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I've been an educator and coach for more than 20 years.

Are you or your loved one struggling to follow through on plans and goals? My coaching programs are developed to help clients improve their communication, performance and overall contentment.

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13 April 2021

Life Coaching

Jeremy Steinhaus at Strugglz Coaching is outstanding !
When I met Jeremy, I was experiencing frustration and depression due to a long history of interpersonal conflicts that were destroying my self esteem and quality of life. From our first meeting, I found him compassionate, open and honest. He helped me work through a series of life events that were the source of my concerns. Then, he gently guided me onto new ways of thinking about myself and others. When I faltered, he reminded me of the new pathway I had chosen. He taught me how to use better coping skills and methods of self-evaluation such as reflective journaling, visual imagery, and relaxation techniques. Eventually, l was able to make life changing decisions without blaming myself for the decisions and actions of others.
Although these are all characteristics of a good life coach, Jeremy is better than good! For example, he reached out to me when I didn't expect to hear from him during the holiday season. When we were decreasing the frequency of our online sessions, he sent brief text messages asking how I was doing which meant so much to me as I continued to build strength and courage. Near the end of our series of sessions, I returned to part-time work, and later to applied for an executive position at a nearby university. Currently, he is assisting me with my application as well as planning for an interview if I am a finalist.
Last but very important is the cost and number of sessions was discussed and agreed upon in advance. Several times, I am certain we exceeded the agreed upon time limits, but I never felt rushed or abruptly cut off when we were discussing something of importance. In closing, I highly recommend Strugglz Coaching because Jeremy Steinhaus helped me become a happier and healthier person.

Helen M Johnstone, PhD, RN

2 February 2021

Life Coaching

I am in the process, so far so good.

17 December 2020

My coaching sessions with Jeremy was outstanding. He was always on time, patient, caring and really listened in ways that made me feel heard, seen and that I mattered.
At each session without fail Jeremy helped me identify what my issue was and cheered and nudged me gently to set realistic goals for the upcoming week. He helped me value myself, him and send that energy outward.
I would recommend Jeremy for life coaching

25 November 2020

Depression Counselling

Responded to my inquiry very fast. Listened to my situation and concerns for my son with sincerity. I look forward to working with him as he assists my son.


I love when a client just stops talking. They have this big smile on their face, they’re nodding their head, and the only way they can communicate is with a thumbs up.

The other day, I was working with a client who knew she needed help with time management. Her schedule was way over-booked. She was working multiple jobs, taking personal development trainings, plus going to the gym, hanging out with friends, staying in touch with family…it was overwhelming. All she wanted was a little me time. We did an NLP exercise together and at the end there was this pause and silence. When I asked her how she was feeling, she had this big smile on her face and she said, “This session has been like me time. Thank you.” I love that kind of feedback.

For two decades, I filled education, administration and coaching positions in the US and China. I loved the work I was doing, but I realized that if I wanted to have a bigger impact, I needed to create my own coaching practice.

So I made the jump. And I went through the usual growing pains. There was financial insecurity. I questioned my skills as a coach. I poured hours and money into my practice. And when I was close to burnout and thinking about quitting, I remembered what I'd learned in my coaching training.

Coaching is all about letting ourselves ask for help. Humans are brilliant. We're inspired. And we're all destined for great things in life. Our problems start when we become unwilling to share; when we accept our fears as truths.

What I've learned over the years is that a problem shared is a problem halved. And the journey's been amazing!

Clients choose me because I'm a good fit. That should always be the barometer when choosing a coach. The coach who may be perfect for your friend or relative might not be the right coach for you.

There are a couple areas where I excel. First off, I'm a great listener. Clients appreciate that I allow them space to talk, and I make them feel comfortable and confident to share freely about any topic.

I'm also conscientious about guarding my clients privacy. My clients know that what they tell me stays with me.

And a final area where I gain my clients trust is by telling the truth. I don't work with every client I meet. I'm comfortable turning down a prospective client if I know that they're not going to get what they're looking for from me. I'll explain my reasoning and help them refine their coaching search criteria.

My clients are located around the globe. I work with clients in China and Japan, central and western Europe, parts of Africa, Oceania and South America, and of course all of over the US and Canada. To better serve my clientele, I offer zoom, Google meet, Skype, and telephone coaching options.

The first thing we all need to do during this pandemic is take care of our own health. I stay healthy for myself and my clients. Self-care is an important topic which I cover with all of my clients. I also provide hand sanitizer and wipes for face-to-face sessions.


The #1 issue my clients struggle with is anxiety. This isn't the world our parents grew up in and it's certainly not the world our grandparents knew when they were our age. Nonetheless, we're still using those old techniques to overcome our worries.

So many of my clients feel stuck in negative thinking. Their minds are full of pessimistic or just plain insulting self-talk. When they try to overcome this situation with slogans and mantras like, "Just do it" or "No pain, no gain," they invite a vicious counterattack from their mind.

With Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Coaching, the goal isn't to out-yell the critical inner voice. This approach acknowledges the hurt that we're causing ourselves. We forgive ourselves for creating unnecessary obstacles to success and come up with a better way to talk to ourselves.

Finding a way to be respectful of our own needs and feelings is the first step towards setting and achieving meaningful goals.

Whether your student needs help with time management, motivation, prioritizing projects, or college prep, I rely on two decades worth of experience to help co-design an individualized program to help your student eclipse their dreams.

At the beginning of the coaching agreement, we'll meet as a family to learn how to listen to each other and set expectations. Then I'll work with your loved one to help them choose the appropriate tools for each task.

The best way to sour a good relationship is to go out of your way to be helpful without checking if your partner needs or wants the help you're offering.

My relationship coaching plan is based on Marshall Rosenberg's Compassionate Communication approach. First we'll work on separating facts from feelings. When these two are intertwined, a simple retelling of events can feel like an attack.

Next, we expand the vocabulary of our feelings. Creating more flexibility in expressing our feelings opens us up to alternative solutions beyond arguing with a loved one.

Once we have a better idea of which feelings we're working with, we can begin labeling the needs which are going unmet. If I'm feeling stressed, does that mean I need independence or communion?

The final step is to communicate these observations, feelings, and needs as requests rather than demands. The end result is increased respect. We show respect for ourselves by clearly stating what we see, feel and need. We respect our partner by allowing them the right to say "Yes" or "No" without judgments.

I just had a conversation with a new client the other day. The topic was whether he should change jobs. Through our discussion, I learned that his #1 priority in looking for a new job was the salary. I also learned that his #1 complaint about his current job was the working conditions.

I take my career coaching clients through an arc that starts with an exploration of work history. What did they like? What didn't they like? What are their non-negotiables for any future position?

Next we'll discuss what's been missing from their professional life and what they'd like to experience in the future.

In the final stage, we'll make a plan for the job search. This can include resume and cover letter help if required.

I have a background in teaching English and great success helping students through the college application process. My previous students are currently attending schools like UC-Berkeley, University of Chicago, and NYU.

It's rare that I meet a client who truly doesn't know they should be doing. We all know which of our habits are good, and which are bad. The place where many of us struggle is in the follow-through. Together, we'll create a scalable action plan including accountability check-ins and reflection. My goal will be to get you to a place where you've created an effective connection to your goals so you no longer need me for accountability.