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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


SmartRise Solutions offers life coaching services designed by Vanessa Guzman, an award winning healthcare executive and Author of #1 Amazon's New Release, "There's More to You: Your Career Unveiled".
Vanessa Guzman's coaching program offers a holistic assessment looking at all areas of life, such as relationships, career, wealth management, health, physical space and fun/recreation.

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23 October 2020

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27 March 2020

Life Coaching

Where do I start? Recently I made the decision to leave my highly stressful 9-5 job to start my own business and live a life of passion and purpose. It was during the time that I was planning on making my exit and taking this great leap of faith that I became familiar with the term Life Coach. I knew I needed someone to guide me and keep me accountable during this journey, so I entered my information on Bark.com not knowing what to really expect. I would like to think I found Vanessa, but in reality she found me :) She has shed so much light and love on my journey to freedom and greatness - from self care and inner work to actionable business steps - and has offered immense support even during these unexpected and scary coronavirus times. Just the internal work alone is invaluable, as I have learned so much about myself and as a result have grown so much in such little time and have really gotten a knack for taking care of myself and loving my self. Vanessa is multifaceted, she has helped with my self development, shaping and giving life to my business, my relationship, and as of recently my mental health -keeping me grounded and positive during these worrisome times (and we aren't even done with our sessions yet! lol). She is a coach, a consultant and just an all-around wonderful being. I dont just see Vanessa as my Life Coach, I see her as a caring friend, and an ever so necessary part of my dream life, and I am so grateful that the universe has placed her on my path :) More...

26 March 2020


Vanessa is a fantastic coach and a wonderful human being. She is intelligent, caring, and extremely skilled at getting you to see exactly where you are in your life and where you should be headed based on your personal qualities as well as the way you relate to people and the world around you. I would highly recommend SmartRise Solutions to anyone feeling a bit lost and seeking some practical, specific guidance for moving forward and doing so as your most authentic self. More...

26 March 2020

Vanessa the way you can relate and deliver your message with out judgement. The way you structure your questions to get the answers you need to help drive the conversation. You have helped me to realize my potential and the things that are holding me back so I can attack this world with every ounce of energy. More...

26 March 2020

I’ve really enjoyed working with Vanessa. Her compassion and warmth allow for me to open up and feel understood as early as the first call. I truly value our conversations and see her as someone I can count on. The only things I sometimes desire in our communication is more in person interaction (which I understand is not a readily available!) Vanessa has been a great key to helping me in my life endeavors and overall processing of my life in New York! More...

14 January 2020

Vanessa possesses a unique magnetism that draws you into her creative, playful world. Once there, you becomes privy to her non-judgmental, wise beyond her years awesome brilliance that is so insightful, empathetic and nurturing that it will leave you utterly flabbergasted and captivated.

14 January 2020

Vanessa Guzman helped me realize that even though I’ve been though some rough times and mistreated, that there are so many beautiful things in this world waiting for me to see. So many beautiful people to meet. She often told me I have so much talent and beauty to share with the world.

She taught me that I must choose first to see the beauty inside me and the beauty that awaits me.

She helped me to take self inventory and self care....

Vanessa has not only talked to me .... she truly lead by example by displaying the zest she has for life and love for others. she has been the wind beneath my broken wings...... and a light during my gloomy days...... she is truly and inspiring angel.

3 January 2020

Vanessa Guzman is a one of a kind courageous leader and life coach. She has a dynamic personality and an extremely generous and unselfish heart. Vanessa is a great visionary and posses an amazing passion to see others succeed and reach their goals. Vanessa has a very keen eye when it comes to seeing the gifts and abilities in others. She is able to help you discover skills and talents that you didn’t even realize lived deep within you. There are life coaches who “study” this field and learn techniques, but then there are life coaches who not only acquire the skill, but are also “born” with the gift to lead and coach...Vanessa definitely was born with the God given talent to guide and help others navigate through the complexities of this life and to flourish. This is what she has done in my life. Vanessa drew out of me the confidence to serve and to lead within my sphere of influence. She also taught me that it is ok to be bold and vulnerable at the same time...for this I will be forever grateful. My life has been greatly enriched by Vanessa’s wisdom and amazing authenticity. Your life’s journey will receive a major upgrade and enhancement by having Vanessa as your life coach...you will not regret it! More...

2 January 2020

Vanessa has been an incredible leader. She has inspired me to pursue my goals in life without fear. My confidence has multiplied greatly since the time we met.

Our one to ones always leave me inspired. Thank you for your strength and support

2 January 2020

Vanessa has been such a great benefit throughout my growth process as a professional and in my personal life. Her motivating skills, encouraging strategies and uplifting spirits, makes Vanessa an approachable life coach. Talking with Vanessa has always been easy, she always comes from a place of authenticity and never has a personal agenda. The importance of having a trustworthy life coach is invaluable. Having Vanessa’s guidance has made me into a more successful person. More...

2 January 2020

anessa has all the characteristics you would want in a life coach! It’s easy to just simply give your opinion, but to be able to guide a person through life’s many obstacles, both big and small, takes a special skill. There’s something so natural about Vanessa. It’s as if she’s known you for years! Many times she is my go-to for direction on how to move forward with interacting with so many different personalities in my professional space. As crazy as it sounds, I always leave the conversation feeling knowledgeable, challenged, and motivated all at the same time. More...

