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Visit our website to shop our virtual video store: a library of over 100 (and growing) hi-res, fully customizable marketing videos. We customize them to fit your brand and deliver them to your inbox in less than 24 hours. Videos from $4.99 and up!

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28 June 2021

Just Two Words.... Five Stars!

28 June 2021

These guys really pulled a rabbit out of a hat and saved my butt! Thank you for the beautiful video and marketing help!

3 June 2021

I honestly cannot get over how stunning my reel came out! I couldn't have imagined that such detail and artistry would go into the finished product. Thank you Christian and team!!!!!!! Amazing!!!! More...

3 June 2021

I sent in 2 videos and another video of the vocals off of cell phones and he was able to splice it all together so beautifully making it so elegant and remarkable. I would give them more stars if I could!! Great work on our special night thank you again !!! More...

4 May 2021

5 Stars. Wonderful talented team

21 April 2021

Hired Christian and his team to manage a few of my social accounts while I opened another restaurant this past February-March. They did a phenomenal job and I can't even begin to explain how much stress was lifted from my shoulders... not a fan of marketing in the first place so it was a blessing in many ways! Thanks for the amazing work team SV! More...

5 April 2021

What was supposed to be a one-time project during the launch of my practice, has turned into a now seven month partnership. I couldn’t have done it all without their talent and dedication. Thank you guys. More...

2 April 2021

I’d give six stars if I could!!!!

2 April 2021


2 April 2021

It’s truly been so exciting to see this new fresh perspective that Social Velocity Marketing is bringing to Social Media and Brand Marketing. The team at Social Velocity Marketing is amazing. Highly engaged, well informed and ready to champion your brand. I am so thrilled to have them on our team. More...

2 March 2021

Doesn't get much better!!

Reviewed on Facebook

2 March 2021

They've done an incredible job transforming our social media. My boss is also happy he doesn't have to keep up with any of them now and can focus his attention on his bigger need areas. We love the team and all they've done so far! More...

Reviewed on Facebook

26 January 2021

True Talented Professionals I Highly Recommend X 10 !!!

Reviewed on Facebook

25 January 2021

They create awesome content!

Reviewed on Facebook


I love creating. I love storytelling. I love meeting new people daily and hearing their stories and secretly hoping I'll be able to create something incredible for their business.

After graduating college I immediately applied for a senior marketing leadership role at my company and was offered the role a few months down the line.

I always had this dream of starting my own digital marketing agency as well. And around the end of my sixth year with the company I decided that it was the perfect time as it would ever be to start making my dream a reality, even if in small steps at first. COVID hit my company hard and I was ready to give my full undivided attention to my new endeavor as it deserved so that’s what I did. Over the past year (2020-2021) I’ve been able to really reach milestones and grow the company and our capabilities to heights I hadn’t even expected, and it’s been very exciting and rewarding to witness.

I’ve worked with all types of clients, those who know very little about marketing or video and aren’t sure what they are necessarily looking to achieve, to those who know exactly what they are looking for, and include very specific ideas to implement among the way. I and the rest of the team are great in understanding what clients ultimately want and strive to deliver exactly that each and every time.

It’s important to us that we have a good understanding of a client’s brand, their specific marketing needs and goals, and ensure we can maximize the results we deliver to the highest degree. Clients receive their own individual profiles in our website portal which is our central hub for everything we do being a completely virtual agency. We stay in touch with each of our clients consistently and touch base with an email of phone call once a week with any updates or figures to share. Communication is paramount to us especially in regard to our client relationships.

Yes. Our our agency is 100% virtual and we offer our services to anyone, in any state, coast to coast. It's definitely an exciting element of this company, to meet so many different people from all over the country, We offer complimentary consultations to help get a better feel for the client's needs and long term business marketing goals. We offer a few other virtual sessions as part of our services and maintain a consistent dialogue with each of our clients anywhere from 1 - 3 times per week via phone, email, and/or Zoom.

Being a 100% virtual agency we haven't had to make any changes to our operations or our relationships with our clients. The team will be working from their homes indefinitely as we collectively decided it was what we felt was the best move for us personally and professionally.


Social Velocity covers every facet of organic social media marketing, implementing creative new ways of increasing follower engagement while maintaining weekly curated content calendars, complete with eye-catching visuals and creative copy.

Visually pleasing imagery makes an impact on 93% of users when they are making a purchase. Video, infographics and user generated content are among the best performing and most engaged posts, most notably those of marketing efforts. Let Social Velocity create the perfect advertising assets for your next ad campaign and ensure your ad achieves optimum performance results.

Explore some our recent content showcased in our content collection on our website socialvelocitynyc.com or contact us today.

Social Velocity specializes in the planning, creation, and implementation of paid social campaigns of all types and budgets, pinpointing your target audience in seamless detail, significantly increasing brand awareness and the likelihood of completed conversions.

Professional video editing services are available to any individual or organization looking to have existing video footage transformed into a professional-quality, cohesive narrative (or non-narrative) feature. Inquire about our award-winning video editing service via the button below and explore some of our recent editing projects in our content collection on our website. socialvelocitynyc.com

Every business that is serious about getting the most from their social media efforts should frequently have a set of eyes and ears among their community interacting with followers, utilizing proper brand messaging, and addressing any questions and concerns that arise.

Social Velocity has managed dozens of online communities of all sizes, interests and industries as these businesses eventually began to experience significant increases in the size and scope of their online communities.

It all starts with a plan, and sometimes that's all a business needs to excel in their marketing efforts. Businesses seeking assistance developing their brand marketing strategy, Social Velocity is here to (virtually) meet and help guide your development process with professional strategy recommendations and testing methods, a summary report to use as a step-by-step reference guide as you enter your implemental processes, as well as a 60 day follow-up to assess goal progress and next steps.

Social Velocity closely monitors social media insights for businesses and compiles the data into an easily-digestible report for clients who prefer to be updated on possible trends, customer engagement, and competitor comparison. Summary reports are provided weekly, via email and a 30-minute virtual status call to discuss the notable findings, successes, areas for improvement, and cover any questions and ideas for strategies going into the next week and beyond.

Email marketing has remained one of the strongest methods of consumer messaging and brand awareness over the past decade, working in tandem with newer methods like social marketing and only being further complemented by other means of marketing versus being replaced or overshadowed. Our affordable email marketing service has been in BETA testing for several weeks as we tested dozens of formats, copy style, colors, and content variations to find the best matches for varying targeted audiences.