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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


We're Architects and Developers. And we execute Large, Medium and Small Projects.
What we deliver is Great Architecture for all the projects we do.

You deserve it.
Its our belief that everyone deserves Great Architecture, no matter what the project size.

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17 February 2021

Architectural Services

It was great working with Richard Denzer. He responded immediately to my request for assistance and was very helpful in guiding me to fully understand the process and the costs. Although I am unable to complete the project at this time, I know I will be contacting Richard again when I can move ahead with it. I really appreciate his prompt attention and professionalism. More...

9 February 2021

I worked with Richard on the design and ongoing renovation management for numerous houses over a two year period that we purchased, remodeled and flipped. This included homes that sold for over $1 million down to first move up and first time homeowner price points.

Richard has a deep understanding of the market and significant experience in all aspects of the design and construction of single family remodels. As a consultant for our firm, he helped us with the design and positioning of homes purchased throughout the LA Basin. During construction, Richard worked with our contractors to source, purchase, and install materials that differentiated our product. Richard was a positive and strong team member for us, and a person we would recommend to others.
Chuck McBride, MFC Homes

4 February 2021

Richard turned a horribly dated, 50's era tiny bathroom into a beautiful, functional and fully modern bathroom, with real style and countless little touches that turned it into my favorite room in the house. He totally remade the space, adding style, storage and beautiful finishes. When he wa done, the room seemed bigger and there was much more functional storage. The work was done on time and on budget - at an amazing price for the quality. And he listened to my desires and incorporated everything I asked for and a few things I didn't, which turned out to be brilliant additions. When we sold the house, the buyers were giddy with the bathroom (they basically started fighting over it) and it undoubtedly was a factor in our receiving more than our asking price. Couldn't be more satisfied. More...

28 January 2021

Studio Z and Richard Denzer emanate elegance. I worked with Richard on a custom Newport Beach ground up construction. Not only does he deliver a great and amazing product he is able to articulate to the client the vision that he sees when there is only framing or a patch of dirt. I would highly recommend Richard for all of your architecture and design needs. More...

24 January 2021

I have worked with Richard over the past two decades, he brings the design ideals from the early analysis of due diligence, planning, construction drawings to the actual build. It's refreshing to work with a like minded development professional - Just Get It Done seamless! More...

23 January 2021

Richard designs to the market and delivers what the market wants. His solutions are super desirable and easy to understand and explain to customers. He has an uncanny ability to deliver simple and sophisticated solutions that clients love.

In the years I have worked with him, his properties sell faster and for record amounts unlike anything from other architects.

If you want to be successful, surround yourself with people smarter than yourself. Richard is that person. I am continually learning from his decades of experience with small and large projects. I am still surprised how much I learn from him nearly every time we speak.

His work exceeded expectations beyond what I believed could be done and he is an expert you want on your team.


Architecture blows my hair back. Drawing up a solution for people and places - just does it for me. And I gotta tell ya, watching people wander through one of my buildings, curiously taking it all in, seeing the pleasure of a great space, a great view . . . that's pretty rewarding. I love it.

Kinda had that goal from the get go. What really got me going was the the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles. When I was in college this was, and still is, an amazing hotel. A stunning piece of architecture t this day. And the developer - an Architect - Robert Portman. That did it for me. I'am in.

If you like collaboration, speed, focus, clarity, and intelligent solutions that spend time and money wisely, then we're a good match. So, if those qualities, having a good time and few laughs along the way appeal to you - then we should be good to go.

We do as much as possible remotely, and have been doing so for years. As the years go on, working remotely has gotten even easier. We create PDF files, Keynote with voice over Video's, Video's of all sorts are great communication tools. Plus, we have a secret weapon - the 11 x 17 printer and scanner. Inexpensive and super easy for both, us and the client, to use as we go through the design and development process.

Well, we've mastered the art of plan check submittal with the Cities. Surprisingly, the Cities and Counties have gotten pretty darn good at it. And they did so pretty fast. So, hats off to them. This is a big safety factor so neither client, architect, engineers, contractors have to have any more contact than necessary.
And for the client, we can do a pretty good job via Zoom. And that's been a real nice surprise too.


We deliver Architectural Solutions for all project sizes, small, medium and large. And we really get a kick out of it. And one of our beliefs is every project deserves Great Architecture large or small. And we do so with our 40 years of experience that allows us increase your real estate value in a big, big way. That is why so many developers work with us. We make 'em money. And we'll do the same for you. So, if you're ready to go, reach out - let's chat.

A Great Plan, an Intelligent Plan does so many good things. One it delivers what you want, and more. And it delivers Buy IN, and the Support you need for Approval.
Which is key. We have an extensive planning background and would enjoy visiting with you and discussing your project. And yes, we take care of that Planning Application. All part of the deal. Ready to go? Let's set up a call.

Certain Projects need Strategy for Buy IN. And to get that Buy IN you need the right Presentation materials. In our 40 years of projects we've seen a few Presentations and we've given a few. And what we've noticed is when you do it right, Buy IN comes pretty easy. Question is - if its so easy, why is Presenting so hard? Well, the answer is Presentation is an art form and there's a process. And chances are no one taught you the process. That's why we offer Presentation services - both Consulting and Training. If you've got a project coming up that requires Buy IN, let's set up a call. Could be the best thing you've ever done.