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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Trauma aware ordained "SoulWorker" providing holistic healing support for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual transformation... Learn to witness the energy of your emotions without becoming them. It's time to recall your highest self!

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29 August 2021


Working with her has been such an uplifting journey; she is incredibly flexible, genuine, and knowledgeable.
As someone who has tried several therapists/psychiatrists, my working with Soul Glow has been much more helpful/insightful than any previous experience.
I came into this with a lot of fear and confusion, after recently facing a reality shattering betrayal with my long term partner.
She has helped me stay true to myself through the changes I’ve faced, and embrace the power I have in building the life I have always deserved. Our conversations have been nothing short of inspiring/reassuring.


Supporting souls to evolve. The pain they suffer is a requisite in evolution. Keep going.... I know it doesn't feel like it, and you're doing great!

This "work" is my soul mission. I am ON PATH and serving those who are guided to me.

"Becca is an amazing coach and healer; her profound understanding of trauma has really aided me to make big transformational shifts in my path! I’m grateful for the down to earth and fully present way she brings self empathy, mindfulness and inspiration to my inner work. You’re in great hand with this coach!" - Amanda

"For the first time in my life I have found a professional that is able to allow me to dig deep into my issues and assist me with where my traumas are coming from. I have received new insight with the help of Becca Lynn Briley! I can utilize this newfound insight when a trigger occurs, therefore utilize a new learned strategy. I can say this after only a few short months of working with her. She is extremely compassionate, sympathetic, and caring! She is also the first healthcare professionals I have felt safe with. With the support and guidance from Becca, I am able to utilize various tools to view the world differently and finally live my life more fully rather than just survive life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift you have already given me, Becca Briley!" - Christine

"Becca is such a wonderful person to work with. She is highly intuitive and such a beautiful soul. I really enjoy her work. Thank you for helping me grow." - Tony

Yes, I have safely and effectively used Zoom with my clients for about 2 years, even before the pandemic.

Honoring their needs to connect from afar, or out on a mountain in open air. Wearing masks is a must if we meet in person.