in their special little home. I know where every single thing in my house lives and that feels GOOD. Not only that, but they helped me create systems for every part of my life. They created areas for back stock bins so my bathroom drawers don't have 10 face washes, there are pictures of the way drawers should look so our housekeeper knows where things go, we actually had a two hour training session with the housekeeping staff on where things go to how to fold and hang the pants! Every single detail of my home was thought over, handled with care and put into an overall system. The team was amazing and I was so sad to see them leave but the gift they gave me was and is so much more than an organized and well labeled home, it is freedom to feel light and at ease in your home. There isn't that one nagging thing you really need to tend to. They hung pictures, styled the rooms, bought what I was missing. It is getting your life to zero inbox and I can't recommend it enough. It is worth every penny! And, there was also a whole session on digital decluttering. I got set up with an amazing program for the best to do list, a working grocery list that I can share with anyone at any time, folders on my computer all organized, and my email inbox cleared and organized for my specific needs. Kat also does such a great job of staying in touch and keeping you on track. If you get stuck in an area she is an amazing resource to keep you living the organized life you want. She helped me make a plan for my new baby and what care/help I would need. She is a constant resource and once you let Operation Organization into your life it feels like a support to lean on whenever! In recap, best thing I have done for my home and family by a long shot!! More...

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6 September 2019

Operation Organization came to my home for four days straight days and the end result was nothing short of life changing. When I walk in the door there isn't a single nagging thing I feel like I need to tend to or should be doing other than the lightness of that specific day . The team is a joy, the service is incredible, and I cannot recommend enough!! More...

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26 July 2019

I'm overjoyed at how this company came through for me, conquering the mess in my hoarder friend's apartment.  They separated out and packed what my friend needed to take with her to the nursing home, and then they neatly folded two double-sized closets full of the the remaining linens and clothing.  Not only did they accomplish this in record time, they were also infinitely patient and pleasant to work with! More...

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23 May 2019

I'm not sure why I waited so long to hire them! They finished organizing our garage today as a Birthday surprise for my husband and it came out great! ! A job we've been working on since we moved in 4 years ago and would have taken me months to complete with 3 little kids "helping" me, they were able to accomplish in less than 2 days! Even helped me create a little art corner in the garage with color coordinated crayons and all! Truly a lifesaver! Can't wait to hire them again!! More...

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19 April 2019

Had them out to tackle a problem area in the house. They not only achieved my goals but went above and beyond by taking my unwanted belongings to a donation site. They also helped me better organize my "To Do" list so that it syncs up with my computer and phone and is always at my disposal. Highly recommend! More...

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22 March 2019

Don't underestimate what reducing and organizing your stuff can do for your happiness! I've used Operation Organization twice now, and saved so much time by getting these wonderful professionals in to help. My closet feels like a boutique store, and my office works AND looks beautiful. No surprise here, but their office staff are so organized and on it, it was a pleasure to work with every one of them. More...

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27 November 2018

I can't recommend this company enough! It's so nice to have someone from their team with vision come in and bring ideas of how to best organize the space. They put efficient systems into place that are easy to upkeep and follow (including for a playroom for my two kids). We've worked with them for styling, organizing, and inspiration all around the house. The only caution is that is so addicting and once you work with them once you'll want to find ways to keep having them come back! More...

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24 November 2018

Operation Organization has been life-changing for me. I've paid them to organize my master closet, kitchen pantry, office, laundry room, and play room. They also helped me style my living room. I told my husband that all I want for the rest of my life as a gift is hours with this company. I wish one of their organizers could just move in to my home and constantly be organizing. They are amazing! More...

