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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Peg spent over 20 years as an attorney writing bills for the legislature, but she completely switched tracks after health and life crises struck her own family. She needed to figure out how to best help, so she retired early to dive into the research.

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21 March 2019

Peg really helped get out of my rut. I was feeling super directionless and indecisive about everything at the moment and I needed a gentle push in the right direction. Peg absolutely was that for me. It’s not always easy asking for help, but she was ready to help and took initiative with finding solutions to all the issues I was having. Having someone on my team who was determined to see me win a bit at life was so encouraging. Also, all the advice that she gave me are tools that I can keep using down the road. Really one of the best self-care decisions I’ve made!  More...

5 February 2019

Peg is a patient, kind teacher and a compassionate advocate! She has a real heart for helping others heal and be their healthiest self physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. After following Peg's program, I've experienced reduced inflammation and pain, more flexibility, higher energy levels, better sleep, less depression and anxiety, and greater joy, hope, and gratitude in my life! I know she can do the same for you! More...

5 February 2019

In the years that I have had the pleasure of knowing Peg, I have found her to be extremely passionate and knowledgeable about gut and internal health issues. Peg has shown delight and enthusiasm in learning all that she can about the subject and helping whoever she can to both understand and find relief from these issues. She has a deep and widespread love for the improvement of health in all those who seek to better their own situation. From family members and personal struggles, to those she has just met, I have witnessed Peg taking the time to educate, encourage, and excite those around her with her story and wisdom.

3 February 2019

My time spent with Peg was an eye opener. I wish more people could see the value of a health and life coach. I personally appreciate Peg as my coach. She touched simple concepts and exercises that were able to dig deep within me and allow clarity and an empowering sense of direction. I am very grateful for her time and knowledge. I am loving my new path and excited to see what new adventures and possibilities are coming my way. THANK YOU, PEG! More...

10 August 2018

Peg is so passionate and knowledgeable about healthy living and it's so inspiring. In our meeting she taught me things about my food I didn't even know before. Her story is incredible and her passion is contagious More...

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23 July 2018

Very knowledgeable! I enjoyed hearing you speak and you educated me on so many things that can impact my health for the better. Thank you!

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A healthy diet is absolutely critical to a person's wellbeing, as is their relationship to food. In today's world, it is vitally important to know how to find those foods that will support your health as opposed to simply adding toxins and inflammatory agents into your body. What is healthy for one person may not be healthy for another. So, while many general rules apply (such as choosing whole foods over highly processed foods), the specifics are sometimes difficult to ascertain for you as an individual. I can help you do that. I will also challenge you to examine your relationship with food to be sure you are in a healthy emotional state when you eat, which sets you up for better digestion and nutrient absorption.

Coaching is not only fun and very fulfilling, but it is also my personal mission. It is my way to give back to the world the very best I can so that when I am in my last days on Mother Earth, I can tell myself that I did a good job and made a lasting positive difference for people while I was here... or at least I tried!

As I maniacally researched to help my family member recover from or find the best way to cope with severe illness, I began to realize that many, many other people were suffering from a variety of illnesses with the same underlying causes. While some people develop feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression, others develop autoimmunity and chronic inflammatory health conditions or even cancer. The good news is that these problems can be overcome... with the right information and the right mindset. I was given a unique insight into the significance of these causes, and I want to help people to understand that they have within themselves the power to overcome and live with vitality!

If you choose to work with me, I believe it is because we were intended to work together for a very good reason. I will take that to heart, and I will strive to make a positive, happy, and lasting impact on your life!


This 4-week program is perfect for you if you are having trouble making a life decision or you keep repeating a pattern that is not working for you. You may need help examining your career path or perhaps a relationship you have been struggling with and what it means for you. This program includes one coaching session per week along with some challenging and fun homework activities. When the 4 weeks are complete, you can choose to continue with weekly sessions or less frequent sessions, for as long as you feel it will benefit you.

This 10-week program is designed to: 1. Restore Your Wellness on a Deeper Level; and 2. Vitalize Your Life! It includes one coaching session each week as well as super fun homework and designed-for-you lifestyle recommendations! During this program, we will examine your physical symptoms, energy levels, and mindset as influenced not only by your gut microbiome and mitochondrial health, but also by your sense of self-awareness and spirituality! By the end of the program, you will have developed your own unique plan for maintaining a sense of absolute enthusiasm, health, and vitality in life! This program is thought provoking and life changing, but you must approach it with an open mind, which is a necessary part of any life of vitality.

Everyone has challenging times now and then. If you have been through one of my programs and you need just a bit of reminding, refreshing, and re-thinking or getting re-aligned with your goals, I'm here for you! Let's talk and make sure you are supported in having everything you need to live your life with absolute health and vitality!