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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Awarded 2020 Best House Cleaning Service in Seattle! Seattle Green Cleaner is a professional house cleaning company, providing top-notch, environmentally friendly housecleaning services in Seattle for 14 years.

Best known for our white-glove cleaning and excellent customer service, our passion for environmental and social responsibility is contagious!

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18 customer reviews

23 July 2018


Reviewed on Facebook

23 July 2018

Their services are just next to awesome..

Reviewed on Facebook

23 July 2018

This is by far the best cleaning service I have ever used. The fact that it is green only makes it better. I would recommend this service to any one looking for a house cleaning service.

Reviewed on Facebook

8 June 2018

Ethical, honest, trustworthy--this is Seattle Green Cleaner. We refer to Jennifer, and every customer she's taken care of has been happy. Having high standards, and knowing customers want to be treated fairly and with care, we feel confident referring to Jennifer as she and her company are awesome. They do beautiful work! I highly recommend!! More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

4 April 2018

My house SHPARKLES!We had used Seattle Green Cleaners in years past - but decided to switch out because we felt it a bit spendy. Let me tell you - you get what you pay for. I've tried 3 other cleaners over the years - nothing compares to the service, attention to detail & general nice-ness of the folks at Seattle Green Cleaners. (also - be careful for cleaners who say they're green - but aren't. Using products with green in the name/label is not the same.)Anyway - we're back with Jennifer & her team & super happy about it! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

5 May 2017

As a small business owner, I appreciate other women-owned companies that do things RIGHT.  This company does that -- combining integrity, honesty, and wonderful service.  You cannot go wrong choosing this company.  Highly recommend. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

8 July 2013

Debi, Jake, and Dawn just cleaned my home today.  They did a great job, were prompt, and were super sweet and kind.  I am really happy with the job they did. I am recovering from a health situation and haven't been able to clean much.  This cleaning was a gift from my dear friend.   Jennifer, the owner,  worked with my friend, who lives in another state, and me to schedule a convenient time and everything worked out very well.  I really appreciate that I came home to a place free of chemical smells.  Based on my experience today, I recommend them highly.  I also think a gift of housecleaning is a brilliant gift for anyone, but particularly for someone unable to do it themselves.  It's not something I would have thought of, but it's now on my radar. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

22 August 2012

I'm surprised by the negative reviews, because I've had a fantastic experience with this company!  My household has been using this service for well over a year now, and love it.  Every other week, I look forward to coming home and smelling my clean house.  It always smells amazing!  I think they have some sort of natural scents in their cleaning products since it often smells lightly of lavender or geranium or something.  They are so fantastic about doing all the jobs I hate doing (toilets, tubs, etc).  I always come home to a clean kitchen, clean bathrooms and clean floors (vacuumed or swept).  I love that they use green products and have green practices.  I'm so appreciative that my house is being cleaned without chemicals!This has turned into a wonderful investment.  For the cost of having my house cleaned twice a month, I gain a lot of my free time back, and reduction in stress.  I absolutely recommend them. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

25 August 2011

We've been using Seattle Green Cleaners for a couple of years, and they've been fantastic.  They're extremely reliable, great to work with , and leave the place spotless--in spite of our dog's best efforts to shed in every corner of every room.

Reviewed on Yelp

6 May 2011

I called Green Cleaner because I had a 9 month old and realized that nooks and crannies hadn't been cleaned since I was put on bedrest before she was born.  Because I was on a budget I asked them to clean only specific areas, including the bathroom, kitchen and living room.  Green Cleaners did a great job cleaning, and the woman who worked on our house was friendly. She didn't mind that we were in and out of the house running errands, or that I needed her to clean certain areas first so that I could get my daughter down for a nap. She even asked that I check her work. The only thing she didn't get clean was some mildew in the grout of the shower, but I think only toxic cleaners can really get rid of that. We had guest visit a few days later, and they all marveled at how clean the house was, considering that we both work full-time and have a young child.  Sorry, Green Cleaners, we took all the credit for the clean house!The only struggle I had was that we don't have paper checks and they don't take credit cards, so I had to write a money order without knowing exactly how much the cleaning would cost. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

2 February 2011

I bought a brand new house last year and my girlfirend and I decided our lives were busy enough to justify cleaners. After a long search, I settled on Seattle Green Cleaners and after months of having them clean the place, I can safely say that these guys are awesome. First, we are constantly cooking and having people over, and having cleaned my own kitchen for the past ten years, I can tell you that our cooking is really frickin' hard to clean up after. Especially the oven. Man I hate when something spills over and then immediately  gets all dry and crusty because the stove top is hot...ugh. Anyway, they make it look perfect, like when I moved in. It's pretty great.Another thing I love is that they actually clean underneath stuff. I've had cleaners before who don't do this and it drives me crazy. Some people don't like their stuff being moved around but I promise you, if you want a good cleaning job, stuff's gonna get moved around a bit. Seattle Green Cleaners are super polite about it. They never reorganize, and while I try to not leave papers and stuff about most of the time, if I do they leave them in these nice little stacks, making the place even nicer while making me feel like my stuff is being respected.Finally, a word on rates. I think that for the quality of their service, their relability, and the use of green-friendly products, the rates are really competitive. I did a lot of competitive research and they were no more expensive than any other service I looked at and they don't ding me because I only have them come in once a month.Go Seattle Green Cleaners! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

