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Before you book a session with me, you can go to my website sethelmer.com and read my books that I've written on self healing, recovery and empowerment. I've spent decades researching the causes of lower self issues/behaviors/trauma. And in the process developed technologies and therapies that can heal and empower your life and relationships.

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To teach people how to use my technologies that can bring great benefit to their lives. To personally help people heal their soul and to get their life back on track. I enjoy Life Coaching my clients consciousness into a permanent power of the higher self. I believe in the power to directly influence and guide a person through energy conversion principles, meaning to get their inner self energy moving in the right direction, from the low to the high, from the negative to the positive, from the darkness to the light. Reversing polarities that move their life and relationships onward and upward. Getting the whole self into inspiration and motivation. Getting the whole self moving into meaningful connection. And getting the whole self into a true sense of purpose and direction. My mission in life is to help you Heal, Recover, Strengthen, Empower.

Since, I was a kid, I've always been artistically inspired to write and design. In high school I won best edited video of the year in my graduating year. As a professional surfer, I surfed from the border of Mexico to San Francisco to raise awareness and money for spinal cord injured surfers. Living in Hawaii , I spent 10 plus years working with at risk youth and addiction recovery groups weekly mentoring, facilitating annual events and monthly self empowerment seminars. Now my focus is towards more on the global community with the recent publishing of my latest book Vibration Teachings 1-45 which took me 15 years to write, design and research. It's my passion and purpose to help others elevate their life.

I have decades of experience as a teacher and a coach. I've also spent decades researching, designing and writing within my books methods of therapy that unlock hidden powers from ancient wisdom and geometry. I believe that the starting point for self improvement is quantification. It's important use math and pattern to calibrate where you currently are in relation to where you want to be in your personal life and relationships. My methods of therapy will help you locate within your life areas where you want to grow and what you want to become. When I guide you onto this trajectory, it will be much easier to chart your progress because its moving on precise and detailed information that will secure greater, faster progress and results.