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12 April 2018

I have used OO's organizational services many times throughout the years but just got a taste of how incredible their staging services are as well. When we decided to sell our house and wanted to move quickly I looked no further than OO as I remembered they offer staging services in addition to their organizational ones. I could not have been more thrilled with the job they did. It was amazing to watch the team work in the space. They knew exactly what they were doing... Not just how to make every room look great but how to make the rooms look bigger and all the while thinking about how they would appear best in the photos. Katrina also recommended a fantastic photographer. To top all that off, the girls were super conscious of the feelings we may have been having as they moved furniture and pieces and memories around our house and often checked in with us and how we were doing. Our house sold within just a few days of listing it, and I think a lot of that had to do with the fabulous job they did!  Thanks as always OO!!! More...

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1 March 2017

I had one of the best experiences I have ever had with anyone when I worked with Denise and it's ongoing. For people who have a rough time figuring out what to save or toss, how to organize stuff, especially in a family home with 40 years of stuff, Denise is the go-to person.  She has a system of grouping and it makes it easier for you. There are mementos, papers, old recipes on scraps of paper, the original will mixed in with grocery receipts, old newspaper clippings of the family in the LA Herald back in the 40s, unidentifiable objects, which separately don't make sense, but after the processs, it all comes together. You know you are not throwing out something that might be worth it's weight in gold later on. It can be a time-consuming process to go through this treasure trove of stuff which another person would just toss in a cursory moment. You may only get to do it once, so you better get it right because it will be gone forever. Denise has also great design advice when asked. She is really a problem solver. I've had very good experiences with Katrina, Anna and Ang as well. More...

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10 June 2016

I worked with Denise, who was not only a solid organizer but also a nice person to deal with during our hire of Operation Organization. Her recommendation were always thoughtful and given with experience of the many other jobs that she had been working on. On time, worked steady and job accomplished. Thumbs up! More...

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5 January 2015

Operation Organization changed my life!  I always knew I didn't have a natural knack for organization (and so envied those in my life who did), but it became clear after having two children that it was crucial to adopt some of these tools.  Katrina and her staff came in and helped me organize a closet for files and paperwork, but what I gained was so much more than a de-cluttered space.  What was most influential was the few one-on-one sessions I had with Katrina.  We sat together at my computer and she studied the way my brain works and how I deal with emails and to do lists (or lack thereof) and my calendar.  She gave me several tips and tricks and apps to help simplify and organize my day to day.  She essentially helped to re-train my brain!  And I quickly discovered that this new way of life was directly connected to peace and harmony in my home and with my family.  I can't recommend Katrina and her team highly enough!  I look forward to working with them again. More...

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29 May 2014

What distinguishes Operation Organization over other organizing companies is the company founder, Katrina Teeple. She has an unwavering passion for improving environments and has been at it for a long time. Whether it’s the home or office, she and her staff work tirelessly at doing what most of us wouldn’t have the energy to do even if we had the knowledge. I highly recommend her and her company. More...

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19 February 2014

What distinguishes, for me, Operation Organization over other organizing companies is the company founder, Katrina Teeple. She has an unwavering passion for improving environments and has been at it for a long time. Whether it's the home or office, she and her staff work tirelessly at doing what most of us wouldn't have the energy to do even if we had the knowledge. I highly recommend her and her company. More...

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30 January 2014

Katrina and her well trained staff are the BEST !They came to my flower shop, Casa De Flores, and helped meorganize my messy office. They created a filing system for methat has helped me organize my bills, invoices and reference materials. They took the papers off the walls and consolidated the information  into files and on my computer. Now, I'm not moving papers from one stack to another.Everything has a home. I LOVE walking into my clean and well organized office which allows me to run my business more efficiently and gives me PEACE OF MIND.I can't wait to do the rest of my flower shop. I would recommend OPERATION ORGANIZATION  from  simple organizing of a garage - to  staging homes for sale - to complete packing,  moving and unpacking. I also found out they do electronic organization. I don't know about you, but I have over 2500 emails in my box. HELP Thank you Katrina and staff for a job well done!! More...

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Katrina is a collaborative designer that works with the client to understand what they envision while giving her profession input along the way. With vast creativity and inspiration, we can cater to any style.