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At Sigma Media Production we provide complete Weddings & Events provides Photography, Video, Photo Booth and Up Lighting services for weddings and other special occasions throughout Florida. loves being able to freeze moments in time and having that instant live on forever.


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28 March 2019

Amazing photos, super professional person.

28 March 2019

George is professional, affordable, and fun! Lovely person and is a pleasure to work with.

28 March 2019

George where do I start.
Your such an amazing person inside and out.

These past few days have been everything, I wanna thank you for all you do! Keep striving for greatness! Embrace your talent!

Your Muse ❤️,


1- Must have a Great Composition
2 – Captures Emotion. ...
3 – Tells a Story. ...
4 – Leaves Something to the Imagination. ...
5 – Captures an Iconic Moment. ...
6 – Presents the Unique. ...
7 – Juxtapositions Contrasting Concepts. ...
8 – Uses Unique Lighting and Color.

why do you need this photo and why now? is the first question he need to answer , then what is the spesifications of the photo or the video, what would be using it for:
• Editorial use (e.g. non-commercial, used for information)
• Internal use
• Large display prints (e.g. trade shows, events)
• Online retail (e.g. Amazon, eBay)
• Print/catalog advertising
• Social media e.g. Facebook, Instagram
• Website

That it is not a job , it is what we love to do. Our photography business at Sigma Media Production reflects much of ourselves.
We love people, and it's such a blessing to meet and serve our clients of all different ages, our couples and families and be invited into incredibly special moments in their lives.
We love that we have clients that have become friends and friends that have become clients.
We love the outdoors, and the majority of our sessions happen in God's studio...the beautiful natural places surrounding us. We love to travel, and whether it's traveling for a job or for ourselves, we love bringing our love for photography and capturing our memories in new places. God has truly blessed us.

My dad and grandfather they all photographers that have their own business

with 23 years of experience , successful records in the business , I would make sure that you will have your best ever experience and amazing photos or videos that will be a life experience.


What type of photography or videography do you need? ________________________________________ Action shots • Indoors • Outdoors • Multiple locations Corporate event: • Award ceremony • Client event • Conference/summit • Networking event • Party • Team day • VIP Headshots/portrait • How many people need headshot(s)/portrait(s) • 1 • 2 • 3 - 5 • 6 - 9 • 10 or more Interiors, buildings or architecture • What type of real estate needed to be photographed: • Community premises - e.g. church, library • Educational premises - e.g. school, university • Heritage site • Office • Retail premises - e.g. shop, bars, cafe Product shots • What type of product needed to be photographed: • Electrical product • Fresh food • Luxury product • Perishable product • Retail product Staff shots • How many staff needed to be photographed? • Less than 5 • 5 - 9 • 10 - 19 • 20 - 29 • 30 or more • Where: o Indoors o Outdoors o Multiple locations