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Steve's Goods CBD Hemp Store, 1264 S Hover St, Longmont, CO 80501, USA



Steves Goods is an award winning hemp company that grows hemp and manufacturers products in Colorado. Our world famous CBG oil is taking a step back to introduce our new full spectrum CBG oil with full spectrum distillate.

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2 customer reviews

25 July 2021

I used to smoke a lot of marijuana and now that it’s legal where I live, I have only started doing so even more. However, one of my friends was getting his products from Steves Goods and recommended that I try doing the same. Rather than just selling some weed for smoking, this site had isolated the important chemical components and stored them in delicious and easy to consume edibles.
After trying some CBD concentrate, I realized that I didn’t smoke marijuana for the high. That’s just a side effect. Actually, I’ve been smoking it because I suffer from chronic pain. I have done for many years. It turns out that I can get the same pain relief just from taking CBD. On Steves Goods, it was quick and easy to find CBD wax, which seems like the perfect option. I particularly like the look of the CBD Wax Strawnana but there are other flavors available.
Honestly, I don’t even really like the taste of pure cannabis. That’s why it’s exciting to me to get it in a flavored form. The fruity strawnana taste sounds amazing. I’m excited to try this and everything else they have to offer. Thanks, Steves Goods for allowing me to get the health benefits of CBD without the risks to my health of smoking.

25 July 2021

I’ve tried CBD many times before and loved it. I’ve also tried THC but found I didn’t like the feeling of being high (weird, I know). I just like having complete control over my mind but I still want the health benefits that you get from hemp-derived products. Recently, I’ve come across the absolute best place to find such products: Steves Goods.
In particular, I was interested in trying CBG oil. I assumed it would be sold in local health food stores like CBD capsules often are. However, to my surprise, it’s almost impossible to find. I know I’ll love it but first I actually need to find it. Obviously, I had to take my search online. All the websites looked a bit sketchy though, except for Steves Goods. This site is a godsend.
I was able to immediately find not just one CBG oil but many different types. It seemed a bit too good to be true but I’ve read all the reviews and they all confirm that these are the highest quality standard. I’ll now be recommending Steves Goods to all my friends and tell them not to go anywhere else for CBD, CBG, and THC products. I’m excited to explore the options even more.