2 January 2020

Vanessa Guzman is an incredibly talented and intuitive person. She is a wonderful listener and highly pragmatic which makes her a natural born coach. Vanessa’s valued-centered guidance challenged me at a very difficult time in my career to think and focus on what would bring joy and fulfillment to me at work that would capitalize on my passions and strengths. Her uplifting, positive, and fun personality make her easy to open up to and a delight to work with. It’s more than empathy and ability to focus on someone else; Vanessa is uniquely able to distill what she has heard into valuable, credible insight. Her ability to do that distinguishes her from all other coaches. Vanessa has the smarts, drive, education and experience foundation essential when communicating to people on all levels. This makes her truly a one-of-a-kind, sincere, and deeply passionate individual and coach that I highly recommend to anyone. More...

2 January 2020

I would recommend Vanessa Guzman-Schepis as a life coach because she is relatable, courtesy, kind, shows empathy, and never judgmental. She has a wealth of wisdom beyond her years but never makes anyone feel intimidated. I recalled one interaction with her, I was very uncertain of my career direction but thought I found the “perfect fit”. In my conversation with Vanessa, she helped me realized that what I thought was “perfect” was not sustainable and how to expand my idea of “perfect” to make it permanent.
In life, we always need someone to lean on, someone who will listen, someone who will encourage, and someone who will give positive motivation. Vanessa has all those attributions, she can make anyone that interacts with her feel like they are empowered and on top of the world.

2 January 2020

Vanessa Guzman exudes positivity, starting with her amazing smile that brightens the bleakest of days.

Her vision and ‘can-do’ attitude inspires others to truly believe anything is possible if you are goal oriented, work hard, and stay focused.

She is an outstanding role model who genuinely cares about others, vested in their personal and professional growth.

Her dedication and perseverance serve as motivators – that when faced with challenges she helps you overcome through conflict resolution.

On a professional note – she has helped me push the limits of my personal boundaries, helping me realize what I am truly capable of. She helps me overcome barriers by first affirming the issue, and then teaching by reinforcing emotional intelligence and using an array of problem solving skills.

On a personal note – she is thoughtful and caring human being, who restored my faith in others. When my mother had breast cancer, she was the only individual in my life who followed-up regularly to see how I was doing, and genuinely and generously offered her support. In a self-centered, narcissistic world – that is a rare attribute; and for that reason I will forever be grateful and thankful to know such a person.

2 January 2020

Vanessa Guzman - wow trying to explain the unremarkable person, leader, and humane individual that she is, is much harder than I thought. She has helped me to understand that my greatest debt is to myself and to live with purpose both personally and career wise . She has helped me fight the fear of change and see my value as an individual by rebuilding my confidence and self esteem.During my darkest times I came to her not knowing where it would lead but I am so happy I did . She helped me realize that was worthy of a good life, deserving of happiness and all of the blessings that god has to offer . After believing in myself it has been sky rocket! Not only did I grow within my personal life but she created a financial plan to help me achieve my life long goals . She provided guidance on how to not only save money but make more money with out losing sight of the most important thing, to stay humbled and live with purpose! Thank you Vanessa - I'm excited for all those that now have the opportunity to transform there lives through your amazing coaching and guidance! In my experience you're much more than a coach you're an angel from above that has been placed on this universe to make changes to humanity as a whole! More...

2 January 2020

Vanessa has a light about her, when I first met her I instantly knew she was special. She has inspired me in more ways than one. I deeply value the time that I’ve spent with her, all of our discussions have pushed me to become a better version of myself. While I used to view my life with seriousness she helped me find joy and encouraged me to spend more time doing the things I love. I’ve learned so much about myself and I’m a better person today because of her. More...


I love that I'm in a position of getting to know amazing people looking to make it change. So many people go on and on in life, not feeling at peace with where they are at, trying to belong or just going with the flow and I get to be part of the transformation process.

I'm been very blessed to encounter people that have given me a break, that pulled me in and opened a door to a new opportunity. I want to consistently play that role for people that are ready to burst into the new phase in their lives. Sharing what I learned with others, not only fuels me, but enables me to bring change to the world through amazing people who carry invaluable skillsets and talents.

My coaching program acknowledges day-to-day challenges happen and takes into consideration all aspects of it, so that the goals you're ready to embrace fits your personality and lifestyle. Making your goals sustainable and achievable. Most coaching programs, simply use a series of ongoing questions and the client is left overwhelmed by not only the change they are trying to make, but also the change in behavior they asked to perform with little guidance. I combine a universal intent designed for a each person, that creates a individualized plan and safe space, enabling greater connection with purpose and fulfillment.


3-Month Coaching Program
• Ten (1) 55-min coaching sessions over three months ( via Zoom or phone)
• Unlimited text and email support between sessions
• Bonus one (1) 55-min coaching sessions to use whenever you wish

What will I get out of it? Were you to hire me as your coach, you will:

• Clarify your goals

• Focus your energy where it matters

• Direct yourself toward a fulfilling, creative life

• Leverage your unique strengths

• Master your internal stopping points

• Prioritize your time

• Gain tools, skills, and support to consistently take action on what matters

Gain insights, direction and confirmation on how to take action on a specific area of your life.