19 October 2010

After making the mistake of wearing my contacts in the shower one day, I knew it was (way past) time to clean.  The team from Seattle Green Cleaners was prompt, friendly, and very thorough.  Three hours later, my home was sparkling clean!  I love that I'm no longer afraid of my shower, and plan on using them on an ongoing basis to keep it that way.  The attention to detail and green cleaning products make the price worth it. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

31 July 2010

I have had Seattle Green Cleaner clean our house now for the last 6 months. The owner, Jennifer, is very committed to her customer's satisfaction and checks regularly on the quality of work that is performed.  She has the same individuals clean your house every time; it's good to know that not a bunch of different cleaners are coming in and out of your house!  Jennifer even worked with us to find a cleaning time slot that would work with our work schedules so that we did not come home and still have the cleaning team at the house. I had worked with another cleaning group in the past that was a franchise and was not happy with the quality of cleaning that was done. Jennifer has a great approach to customer satisfaction; I would not use anyone else to clean my house. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

28 July 2010

I loved Seattle Green Cleaner, Kayla was so nice and explained how all the natural products work, the house smelled amazing and everything was so well cleaned, I was so happy!!

Reviewed on Yelp

14 June 2010

This was awesome. They arrived with all their own gear, supplies and products and immediately went to work. They caught things even I missed (and I have a very keen eye for neatness and cleanliness) and my place is literally sparkling! They were courteous, careful with my belongings and very professional. I am completely satisfied and will be using their services again. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

24 March 2009

We were so lucky to find Jennifer and have never been happier with a cleaning service.  With a dog, two young boys and a real concern for protecting the environment, Jennifer was the perfect fit.  On top of that, our house looks fantastic when she leaves and we were able to come up with a match between the money we had in our budget and the work that could be done.  I have used half a dozen cleaning services since I bought this house and Jennifer is by far the best. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

10 March 2009

Jen has been cleaning our two bedroom condo for several months.  She does a fantastic job on everything, but I'm always impressed by the fact that she gets every piece of dog hair off our wood floors and carpets. ..not an easy task because our black lab mix sheds a lot!  Kitchens and bathrooms look great, too.  On the front end, Jen is great about determining what your priorities are and working within your budget, if you have one.  Plus, she's always on time. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

4 March 2009

I first came to Seattle Green Cleaner because I wanted to work with a cleaner that used the same kind of environmentally friendly products I use in my home. I have never been disappointed with the service I get and I don't have to worry about the products harming the people or pets in my house. Jennifer and her team are quick, thorough, friendly, and professional. I always get compliments about how wonderful my house smells after they have cleaned it. By far the best cleaner I've ever worked with! More...

Reviewed on Yelp


Jennifer started Seattle Green Cleaner 2007.

With 14 years of eco-friendly, socially responsible house cleaning experience, we know how to keep great customers and we'd love the opportunity to earn your business!

Learn more about us here: https://www.seattlegreencleaner.com/

Seattle Green Cleaner provides everything needed to do a terrific cleaning job.

At Seattle Green Cleaner, we only use products that are environmentally friendly. We want your house to be very clean. We also want cleaning to be safe for your family, your pets, our professional cleaners, and the environment.

We are a truly green company! All products are plant-based, phosphate free, ammonia free, biodegradable, concentrated, containing no animal derived ingredients and are not tested on animals. Additionally, all cleaning products come in recyclable packaging and are purchased by the owner in bulk and in concentrated form (which reduces packaging).

See more here: http://www.seattlegreencleaner.com/green-cleaning-products/

The instant gratification of a job well done. The results are undeniable. We know there's nothing quite like the feeling of leaving for work in the morning with a bit of a mess and coming home at the end of the day to a sparkling clean and spotless home. Knowing it was all done using environmentally friendly cleaning products and performed by cleaners who love their jobs and are taken care of by a socially responsible company is just icing on the cake!

Jennifer started Seattle Green Cleaner in 2007 after trying to find a green cleaning company to clean her own home. There were only a handful of green companies back then, but as Jen soon found out, none were as green as she expected. After interviewing several companies on the phone and asking them basic questions (Are your products tested on animals? Are your products easily biodegradable? Are they safe for my dogs and my family?) without hearing a single good answer, the light bulb came on and Jen started her company. She cleaned by herself the first year until there was so much business, she hired several cleaners. Now Jen manages several teams of professional house cleaners and communicates with her customers regularly.

Seattle Green Cleaner, LLC is an environmentally responsible and socially responsible, award-winning house cleaning company. Our company maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and Angie's List. We were awarded 2020 Best House Cleaning Service in Seattle! This award isn’t among only Green Cleaning Companies; it is among ALL Cleaning Companies! We've also earned the Angie's List Super Service Award 5 times and were the only cleaning company to be a finalist in the BBB's Torch Awards for Ethics.

