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SheHeals Coaching is for those aiming to live more authentically, daily.
If you're fed up with self-doubt and self sabotage getting in the way of you achieving your results, reach out to us.
I'm relentless about you breaking up with nouns that don't serve you (that's right, ALL the people, places, and things) that keep you playing small and not going after what you want.

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Being a coach allows me co-create with people in a way that leads them back trusting themselves and owning their power. Witnessing people achieve the results they want to see in their lives after our sessions together is the most gratifying feeling in the world. I love helping people who make it their duty to help others. Sometimes those people need to be reminded and guided back to their own power.

In addition to being a life coach, I work as a sign language interpreter and also in training to become a death doula on the side.

Holistic wellness advocacy inspired me to become a life coach and financial wellness led me to start my own business. I wanted to have enough time and money to actually do what I love doing, helping people who make it their duty to help others.

I aim to live more authentically everyday. "Peeling back the layers" (how they call it in therapy) and uncovering the scary things that have stopped me for years is a process. Sometimes it sucks, and it's always rewarding. Having my own accountability structures to empower me as a coach keeps me winning. Why wouldn't clients choose a coach who is actively doing the work him/herself daily?

Yes, both. Covid has thrown us all online and remotely connecting more in one way or another. Our sessions are done remotely.

I have cancelled all in person sessions and only accept clients online/remotely.


We have 60 minutes together for us to get real and honest about what is going on in your life. We'll be diving deep into what's been in the way of you moving from point A to point B so this ride might get a little uncomfortable. It's okay though, we'll be able to fill in the gaps together and I'll stand for you to walk away empowered.
Conducted via telephone

Picture this: We had a coaching session a few days ago and it's midweek. Your buddies self-sabotage and self-doubt are back tearing up all the progress you've made and fighting to keep you in your comfort zone.

You hop on WhatsApp and send me a quick voice note telling me exactly what's going on. This is your "I need a HypeMan." Boom! You'll receive on spot coaching to gently, but firmly guide you through. You've got this.

Conducted via WhatsApp (it's a free app).

I provide you with true and genuine acknowledgement guaranteed to empower the juice you need to take care of business.
Conducted via WhatsApp (it's a free app).

A 15 minute video call so you can get to know me. If you have any general questions, hesitations, or just straight up skeptical about working with me you'll have the opportunity to see if we're a match face-to-face, remotely.

You're not telling your co-worker how she's been getting on your nerves with all her complaining, you've been keeping your mouth shut about how your mother is worrying too much about what's going on in your life, and you don't feel like you have anyone you can pour your "real stuff" out to without judgement. This "Bag Lady" is for you. Use this time to drop all your baggage and take a deep breath.
Last 5 minutes of this call concludes with "sobering back up" from any emotional high you might have hit during the session.