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Modernized Nutrition Program

SciFit takes a new age approach towards fitness and wellness by integrating educated professionals, scientific research, and advanced technology.
By offering 3D Body Composition Scanning and DNA Testing, SciFit is able to provide clients with the most accurate and effective programs.

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9 customer reviews

12 October 2019

If you’re on a fitness or wellness journey (or want to be) I definitely recommend these guys. I’m just using their 3D body scan service to track progress, but even with that Dr. Bryce was very attentive and offered insightful feedback and recommendations that I’m excited to put to work. Progress isn’t easy but it’s totally possible! More...

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9 October 2019

Bryce and everyone at SciFit Center is extremely knowledgeable, informative, and encouraging. Unlike some places that advertise a fit life style, Bryce actually practices what he preaches. He lives a very active and fit life style that encourages others to do the same. He works well with his clients goals and explains the best and most realistic way to achieve them without empty promises or trying to sell you that “magic solution”, instead he encourages hard work and dedication while helping monitor your progress and helping you crush new fitness goals. The center is very clean, easy to find, and a place I feel very comfortable going into. The SciFit Center is a judgement free zone and very uplifting. I highly recommend coming here. More...

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15 August 2019

Bryce knows his stuff! I would recommend this place for advising and guidance in health and fitness!!

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13 July 2019

What an amazing place to be! Full of knowledge and a really cool and different approach to fitness that gets results! Finally . . these are not your average trainers who get certified online and do not have the true knowledge.. This is science people ! Love it! More...

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30 June 2019

Why SciFit Center? Dr. Bryce takes the time to listen to me and my concerns along with my crazy unpredictable Nurse Work Schedule. I was advised on what exactly I should eat and what time. So no guessing games. When I do have a question or two or three I always have been given a same day response by Angela. I have been advised on what exercises are best for me , why and how often. The scanning showed me exact measurements from head to toe and I can "SEE" my actual improvements along with the decrease in fat I have lost. "YOUR CAKE and EAT IT TOO" Yes I am given rewards. For following my food menu and completing my exercise routines I could have not 1 but 3 glasses of wine !! I look forward to scanning again on Monday to see how much closer I am to my goal. Thank you Dr. Bryce see you tomorrow!! ‍♀️ ‍♀️ More...

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23 May 2019

This is the best place I’ve found to go for affordable 3D scans and help with nutrition/fitness goals. The scans only take a few minutes, so it can fit into anyone’s schedule. They then walk you through each part so you can fully understand everything and help you create goals. The technology and app gives you all the information from each scan at your fingertips whenever you want it. They are friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable! And their prices are unbeatable. Love it! More...

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22 May 2019

Angela assisted with my scan and she was wonderful. Scanning can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing but Angela was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. She and Dr. Bryce helped me to understand my scan and set me up with a great plan. It’s a very disciplined yet doable plan. I can’t wait to see the end results! More...

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26 March 2019

Trained Professionals with proven backgrounds, counseling and working with you to ensure you obtain your desired objectives.

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11 March 2019

The SciFit team is extremely knowledgeable and they always take the time to help you understand the reasoning behind the nutrition plans!

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Nutritional intake is the foundation of all the body's functions. Having a diet that's well rounded and full of nutrients is going to allow the body to perform at it's best. This means higher levels of productivity, feeling energized, sleeping better, and being able to enjoy life to it's fullest!

Each program is specifically tailored to your body type, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. By incorporating weekly consultations, the SciFit team is here to support you along the way. We understand that programs aren't a "one-and-done" so our programs are always changing according to your progress and preferences.

The body of your dreams is one that has found a happy balance between healthy food choices and ones that are a bit more pleasure driven. Working out just enough to keep you in shape, but not having to overwhelm yourself or miss out on life.
Finding that happy place where the healthy decisions and hard work are equally rewarding with a beautiful, healthy feeling physique that can enjoy life's fruitfulness!

The SciFit team loves helping change peoples lives for the better!

My passion for health and fitness, and being able to help others reach their goals.

SciFit has some of the most qualified providers in the industry, with a Doctor and Nutritionist on site each and every day. We also have the most up-to-date technology to make things as efficient and effective as possible. SciFit wants to make sure your not being misguided, working hard, and getting no results. We will get you to your goals, and you will enjoy the journey!


Nutrition and Fitness programs are professionally formulated and specifically personalized to each individual for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

The technologically advanced Fit3D Body Scanner is designed to give the upmost specific body composition data, including body fat percentage, circumferences, muscle tissue, posture and symmetry.

Whether you have some serious pounds to shed, or just need to clean up for the summertime, SciFit has the program that’s perfect for you!
These Doctor and Nutritionist formulated programs are designed for safe and effective results!

An in-office salivary swab is sent to a DNA lab to be decoded for predisposed genetic tendencies related to dietary intake and exercise techniques. The lab results will reveal which nutrition and exercise approaches will work best for your body type!

Professional Pre and Post-Natal nutrition and fitness guidance. We will guide you through your pregnancy all the way through several months post delivery and ensure that you are eating proficiently and exercising safely to ensure the best for you and your baby.

From Weekend Warriors to Professioal Athletes, the SciFit Team knows exactly what you should be doing to reach your full athletic potential!