We’re the most eco-friendly cleaning company in Seattle and we’re always striving to be even greener. We think having your home professionally cleaned should be better for your health as well as the environment.

We don’t drive around from house to house giving estimates and we don’t make a guess as to how long it will take to clean your home. Our brief online estimate form is easy to use (it takes an average of 3 minutes to complete), it’s free and it’s accurate. As long as all areas of the home are accounted for and the home’s condition is realistically described, our estimate will be accurate to within 30 minutes. Within about one minute of completing the online estimate request, you’ll receive an accurate estimate via email to your in-box. Don’t worry, we won’t bug you, mail you anything, or sell your information.

We realize you have options when it comes to hiring a cleaning company and we’re confident once you’ve tried our service you’ll be convinced that we’re the right choice for you, your home, family, pets and the environment. We truly are different from the rest. We specialize in quality of service, eco-friendly values, and your peace of mind.

Sure, we cost more than traditional “toxic” cleaning companies or independent cleaners; we're worth it.

Here’s what you get for the money:

- We are a “white glove” service and an ethical company.
- Our products meet stringent environmental standards. See the “What makes us green” page for details.
- We supply everything needed to clean your house: green cleaning products, compostable sponges, green laundered towels, industrial mops, and HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners.
- Our cleaners are paid well and do the job right!
- We schedule appointments with specific arrival times and only have a short arrival window of 15 minutes; not just “morning or afternoon” appointments like many companies.
- Our customers receive an automatic email reminder with the specific start time 24 hours prior to their scheduled appointment and a text message 1 hour prior to the scheduled appointment.
- Customers can always see their scheduled appointments and invoices online in the Client Hub.
- We go far beyond what the average cleaning service delivers. The cleaning items most cleaning companies will only do on a rotating basis, we do at every cleaning appointment! See our “Services” page for more information.
- We build relationships with our customers. We’ve found that mutual trust, kindness and respect are a winning combination.
- We are licensed, insured and experienced.
- Most importantly, we are the BEST at cleaning houses! Our customers regularly tell us, “You get what you pay for”, and the results speak for themselves.

We would love to earn your business and appreciate that you’ve considered Seattle Green Cleaner!

100% of our estimates are given on line and they're accurate. Get yours today at https://seattlegreencleaner.com/green-cleaning-estimate/

Keeping our customers and our cleaners safe:
- Cleaners will maintain the six-foot physical distancing requirement with customers when possible.
- Cleaners will adopt other prevention measures such as barriers to block sneezes and coughs when physical distancing is not possible for a particular job task.
- Cleaners have personal protective equipment (PPE) and cloth facial coverings in accordance with L&I requirements on facial coverings and industry specific COVID-19 standards.
- Cleaners will frequently wash their hands with soap and running water.
- Cleaners will thoroughly clean all of their supplies before entering a customer’s home.

All of us at SGC have been quarantined and are officially, without question, able to return to work. We understand that many of our customers are still working from home, not able to leave for work, or are homeschooling children (do we all agree that teachers deserve about a billion dollars per year?).

- If you’re able to leave during your cleaning appointment, please do. This helps keeps everyone safe.
- If you’re not able to leave during your cleaning appointment, please confine yourself/family to one area of the home. We can clean that area last or skip that area.


Green Cleaning Services include:
- Initial cleaning
- Once only cleaning
- Weekly cleaning
- Biweekly cleaning (every two weeks)
- Monthly cleaning (every four weeks)

Seattle Green Cleaner specializes in quality service, environmentally friendly values, and your peace of mind. Every green cleaning service provided by Seattle Green Cleaner is a deep cleaning! We clean each room from top to bottom, starting with cob webs and ending with baseboards and floors. Most cleaning companies only do a deep cleaning at the first appointment and then offer “maintenance cleanings”. Seattle Green Cleaner is a white-glove cleaning company. It’s true, you really do get what you pay for!

- Our Move-in/out Service assumes the home is completely empty (no furniture, cabinets and drawers are empty, no garbage). This service includes all our regular service items, plus:
• Inside of all completely empty cabinets, drawers and closets, Inside of the completely empty refrigerator & microwave, Interior windows & window tracks, Both sides of all glass doors and their tracks (Sliding glass doors, French doors, etc.), Accessible light fixtures, Accessible wall vents, and Accessible ceiling vents.
• It does NOT include the interior of other major appliances, wall-washing, blinds, garage, or anything on the exterior of the home. Cleaners are not able to move large appliances to clean underneath them. Cleaners do not bring garbage bags and will not dispose of any waste left behind.
• Please read the Services page of our website for more information about the services we offer.
• Our minimum service requirement is 4 total cleaning hours for move-in/out service.

- Home is only minimally furnished.
- Includes all of our "regular" green house cleaning services plus:

- Window cleaning (interior) & window tracks (newer windows only)
- Clean inside and outside of sliding glass doors and French doors.
- Interior refrigerator cleaning.
- Clean empty closets
- Clean ceiling fan
- Clean accessible light fixtures